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卢师尊讲[邪灵]GM Lu on [Evil Spirits]


LL: Today's live cast sound is good :)
6:57 AM

LL: as per this morning sermon almost none of the VM cross level one bodhisattva
this level is heavenly eye opening n enlightened

AA: i read in the vajrayana literature that level one bodhisattva requires the accomplishment of first dhyana meditation
which is quite difficult to accomplish
some kind of bliss has to be experienced in level 1
so 10 grounds of bodhisattva hood are not a joke

LL: From core's published statements their body speech mind showed ignorance only
Ya lol

AA: yes, and i believe with the joy experienced during samadhi, people won't care so much about mundane affairs
let alone publishing "funny" statements

LL: N attacking others to protect their own well being
They are mostly greedy & ignorant
N GM said that kalachakra killed evil spirits n burnt them to char

AA:  :)

LL: N these spirits affect ppl by hindering cultivation
N I remember many that I helped by blocking evil spirits
Bb's was one recent one
the ones in YY's n her parents' are too fiercely stuck that I left them be
GM said when one wants to cultivate then all the more these evil spirits will attack bcos they don't want anyone to leave their control

AA: yes, makes sense hor

LL: They possessed most in core too!
Remember they even dumb enough to spread words to threaten me that black magic will be lethal to me, if I enter Seattle temple?
this morning gm said those evil spirits in Seattle temple jinmu gave orders to Maha Bala to round them up n beat them to submission then release them when they plead for mercy n won't cause further evils

AA: oh wow

LL: Then yoga with yidam in level one abhiseka -external affinity
Next internal affinity same as abhiseka for inner tantra of fire bindu drops wind
All need mastery of Qi mobilization into central channel n opening 5 main chakras
chasing abhiseka of many as preach by money hungry core is all wrong.
in Maha mudra level one focus on one is the key
Hahaha! so I didn't talked rubbish all these time
my dear, about printing the new tb sutra .......

AA: ok
i agree, to focus on one is more than enough
let me omit my stamp in the tb sutra, that was just for preview :)


AA: i'm still marinating the chicken
will cook soon too :)

LL: I made these early morning at about 4am. I didn't sleep till 8am. N woke up at about 10.30 am
so will try n catch a nap later :)
I soaked glutinous Rice red beans peanuts for 2 hours then marinate n cook. added dry shrimps n mushrooms
only Chinese sausages best fry crispy then good to eat :)
so add separately
There were many incidents of Evil Spirits Sightings that I shared in this blogspot and also helped those affected as best as I can.

Remember the one about a fellow student with at least 5 spirits in him?
I was a new student of GM Lu then. :)

The spirits inside YY's mom that challenged me to remove them?

The Hungry Ghosts inside another that drip "saliva" into a pot of soup and most that ate it got tummy aches.

The dark black green spirit inside a VM sitting on stage in Caotun temple?

Another with dark greenish wave moving up his face & I shouted "stop" to halt its progress?
The dark greenish thingy hovers on his face in other forms too!
I remember tapping him on his forehead to halt the evil spirit's progress!

Sometimes, I tap the affected on their shoulders. :)

MS sitting beside 2 ladies with evil spirits in them on board a flight to Jogjakarta & I handed him my sarira pendant and told him to close his eyes and chant Guru's mantra and stop chatting with the 2 ladies beside him.

2009 - When in training in Seattle, Lian Xing(awake) would called out in the early morning hours to me saying: Ah qu, kit kai la! (This in Cantonese) [阿厨,结界啦!] - meaning to arm the place we are sleeping in. 

Lian Xing is very sensitive to spiritual presence that disturb the "peace" of her immediate environment.

And somehow she felt that I am able to arm the premises effectively. :)

So, there are evil spirits way back then, at Seattle Temple's premises!

Listen carefully to what GM Lu shares and you won't need to be a victim of evil spirits anymore!

With Metta 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

缘起 Affinity arises!


