Thursday, October 30, 2014

你的身口意 Your Body Speech Mind

AA: 請問法師如有朋友信觀音菩薩,未有皈依, 可以学高王经 和大悲咒吗?
Question - IF have friend who believe in Avalokitesvara, have not taken refuge, CAN learn Gao wang sutra or Great compassion mantra?
Can Fashi please answer my question.

AA 师姐, 你这假设性的问题, 与修法无关。
AA shijie, you question is [IF], a hypothetical one and nothing to do with cultivation.

算是满足个人好奇心吧! 这属于(问事)。
Considered as to satisfy curiosity of Self! This is classified as [Consultation].
My charges are SGD 3000 for every block of 20 minutes.

还有, 你想问了帮别人的话, 你还没达到能清楚明白佛法的(任运)。
Moreover, if you think to ask and then help people, You still have not reach Full and thorough understand of Buddha dharma to [Execute at Will].

记得自己的身口意, 就是你! 
Remember that One's Body Speech Mind, is One self!

讲的, 写的, 都能见到(现在的你)到底了多少佛理而运用在你日常生活里面 。 :) :) :) 
Speech and written statements, all can see [the actual You Now], have comprehend how much Buddha's Philosophy to use in your daily life.   :) :) :)

This student's comments are pretty ambiguous! :)

Dear all,

When you think to help anyone, please remember what Padma Guru said and shared in this blog, quoted by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

It goes something like this:
If you want to share drinking water, your water jug must have water.

Anyone can learn to chant any sutra or mantra they choose, BUT chanting for what purpose and HOW to go about it Effectively!


The student AA, need to ask the question she posed, means she is very very new or just no one explained anything about cultivation to her at all, agree?
Or someone frightened her about "Stealing Dharma"!  :)

The other student likes to put comment into my facebook but most of the time, his meaning is not clear. Once, he even told me to go apologise to Admin or Core of TBS, just to get out of his idea of "Trouble"!


To Help anyone, please ensure your water jug is filled!

Cheers all 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

仁者无敌 The Benevolent Has No Enemy

仁者 - 具有大智慧,人格魅力,善良的人





故曰:‘仁者无敌。’ 王请勿疑!”


The Benevolent Has No Enemy

“The benevolent has no enemy” (仁者無敵, pronounced rén zhě wú dí) is a Chinese idiom that originated from Meng Zi (孟子), also known as Mencius, the most well-known successor of Confucian doctrine.

Meng Zi advised rulers to administer a benevolent government, be sparing in the use of punishment and fines, and make taxes and levies light.

In this way, the people can properly tend to their fields in order to support their parents and families. They will cultivate their filial piety, respectfulness toward others, and their loyalty and sincerity, serving their elders and superiors.

Such a ruler will meet with no opposition.

What am I trying to share?

Let us recollect GM's explanation of Sakyamuni Buddha's mantra!

Shakyamuni mantra
Oṃ muni muni mahāmuni śākyamuni svāhā
Om muni muni mahamuni shakyamuni svaha

Shakyamuni (the sage of the Shakyan clan) is the historical Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama.

Shakyamuni was almost certainly the first enlightened figure to be visualized. 
There’s a beautiful passage in the Sutta Nipata (an early Buddhist text) where Pingiya talks about how he is never separated from the Buddha. 
He says that at any time he wishes he can see and hear his teacher, even though he lives hundreds of miles from where the Buddha dwells.

Shakyamuni’s mantra is a play on his name. 
Muni means sage. Maha means great. 

So the mantra reads "Om wise one, wise one, greatly wise one, wise one of the Shakyans, Hail!"

Also this mantra is commonly found in the following form:
Om muni muni mahamuni shakyamuniye svaha

This form has the name of Shakyamuni in the dative form, so that it reads “Om wise one, wise one, great wise one, to the wise one of the Shakyans hail!”

This is actually the more common form of the mantra in Sanskrit, although in Tibetan the mantra is in the “Tibeticized” version of the shorter form given above: Om muni muni maha muni shakyamuni soha– “soha” being the Tibetan rendering of “svaha.”

Muni means sage from the above link.
But - A sage is a person of profound wisdom.
However, GM said Muni means “能仁” - One that can be benevolent.

Now Buddha has profound wisdom but what about his infinite compassion?
Thus, sage really cannot fully describe Buddha, agree?

So being benevolent is also one quality an aspiring to be True yogi should also "cultivate" or "develop", agree?

