Monday, September 25, 2017

Wenshi Again! 又想问事!

After Homa event on Saturday, I was strong-armed to visit this house!
Before entering this house, the owner, TC said to me that he has a room specially reserved for use by bhantes.
Owner also said he has a meditation area built so he can meditate frequently.

I walked through the house to this meditation place. (Picture above)
Then I request that the lights be switch off.
Its too hot with spotlights heating up this place!

After sitting for a while, I got up and walked back into the hall and CY shijie was sitting at the dining table looking askance at me! :)

She expects me to make comments on this house!

I kept quiet and walked out to the porch and sat down on a wooden bench.
CY and the owner, TC, and others came and sit there as well!

[1] TC said the bhantes don't stay more than 3 days in his place!

The rest of my companions came in another vehicle.
TC went inside the house and return with a red-packet and offered it to me.
I blessed him with the red-packet and I felt him trying to draw energy from my palm! :)

So I told him about "Self being void"~我空!

Despite various attempts by TC and cronies to draw comments from me, I maintain silence and didn't comment on the house at all!
TC got frustrated and he mumbled some words illegibly that sounds like an ancient language and pretty hostile.

Next on the agenda, a visit to a restaurant owned by TC's friend, KT.
CY attempted to get me to go dine at KT's restaurant on Thursday night but I refused.
So this agenda somehow can't be given a miss!

I heard CT calling someone and informing that he is having tea with a bhante.
This person came with his partner and sat next to CT.
O! I sat opposite CT on a long cushion bench.

KT instructed me to look at the new comer and give some comments.
I told them all about Wenshi being SGD3000 per block of 20 minutes or thereof!
Also payment first and appointment will be given later.

This group is yet another that are Wenshi-diehard!

[2] CY then said that what I told KT earlier during the Homa event, he has already said to KT many times, and I only confirmed his words!!!

This is what I told the family of CY ~ please tell your .... that see fengshui of a house or business premises, need to pay S$10K for business n SGD 6K for home!

Dear all, 
now read carefully and is CY very like XX that churns yarns to deceive and to give himself a make believe aura of super-natural power?

The Bhantes don't stay for more than 3days!
Hahaha! it took less than 3 days for visiting Bhantes to leave this house!

There is nothing special about the meditation area!
And also the owner don't have any spiritual powers!
As he is very like XX, do steer clear of him!

All in?
No big deal!

O! GM Lu didn't teach me to see Fengshui! 
So best seek out someone else that claims that he/she can see Fengshui accurately!

My way?
I read energy of the premises only! 

AND, even if force to go to any place, I can still maintain silence and walk in and then swiftly out again! 
Don't try any tricks, please!

Also don't order me to see this person or that one, or any place too!
I do not encourage people to test whether I have "powers" or not! :)
I like to play with ignorants!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Haunted Premises 鬼宅

Over this lunch table, the conversation went to a haunted school that has a garden full of ghostly spirits, and as per the school's owner's spouse, a bante came and he said one of the toilet is haunted.
So the owners boarded up the door of the alleged haunted toilet.

The lady boss of a coffee shop said that her premises is haunted and there are frequent sightings of an old man in white clothes.

Seeing that lunch is on the coffee shop's boss, I decided to go have a look.

The ground floor is the coffee shop and the second floor a massage parlour, and the third is an apartment, the fourth has 2 rooms and the roof terrace.

I sensed the presence of "creepy" energy from the turn of the stairs, then the reception area of the massage parlour to the room where beds are line on both sides with curtains as partitions.
As I walk up to the third floor, the "creepy" energy is also felt along the stairs.
Nothing inside the bedroom and toilet on the third floor, and also nothing in the rooms on the top floor. Only the stairs!

I advised the owner to do proper offering to the earth deity & spirits, to appease the spirits there.
The spirit has been there for hundreds of years, so we advise all to abide harmoniously.

The owner and family attended Pure Karma's Batam homa event.

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

D2~ Dharma Trip ~ Batam Indonesia


D1~ Dharma Trip ~ Batam Indonesia

These are courtesy of Lotus JX.

C7~ Dharma Trip ~ Batam Indonesia

The following are photos from the roof-top where we held our event!