In today's speech, GM Lu talks about -- 缘起 Affinity arises! :)

My tears just free fall when GM arrived in Caotun temple in may 2009.
although I met gm back in 2009 dec in sg for the first time in person!
so affinity is ripe few months later n then another few months later in sep 2009 i was ordained.

    Last evening, a chance remark from YC triggered a certain part of my memory.

    He said: one past lifetime, C is one of my disciples & so is .........

I remembered G told me when he was in a Tibetan temple, he just kneel down & cried his heart out for no reason.

When I attended the Gulugulek event at Taiwan LZS in May 2009, upon the sight of GM about 10 feet away, tears just flow non-stop from both my eyes. 
I don't know why too.
I am not sad or anything, just feel like releasing something long buried deep inside of me.

In fact, I had a real light & joyful feeling.


Is like a Homing Sign!

GM Lu said today, when tears continue to flow, its a sign of "Affinity Arising".
His Affinity with Golden Mother of the Yao Pond is deep rooted and spans more than 40 years, from when he was 26 till 71 now.

I expressed this Affinity Arising also in lyrics to a canto-pop song that I inserted. :)

    Taking refuge with Guru Buddha is continuing previous Affinity,
    From this instant, kick started my heart to Turn.

    Respectful affection for You, Thinking of You all the time,
    Now make this Vow/pledge Once Again.

I am sure many of you have similar experiences too!
So, don't let any ignorant mortal break the Affinity you have with Buddha!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

指责 Find Fault?

Notice that when you point a finger to find fault or accuse anyone, the rest of your fingers except your thumb, Point Back at You, Yourself!

Please refer to the following:-

Peggy Leong Yes, I support Joseph point of view, Fa shi you Have too much grievances in your heart. I Have read your blog. In your blog, you always critise and point fault at your very own fellow brothers,and masters.
Fa shi why do you live in a life of misery and grievances, you should culitivate at your heart Level. Have peace in your mind and heart. This is the way to cultivate. Not always criticise peopLe. Peace to you.
May you Have peace

Francesca Poon Dear Peggy, Hahaha!Reading and Understanding are 2 different matters! I thank you for your advice to change my style of Living!

However, I also humbly suggest you go read some Zen Koans that Guru wrote with Live Subjects and other Koans by other Zen masters.

Do not only glean the Surface only. Hahaha! Amituofo!

As GM Lu said: With the passing of Time, the TRUTH will be revealed! :)

A student accused me of not teaching her and her spouse how to do Bardo Delivery before meals!
When I asked her what didn't I teach her, she said the Manjusri method!
Then I asked her what has she been doing every time before meals?

When I was doing purification of food and bardo delivery before meals, I noticed that she and her spouse closed their eyes & form mudras and chant silently!

She said she chant Guru's mantra!
I asked her what's wrong with Guru's mantra?

She said I should teach her the Manjusri one!
I said I shared that with her in an email long ago!
She insisted that I didn't!

I dug out the email and sent to her and her spouse, showing her that I shared the email with Manjusri mantra and how to go about the practice.


For those of you that accused GM Lu of not teaching you anything, think again!

I remembered reading a comment by one of the defame GM Lu team, he accused that GM Lu didn't teach him anything!
But almost in the same breath, he claimed that he can "Project" himself from a distance to a target destination! 

So this smart person, that left GM Lu tutelage, mastered "astral or transcendental projection" on his own?

However, reading his statements, His body speech mind is not that of an Enlightened one, what more a True Yogi!

In recent speeches, GM Lu shared Lamdre and the Fact that One's affinity determines One's success or failure in Tantric Cultivation!

HE also said previously that it is not that the Buddha Dharma and the Guru is no good, but the problem of the Individual in failing to understand and use Buddha Dharma.

Your Karmic Frequencies determine whether you can understand Buddha Dharma or not and really nothing to do with the Guru!

If you can't understand what I have been sharing with you, means you have problem with your Karmic frequencies and Buddha Affinity.


