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Assignment Hints 作业提示 [B]

Hi Fashi,

Below, is my view. Please correct me if my point is wrong so that i also can learn to see and analyse. :)

Thank you

1. Why this email from BB classified as Personal seek of knowledge and a fee applied?
Because, BB is asking a question just for himself and did not really show a sincere intention. He said that he intended to burn vajra six realm, but it seems like he did not know what is the meaning of “liberation”  -  
This part not exactly true. :)
In which part did you see Insincerity? 
Kindly advice how i can use these joss paper to maximize liberation effects.” à this shows greed, in which will not be effective.
He said: Kindly advice ....... How & where he show Greed? Hahaha! 
You need to explain your point clearly! 

2. Why the fee applied goes to Charities approved by Pure Karma only?
This is to make sure that the charities that he has done goes to the right place
No! That's not my point at all!

3. What did the short email contained that Pure Karma held back in answering?
Arrogance and cluelessness about what is he askingHe has doubt, he is not sure if the effort that he has done is effective.
 I agree he is clueless and therefore the Doubt & Not Sure, but where did the Arrogance come from? In which part of his email did he show you that he is Arrogant?

4. Why direct BB back to his own Root Guru?
Root Guru is the best person to teach him . In the first place he did not introduce himself  so we don’t know if we have the same guru.
A person doing Smoke offering for some time.... 
One would ask these of him: 
1. relevant refuge? 
2. relevant abhiseka?
3. who taught him this practice?
4. why ask me & not the one that taught him?
5. how much was actually imparted to him and same goes for the Joss paper?

Does having the same guru matters so much to you?
Think: he is also a sentient being, the same as all of us!

5. Why was email sent to Lama Lotuschef's gmail and not the Official Pure Karma one?
I think its because in his mind, he thinks like Lotuschef is a nun, and its part of your job to answer students question.

NO! Think: How did he find me in the first place?

6. Lama Lotuschef view is this person is not worth educating at the present time, why?
1. Arrogance
2. Clueless on what he is asking
Sincerity and bodhicitta is one of the key point in cultivating as per GM, no matter what “FA” you want to practice, this key point should not be forgotten.
So, if BB pay attention to that, he would not write the email this way.
Therefore, if you don’t understand one of these key point, you also will not understand what Lotuschef said.

You all miss the point here!
What were my exact words? 

 You can try again, but read the 2 articles properly first.

Cheers dear



Having Fun?

YES! GM & i are having lots of FUN.

Seeing How Each Individual "Read" BB's email & Derived at BB's Intent and also "Pronounced" Judgment or Sentence on BB!

Each of them show their own Mindset only!

All Failed to apply Boddhicitta through Buddha Dharma to Help BB!

In the above article:
[ If you want to practice the Bodhisattva path, whatever you do—be it a single prostration, one circumambulation, or just one recitation of the mani—you must do it for the sake of all sentient beings, with the wish that they all attain enlightenment.

This is the true practice. ]

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