Of course, Buddha has no enemy!
The reason is explained by GM Lu, in his most recent speech! :)

Don't waste you limited and remaining life span making frivolous & futile attempts to defame, slander or physically harm a Living Buddha! 


Wake up! 

** By the way, registrants for Pure Karma HK event this coming 1st November 2014 is at another record high of 249! 

Do you still think that GM Lu, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng, do not support Pure Karma?

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

是真假不了,是假真不了!Truth Can't Fake, False Can't Be Truth!

The above is my Root Guru, His Holiness, Living Buddha Lian Sheng!
Hahaha! Is he yours too?


I have always stress to all, In Tantrayana, One Only Need To Listen to One Absolute, and that is One's Root Guru Only!

Well, if you recall, GM said the same few weeks back in his Dharma Speech!

And it is one of the most important Key to successful yoga too!


Now, do you understand why there is no need to go see GM personally to clarify anything, in the case of Lotuschef?

In many of Lotuschef's articles, basic concepts that are also those for Maha Mudra and Maha Perfection are shared!

<<  [宗委會訊】



Summary translation:
Core alleged that the article they Perceived as Detrimental to the Image of TBS by Sentient Beings is the cause of their current action as they demanded that this article be amended.

They alleged that more such articles were published on Lotuschef's blogs, despite their warning!
The members of small Core group discussed and Decide to Cancel Ms Lotuschef's reverend status, and not reverend of TBS and all her actions has not relation to TBS whatsoever.


Maha Perfection Dharma shared by GM Lu is really "Bad news" for all these people in Core, agree?

Their failures to read with understanding what are shared by Lotuschef, or their pathetic and ignorant excuse to "Get Rid" of any perceived threats to their well being and their "Controlling Power"; caused them to take eliminating actions which in Buddha's view are Unwholesome deeds which results in negative karma for all for them collectively!

Have they managed to Hurt Lotuschef?

No! :)

For example: My knowledge and application of Dharma learnt, dependent only on situational requirement and NEVER Ever on what Others and these Ignorant Others chose to hurl my way!

I am still the same too!

Or thanks to their negative missiles, which in actual fact enhanced instead of detrimented my knowledge and my steadfastness in Believe of my One & Only Root Guru!

GM Lu backs me up in his speeches all the time! :)

GM Lu said: Just listen to me will do!
Did you picked this up recently too?

GM also said that for those not yet yoga and not yet enlightened, not qualified in expounding sutra!
Likewise, mete out their own standards and penalties!

This Core that claimed they are in charge of a certain fabrication of TBS, has proven GM's statement to be absolutely True, agree?

How can One that abides Samaya Vows of Absolute adherence to One's Root Guru's teachings be penalise? :)

The Samaya Vows also covers the most important aspect of Buddhism, that is Boddhicitta! 

Facebook Chat:  27 October 2014 @ 9:05 pm
CT: I think I remember hearing GM saying in a dharma talk (I think it was at Rainbow Temple) that Buddha and Mara are the same, but I couldn't understand what he meant

PK: At different level of cultivation attainment, the realization level varies.
So when a supposed to be enlightened one said there is a line between Buddha n Mara, this person still have dualism. 
Means not enlightened at all. 
It's in GM's speech this morning too.

CT: I see
that's sort of how I interpreted it. that there is no dualism

PK: Yup. Always hold on to basics then will be firm n not easy to get influence by what GM said garbage!

There is no absolute right & wrong, really! :)

When you have yet to Realised what is what, you have lots of Garbage to eliminate One by One only!

Of course, if you are bogged down by Too Much Garbages, then as per GM, will succour you in your next lifetime or subsequent ones when Affinity is present!

Bad news? GM said that there are some students already bound for Vajra or Timeless Hell, and too steadfastly to extract them!

If you have a wee bit of something call [Wisdom], what I have written are warnings for all to steer clear of Garbage or "White Rapids" that are "Wisdom Life Threatening"!

Remember the definition of Wisdom Life? 
Not Core's version though!

Actual definition: Wisdom sustains Dharmakaya!
One's Dharmakaya thrives on Wisdom, that's all!

Not the ignorant version used by Core for their hostile purpose!


We have seen that there are wise ones around that do not lap up what Core choose to feed them!

This is from GM: Know what you can do and Know what you can't!

Does Lotuschef have prior knowledge of Maha Perfection Dharma's concepts?
Please ask GM Lu if you are that curious!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Monday, October 27, 2014

水落石出-离开真佛宗 Truth is Out - Leave TBS?


AA: I finished my "homework" for today liao!
BB, perhaps can go translate this one first, when have time!
hahaha! anonymous n tok chef are One & the same, #2!