If you sit back and ponder: Why those that are good in the Chinese Language that GM Lu expounds Dharma with, also can't achieve Yogic Union with GM Lu and other Divinities?

It is really no one else's fault by the Individual's own!

So, from this moment on, Please find fault with yourself first!

There are 84,000 dharma doors or paths, I am sure one of these doors can accommodate you One day! 

Yes! Don't ever give up!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tanda-tanda Peringatan!

Ditulis oleh Lotuschef – 20 September 2016
Diterjemahkan oleh Lotus Nino
Sumber: 警告迹象 Warning Signs!

Mengutip dari Lotuschef in Chat – Learning Discernment [2]
(Lotuschef Bercakap-cakap – Belajar Ketajaman Pengamatan [2]):

[--- Orang-orang bisa saja mengarang-ngarang cerita untuk mengelabui mereka yang rentan, dan sama sekali tak perlu menguatirkan kredibilitas ceritanya tersebut!
Sewaktu RD membagikan video-nya dan ia bilang bahwa aku mirip dengannya, aku kaget sekali! :)
Bagaimana Dia & Aku dibilang mirip?
Dia tak segila aku! :)

Namun cerita-ceritanya terlalu gila tanpa memiliki landasan Buddha Dharma yang kuat.
Ia meramu cerita untuk orang-orang yang berpikiran duniawi dan sayangnya ia juga punya pola pikir yang sama!

Ia melakukan Upacara Penyucian selama >4 jam, sambil memegang dorje ia terus-menerus mendentingkan lonceng!
Sedangkan aku melakukannya hanya dalam Satu Menit saja! Dan di waktu yang sama menyelimuti bumi pertiwi ini!

Bicara mengenai konsep Mahamudra? Sepertinya ia tak punya pengetahuan tersebut! ---]


Mengutip dari Lotuschef in Chat – Learning Discernment
(Lotuschef Bercakap-cakap – Belajar Ketajaman Pengamatan):

[--- LC: Banyak artikel lama yang sekarang bisa dibahas kembali dan dijelaskan dengan lebih baik karena Mahaguru membahas Maha Kesempurnaan (Dzogchen) liao.
Menarik khan, kini dari sudut yang lebih definitif.
Kalau tidak, saat kamu memberitahu orang mengenai keterbatasan Mata Langit, sehingga hanya Mata Dharma atau Mata Kebijaksanaan yang mampu melihatnya…

Kamu bisa dihajar dan dilabeli sebagai orang yang super gila!
Hal-hal yang telah kutuliskan sebelumnya, sekarang terkesan lebih masuk akal dan berarti?

OS: Ya, tulisan yang bagus, tapi biarlah orang-orang mencernanya sesuai dengan tingkat pengetahuan mereka, 
“Mau” memahami atau tidak juga sepenuhnya pilihan mereka.

LC: Segala hal harus melihat ketepatan waktu, dan hal itu merupakan bagian dari Jodoh Afinitas yang Buddha katakan! ---]


Di atas ini adalah dokumentasi foto upacara homa Marici Bodhisattva, tanggal 1 November 2014 di Hong Kong.

Aku coba jelaskan kepada seorang murid supaya tak terlalu terpaku dengan kemampuan seorang VM!
Dan SM adalah satu darinya.
Murid RD juga menghabiskan waktu menjelajahi Facebook mencari “Berita” dan membagikan video dan ceramah SM kepadaku!
Namun kujelaskan kepadanya bahwa SM tak melatih Tantrayana.

Mahaguru Lu menjelaskan dengan sangat terang dalam ceramahnya yang terkini mengenai Siapa Sesungguhnya Mahluk yang kamu pilih sebagai Yidam!
Dewata atau jangan-jangan malahan Hantu?!

