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帮或不帮 Help or Don't Help? - A Show of Power 显示法力 [2]

SL: Dear Fa-Shi,
GM is really great! I was planned and start to chart 1000 times 高王經 in May. Today is the finale and happened to receive this email. Seems like GM knew someone need help in advance. :-)
LL: u read SL's words,just like Je's, imagining that GM wants him to help!

BB: ahhhh... that's the word, that they're imagining.
i got brain jam lol.
some people may say that this is an act of boddhicitta,
but the underlying matters, not many people know.

this alone can create misconception.
i think your writing about this can clear up some misunderstanding.

LL: wow! bombarded by Padma Guru today
GM did fire puja of Padma Guru too!
we dug out all this teachings too!
Yoga liao la!

LL: Je called me one morning & happily told me that GM gave her a New Assignment!
Just like Hn claims "Believe me, SZ spoke to me!"
Its scary when people let the demon take over

BB: woh je reminds me of someone you helped in Malaysia?
When you were invited in a town, an old lady you helped to take refuge in GM and say sorry.

You said she helped others but her condition worsened from the act of doing so.
Another fine example.

LL: O! that was Seremban.
that lady guiyi GM already.
She was doing prayers and rituals for people who are sick or something
Then she got very sick, can't walk; and need people to help her around.

She didn't make it for the Saturday night cultivation and came the next day when we about to leave.

I taught her to "Say Sorry" and then plead for GM to help resolve the negative differences she has somehow brought unto herself.

I taught her what to do and how to cultivate daily.

Dear all,
there are more encounters of these kinds that I have came across.

This also bring to mind that many who "CAN SEE SPIRITS" think they had Arrived!

If you pay attention to GM's speech in Rainbow Temple, Seattle, this 29 June 2014 and his books; you would have picked up that Only when you can Yoga with Guru & subsequently Principal Yidam & Dharmapala, then you can really HELP Self as well as Others.

This is also what is in Padma Guru's teachings, shared by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

The 4 Immeasurable is the same as the 4 Boundless, mentioned in the book.

Base on the 4 Immeasurable, I was taught a method while chanting Guru's mantra.
This method, I shared in my maiden speech in Seattle Temple on 7 November 2009.

Lotuschef, the maiden dharma speech
Seattle Vajragarbha, November 7, 2009
[Read the article]

The full transcript of Grand Master Lu during Lotuschef's maiden dharma speech:
[Read the article], [Watch the video]

Extract of GM's speech 7 November 2009
link: http://tbsn.org/chinese2/talk.php?classid=43&id=1232&keyword=&page=0

[[ 德輝上師說:「師尊還沒有拿諾貝爾獎。」
( I have never thought of taking the Nobel prize, and never done anything towards this direction.)

(I have never do something for a purpose, this is No Artificial Act.)

At this time, I am the same, Never because of something, I only wish that All are happy, auspicious and perfect, in their daily living;

All sentient beings feel happy; All are Awakened;

Each & everyone are Truly Clear Mindedly Awaken; All beings know how to Cultivate.


I only ask for All Beings to be like this, Not for Self, Do not For Self only, 
For Self is Hinayana, must be for All Sentient Beings, For all Students, this then is Mahayana.


(Mahayana is to View All beings more important than Self.)


Hinayana is view or prioritise Self over Sentient beings.


Therefore, just now Lotuschef fashi said, [4 Immeasurable Heart], [Boddhicitta], [Benefits Others Heart] most important, that is Mahayana's Buddha Dharma, can attain Buddhahood.




Boddhicitta is an important key to Buddhahood.
As in Padma Guru's teachings, shared by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, One need to develop this Boddhicitta till it becomes an inherent part of One Self, THEN & Only Then, this Individual can TRULY & Effectively Help anyone, including Self!

You have to believe GM and Padma Guru, correct?

I am just sharing them only, so please wake up and don't slander me or scold me with abusive languages that are not desired behaviours of Buddha's students!

Look inwards & check whether you have the RIGHT AFFINITY to understand GM's or Buddha's teachings.

The Problem Always Lies With YOU, Yourself! :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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