BB: ok, this one ya: 佛魔只隔一線

AA: Yup! :)

Maha perfection really very bad news for #2 & team lol

BB: there are some reference articles
i will translate them first to link in the said article
so readers can read them at ease :)

AA: Ok. Hahaha! Anonymous said I am bluffing n not sharing dharma n I got enlightenment answer from Lian X

Only ONE in TBS that had this type of Answer given to him by GM!

BB: that ano still doesn't have any idea and thinks that "an answer" would make one powerful or omnipresent or the likes

what a grand joke

AA: Enlightened then No dualism!

BB: the answer is just a preliminary guidance

i think GM has ever said this

AA: Hilariously, GM showed me how Buddha n Mara merges as One!

That's like most keys that one has to go figure lol

BB: yes indeed

AA: Without knowing which door to open n where, what's the point of a Key?

N GM talked about variation in visualization again n the best part is no one takes responsibility for this monotony!

Then GM laughingly said that ultimately all point fingers at me (GM) to be responsible!

See also why GM instructed me to Leave TBS!

Must have a more comprehensive approach to visualization in cultivation lol! 
The current Standard has lots of problems!

Hahaha! They used this Leave TBS article to get rid of me!

How stupid!

BB: omg the sermon today is important! very interesting!

now smart people should clearly see

AA: Yesterday's also.

BB: yes and yesterday
the seal

AA: Core delisted me claiming GM said Ok to do so!

BB: now they're on fire hor

AA: But GM said yesterday everything don't have, don't need to care. 
So one is pure from voiding all, be it slander or whatever!

I already wrote that the delisting from ignorant means nothing to me!

I also wrote that Listening n following GM's instruction got me the "sack"!

BB: yes, regarding the slander, i wonder why tbf still collects fund for this matter


Dear all, 
read all the Leave TBS 离开真佛宗 articles? 


Sometime in early 2010:
GM spoke into my ears: 离开真佛宗 (Leave TBS)!
This instruction to me has been materialised through [leaving the "standards" set down by Admin or Core of TBS]; and then figure out other ways to cultivate effectively!

The Sadhana compiled by Pure Karma and all articles in this blog are the successful results of Adhering to GM's instructions! :)

Student ST, said to Seek True Buddha, One has to Leave TBS!
His meaning - to not get involve in TBS's chapters; to concentrate diligently on cultivation with Root Guru sitting on his crown!

Even fellow students can understand and realised what I am sharing with regards to GM's instruction to Leave TBS!

Sadly, NO ONE in core or admin choose to understand or they need ammunition to GET RID of Lotuschef!!!

Well? Aren't they Truly Ignorant?

Listed by these Ignorants standards or definition of a Reverend is truly irrelevant, agree?

I am still the same, no matter what anyone choose to say!

GM said this recent Saturday, he is not bothered at all!
He also taught us how to VOID all to attain state of Purity!
Did you hear Right?

If you want entry permit into the Lion's Playground, Wake-Up now!

Why did you give Pure Karma's 1 November 2014, HK's event a miss?

As per GM on his homa sessions, "Not present then cannot get!"

I am saying the same thing to all that are in HK and have time & resources to attend Pure Karma's event, but choose to listen to Ignorants and stay away; or choose to slander Pure Karma and warned all others to steer clear of Pure Karma!


Pure Karma's events are organised by the Lions and venue is none other than the Lion's Playground!

Wake up already?

But of course, even with GM, You, yourself, determines whether You are truly [IN] the Lion's Playground or not! 


Vindicate? To me, Not Important!

BUT! Truth should be out so as to save more from falling into darkness created by Titles or external form presented by Core! :)

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

佛魔只隔一線 Buddha & Mara is Separated by a Line


Extracted from:
[[ Anonymous on 6/15/2013


on Crazy Wisdom疯狂的智慧 – Buddha’s Language 佛的语言 [3]

In this one, Anonymous alleged that I continue to churn lies or untruths.

[From the recent Maha Perfection articles and Avatmasaka Sutra ones that I shared, these are from Buddha and if I am lying that means Buddha is also lying!!!
Do have a care of what you said in writing, showing what you truly are and what you truly know to the Whole Wide World!]

He also said Buddha & Mara is Separated by only a thin line. ]]

[[ Anonymous on 6/21/2013 @5:51pm

蓮廚大法師,[Lotuschef big reverend,] 我只問你一句,你如果是覺者,你覺了什麼?