Mampu “Melihat”?
Aku ingat memberitahu SN, seorang murid lain, bahwa “mampu melihat” bukanlah kesaktian yang hebat lol! :)

Kamu ingat aku pernah menulis mengenai seorang Pembabar Dharma, Jiao-shou-shi, yang selalu menarik telinganya untuk mendapatkan “Informasi” di saat sesi konsultasi (Wenshi)?
Dan saat itu aku hendak mengunci para “informan”-nya supaya ia tak bisa terus memberikan pengaruh buruk kepada para insan!

TAPI, Mahaguru Lu menggelengkan kepalanya, jadi aku menahan diri untuk tidak nakal! :)

Mereka yang berkonsultasi atau datang untuk wenshi denganku, pernahkah melihatku menarik-narik telingaku?

Apa rahasiaku?
Telah kutuliskan berkali-kali di dalam blog ini!

Keberhasilan Tubuh Pelangi 虹光大成就, karya tulis Mahaguru Lu, buku ke-3:
Kemunculan Cahaya Suci 净光出现.

Jadi, Meditasi merupakan satu-satunya cara untuk mencapai [Kemunculan Cahaya Suci] dan Proyeksi Cahaya Suci!

Jadi kamu lihatlah?!
Jauh lebih menguntungkan bila Mendengarkan Mahaguru Lu, bukan?

Apakah aku menjelek-jelekkan orang lain?
Atau malahan Memberikan Petunjuk demi menyelamatkan mereka?

Mahaguru Lu sungguh mengasihani semua insan. Beliau memberikan berbagai sinyal peringatan untuk menyelamatkan mereka!
Oleh karenanya jangan pernah melepaskan tangan-NYA!

Salam Metta.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

孺子可教?Youth Can Teach?

初发心 initial resolve
初: at the beginning of; in the ...
心: the heart
发心: bodhicitta-samutpada
初发: incipience
住: the purposive stage the mind ...

Pratītyasamutpāda (Sanskrit: प्रतीत्यसमुत्पाद; Pali: पटिच्चसमुप्पाद paṭiccasamuppāda), commonly translated as dependent origination, or dependent arising, states that all dharmas ("things") arise in dependence upon other dharmas: 
"if this exists, that exists; if this ceases to exist, that also ceases to exist."

Pratitya-samutpada – The Endless Further
In this text, Nagarjuna discusses the development of bodhicitta and explains the ... for pratitya-samutpada in that it conveys a sense of creation or beginning.发心

帝釋天(梵文:शक्र,Śakra,巴利語:Sakka),又稱天帝釋、帝釋,全名為釋提桓因陀羅 Śakra Devānām Indra / Kauśika

English Translation by Lotuschef

At that time the Indra asked Dharma Wisdom Bodhisattva:
Buddha's disciple! For Initial Resolve Bodhicitta-samutpada, what is the quantum of Merits?

Dharma Wisdom Bodhisattva said:
This definition is real deep or profound,
difficult to express, to know, to differentiate, to believe & explain, to affirm, to execute, to reach, to ponder, to measure, to penetrate.
Though I rely on Buddha's supreme divine strength to explain to you.


Buddha's disciple! 
If there be someone who uses all musical instruments in dedicated offering to all beings of eastern asaṃkhyāta (Sanskrit: असंख्येय) world, after one kalpa, 
then teaches solely to uphold the five precepts; 
applying the same in the south, west, north, the four directions, top and below. 
Buddha's disciple! 
How to express your opinion, is this person's merits alot?

Indra said: Buddha's disciple! 
This person's merits only Buddha can know, all remaining beings without quantum or ability won't know.

Chinese teacher rebuffed as : Chest without ambition, this youth is not Teachable!

Youth is use in the context of One who has newly enrolled or joined a school to learn!
It applies to ALL that are learning Cultivation of Buddha Dharma, like Tantrayana! 

Dear all, 
What will you do when you are on a ship that is on fire and sinking?

Run for your life in the fastest option opened to you! 

However, to [Buddha's disciples], compassion & patience should be practice?

Is there a limit to this patience & compassion?
Signs of continued lack of "drive" to learn and execute for the betterment of Self and all beings!

