Friday, July 18, 2014

Assignment 作业

Terjemahan Indonesia: Tugas

Pure Karma printed these incense paper, its double sided.
One side with the Usnisa Vijaya Dharani & the other the 6-realms vajra mantra mandala.

We use to wrap sandal-wood sticks, (above) for Fire Puja.
We also use them to wrap around Refuge (Guiyi) Certificates.

The Assignment:



Dear all
please go read these 2 articles and tell me in your own words, your view concerning BB's email.
If you want to learn then please do some homework.
Think well before you ask questions again too!
Cheers and have fun



[--- PK: Please try again. :)
You didn't do too well, my dear.
Hehe! Go over BB's email n think again.

AA: Ok fashi that fun, find some clue hehehe J

PK: hehe!
GM said to train you all in Mindset too!
Wisdom comes from a well trained mind and Boddhicitta! :)
And I teach you all willingly without asking for $$.
So those that don't even bother to try, too bad liao!
Get W n J to try please!
what i shared with you for this assignment cannot share with anyone, please
Cheers and have fun!

Inter-active or participative learning is great, correct?

AA: Ya correct , can learn how to view from another angle hahaha
Good case, for us to make assignment J
Ok I will tell W and J to try and learn
Gudnite fashi
. ---]

[--- PK to BB: My dear, answer all the questions first before u email me again on this topic!

BB: Ok, lemme try again

PK: Still didn't get the thing right.
My hint was Think: body speech mind!
U can try again.

BB: :D ya lor, thats all my best shots n cant get it. ---]

[--- PK to CC: Hi dear, u got some points there.
However, these are questions you have not thought about: --------
Go think some more n try and answer the questions posted in Article [2].
Cheers ---]

[--- DD: Hi Fashi, Please see my replies below. Thanks!

PK to DD: No. This one is very much deeper and also from his email!
You didn't apply what I shared in my blog articles and also shared with you all privately.
Look at things from A different angle than what you are doing now.
Think: Body Speech Mind---]

[--- PK to EE: 这点也不明确!再想想!


EE: Thanks Fashi, I will redo again. And will keep quiet.
Regards ---]

[--- FF: i want to play2 and submit too

PK: sure change an angle & be Definitive this time. GM said Enlightenment is One Absolute! ---]

[--- PK to GG: Not many really can do 敬师 重法 实修!
Think, all these Three, you have to merge into your life and become your habits and then live them like the Air you breathe too!  :)
Do one by answering the Questions in Article 2, please.
Have Fun! ---]

[--- HH: Fashi.. this is my homework ^_^

PK to HH: Hahaha!
You got some points but still need to think deeper. :)
Try again! ---]


Dear all,
Game to try? :)

Well, the Dateline for submission of Assignment is 12 Noon 21 july 2014.

Remember: If you want to learn, then put in effort please. :)

Chuck away: Ego, Pride, Face, for they are poisons that Hinders your progress in Cultivation.

Cheers and Have Fun!

I only Help those that Help themselves! :)
Remember: Body Speech Mind and never leave home without your 4 Noble Truths too!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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