These Signs are visible to the Discerning Eye, and their presence all due to High Karmic negatives levels that the Individual just didn't or not willing to resolve with various dharma paths taught and offered!

This article resulted from a meditation session and visions of Destructive beings that surfaced! :)

In recent speeches by GM Lu, the Reincarnation routes for beings with different characteristics matching the "Entry Criteria" of each of the 6-realms of transmigration!

In fact, I shared some in various articles in this blog already!

Need I say more?

What truly happened to these beings that took refuge with GM Lu and their Initial Vows at Refuge?

Buddha & Mara as One or Buddha & Mara parted by a line? :)
佛魔一如 或 佛魔隔一线 ?

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

警告迹象 Warning Signs!

Terjemahan Indonesia: Tanda-tanda Peringatan!

Quoting from Lotuschef in Chat – Learning Discernment [2]:

[--- People can tell all sorts of story to the susceptible, and not have to worry about their stories' credibility at all!
When RD shared her video and said I am very like her, I really got a shock! :)
How can She & I ever be alike?
She is not as crazy as me! :)

But her yarns are truly too crazy and without solid pillars and foundation of Buddha Dharma.
She churns yarns for Sentient Minds as she also has like Mindset!

She does Purification for >4 hours, ringing the bell and holding the dorje all the time!
I do it within One minute! At the same time covering the whole of mother earth!

Mahamudra concepts? - seems she don't know any! ---]


Quoting from Lotuschef in Chat – Learning Discernment:

[--- LC: most of the old articles can bring out again and explain clearer now that SZ talks about maha perfection liao
interesting right, from a more definitive point now
else you tell ppl, that this the limitation of heavenly eye, only Dharma eye or wisdom eye then can see.....

You will be hit at and label a great lunatic!
Things I shared before, seems to be more reasonable n meaningful now?

OS: yes, thoughtful writing. but let them digest it according to their knowledge,
whether they "want" to understand or not is totally their choice.

LC: Everything has to see timing and this is also part of Affinity that Buddha talks about! ---]


The above are photos of Marici Boddhisattva's Homa Event on 1 November 2014 in Hong Kong.

I tried to explain to a fellow student not to be too fixated on VM's abilities!
GM Lu wanted this student to wake up and not gather a group to blindly worship VMs!
And SM is one of them.
Student RD also spent lots of time scouring "News" from Facebook and he shared SM's videos & etc. with me!
But, I explained to him that SM is not practicing Tantrayana.

GM Lu made things very clear in his latest sermon about the Reality of the Being you chose as Yidam!
Divinity or Ghost!

Can See?
I remember telling another student, SN, that "can see" is not that great an ability lol! :)

Remember I wrote about a Dharma Lecturer, Jiao-shou-shi, who pulls her ears to get "Info" during Wenshi session?
And I wanted to lock out her "Informants" so that she can't continue to influence sentient beings unwholesomely!

BUT, GM Lu shook his head and I stayed my mischievousness! :)

Those that consulted me or came wenshi with me, did you ever see me pulling my ears?

Whats my Trick?
I shared this in this blog many times!

GM Lu's Rainbow Body Attainment 虹光大成就 Book 3 - 
Appearance of Pure Light 净光出现

So, Meditation is the only way to achieve [Appearance of Pure Light] and Projection of Pure Light!

Its much much more beneficial to Listen to GM Lu, concur?

Am I talking Bad about others, 
Or just Pointing Out to save others?

GM Lu really care for all beings and give warning signals to succour all!
Don't ever let go of HIS hands! 

With Metta.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Monday, September 19, 2016

问事 Wenshi - 传承 Lineage Transmission?



LL: Hehe! Our VM Sam is quite popular in Indo, lots of her supporters in Indo n elsewhere should really be shocked lol

AA: xhok especially :)

LL:removing Sam's title should be enough without delisting the chapter too
core really went too far in this Kill

AA: big big fraction

LL: i remember u told me that BB went to wenshi with Sam

AA: yes

LL: If I offer wenshi cheaply, I will be very very popular in Indo too :)

AA: for sure! :)
Sep 17, 8:16 PM
LL: but wenshi is something not encourage to be instilled into aspiring yogi lol
I practice what I preach :)

Sep 18, 4:57:52 PM
LL: listening to Gm's sermon, coincidence again, some contents quite similar to the article I just posted when I scrolled to the first part of the sermon from the Full video :)

Gm said: i do not want to argue or get into dispute anymore.
I don't want to know
then he went on to say he don't need $$$ gongyang liao
hehe! we did the right thing in diverting gongyang to charity n dharma propagation in GM's name
I also do not accept gongyang easily from the start
**[Presently, I also do not accept gongyang if I have not shared dharma effectively with anyone!
I said to most that I meet for the first time: If I meet you again, and you show signs of benefiting from my sharing, then I will accept gongyang from you! 
Gongyang can be in the form of a meal that students wanted to pay up on my behalf, in which I refused!
$$$ too, I do not accept from those I met for the first time and give me gongyang because I am dress as a Lama :) ]

ppl think that gongyang will get them what they crave in the world!
hahaha! Lian lai even scolded me by accusing me of teaching people not to gongyang shangshi n fashi, saying I don't need the $$ but others do!
he not able to understand Out of this world merits!
also why don't need any merits or recognition by mortals

AA: yes
Sun, 5:04 PM

LL: one pc of the cloth yields 543 scrolls!
can't make anymore now though, cos both thumbs n indexes on left n right also hyper sensitive !

In today's sermon, GM Lu share the Truth about Lineage Transmission BECAUSE many came to Wenshi and their questions -- do they have True Buddha School's Lineage Transmission or not?


GM Lu said that this is One question that the Individual has to ask Self!

The KEY?

The Key was given to the Individual at Refuge & the Doors are opened to the Individual every during Moding from Root Guru & when in Cultivation of Dharma Practices taught or transmitted by one's Root Guru!

Like Yogic Response, Only the Individual Self will know have or don't have, and this also dependent on whether the Individual put in sincere & diligent efforts in cultivation of what Root Guru taught!

GM Lu went on to say that if you are not cultivating Divine practices but that of ghosts, then off course you have their Lineage Transmission and not GM Lu's!

Remember I shared that whether an individual cultivate or not, Aura is something One can never hide?

Likewise, Lineage Transmission and Yogic Responses!

Extract: I name this one GM's vow. 师尊的诺言

[ 皈依师佛既是续前缘,从此刻心起启转。
Refuge with Buddha Guru is actually continuing previous affinity,
From this instant Heart starts to Turn.
With Honourable & Respectful Affection for YOU, 
Always thinking of YOU,
From this moment on, vow again.
The lyrics that I wrote to fit into a canto-pop song, years ago!
Sang it to GM Lu on 13 June 2013 in Taiwan, during a birthday celebration organised for GM Lu.

The Keys to Refuge & Affinity and also Maintaining the Lineage Transmission from One's Root Guru!

** 敬爱着您, 时时惦记着您,如今再度许下诺言。
With Honourable & Respectful Affection for YOU, 
Always thinking of YOU,
From this moment on, vow again.

Keeping One's Root Guru always in One's Mind/Heart!
How can One ever loose or break Lineage Transmission? :)

I also teach many to talk to Root Guru & Do Not Leave Home without Root Guru! :)


I didn't teach you garbages, right? 

You just don't have the Relevant Matured Buddha Affinity to understand my sharings only! 

For those like xhok that chases those with VM titles, criticising me and my sharings, please find time to reflect on what I shared with you and why you sent your photos through emails for me to help you! :)

Free Wenshi obviously harm you more than help you, agree?

Best to learn to be Self Reliant! :)
AND, put more sincerity & diligence into daily cultivation as taught by your Root Guru, if you have one at all!

Taking Refuge means nothing if you fail to Respect and Trust your Root Guru!

With Metta