開悟的答案是蓮X給你的! [Enlightenment's answer was given to you, Lotuschef, by Lian X!]

快說你悟到什麼! [Quik tell what have you Realized!]
on 九乘佛法次第 [4]

Now this one is more interesting as Anonymous actually revealed his True Identity!!!
In True Buddha School, fellow student, Lian Ning is the One & Only that Guru said he has told Lian Ning what is Enlightenment!!!

All the above pointed to ONE that Believe Unwaveringly that Enlightenment's Answer can be told!]]


Whats my point here?

I have wrote about these concept before though. :)

A person's Body Speech Mind actually also can tell us at which level if any, he or she has cultivated to!

The Truly Enlightened will use [佛魔一如 - Buddha & Mara is the Same]and not 佛魔只隔一線. 


GM also stressed this morning that there is Absolutely ONLY ONE! 

Above are screen shots of GM during today's Homa session.

GM again talks about Not using the same Moon Disc visualization in cultivation for all yidams early this morning (Singapore time)! :)


However, a very crucial key was shared by GM too.

GM said FIRST transformed self into Vajrasattva then to Dharmapalas or Yidam of choice!

These are links to today's speech.


10/26/2014 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection Dzogchen by Grand Master Lu-Rainbow Temple


As per GM, a True Buddha can execute at will!
Therefore, Enlightened or not, should not be brandied around and what more by Ignorants that THINK that there are Answer to Enlightenment to be TOLD!


This person has yet to understand the very Basic or Fundamental of Buddha Dharma though, agree?

There are No FIXED rules; methods; answers; to anything or everything!

Fixed rules; methods; answers, are only for sentient mindsets as these are Fixation or Attachment to Forms!
GM also shared Non-dualism this morning as another Important Key! :)

GM also touches on those that like to create disputes like the above, several times in his speeches!

Why is it so important to this Anonymous, whether Lotuschef is Enlightened or not?
Why is it so important to this Anonymous, to pronounce in His View or Deduction that Lotuschef is not sharing Authentic Buddha Dharma?

All stemmed from [Fear of Loss] of sentient possessions which he thinks that Lotuschef is going to take away from him!

If you truly listen and understood what GM shared all along, Maha Mudra & Maha Perfection requires One to truly Let Go and attained Ultimate Purity!

We have to thank Anonymous anyway, for his statements are used to help others Realised [What not to follow blindly]!

Titles are sentient possession that A True Yogi has renounced from the beginning, if Anonymous but know!

Noticed that GM stresses on Letting Go and Purity too!

These are important Keys as well!

O! Please don't take my words as the Truth though, it is always Best for One to go find out for Self usage!

You can read recent articles of GM that I translated too!

Their contents are all in GM's speeches of yesterday and today too!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yoga 相应? No Trace 无迹象!

Screen shot of GM during group cultivation in Seattle on 25 October 2014, Seattle time.

Lotuschef in Chat – Enlightened or Start to Blunder
Lotuschef Bercakap-cakap – Tercerahkan atau malah mulai membuat kesalahan besar?

莲厨聊天 - 开悟或开误 [2]

莲厨聊天 - 开悟或开误 [3]

Lotuschef in Chat – Enlightened or Start to Blunder [3]

[Still remember the announcement that Core posted, claiming it to be from Guru about Disciplines or Samaya, spoken after lunch one day?

Please read: Guru's Statements [1]

[---Source: 密教弟子應嚴守三昧耶戒



7. Even for those top cultivators that abide discipline strictly, also loose out to those that single heartedly serve or care for Guru. Even if they have no time to spare to cultivate, can also receive Guru’s merits, this is very auspicious. ]

These are some points that GM shared in the above session.

如来心印传承 - 极为清净
Tathagata's Heart Inscription transmission - only when One is Extremely Pure.
GM said cannot be dirty or "Garbage".

心印 - 常见;三摩地;见法身;梦示; 。。。。
The inscription that GM gives can be in various forms,
Seeing GM all the time; In Samadhi; Seeing his Dharmakaya form; Dream instructions; ....

相应 - yoga

Abiding discipline then One can cultivate to Yoga.

What's my point today? Hahaha!

Lotuschef at Play - Enlightenment & Sentient Possession

YY: They are stealing my Fans!
[YY is a reverend and he has a pool of followers which he classified as Fans!]

LC: Do you really have Fans?
[I started a Zen Dialogue upon SZ's "go ahead" nod.]



What GM said today about Heart Inscription Transmission all found in my articles!

You failed to notice!!!

I also shared some during my maiden dharma speech in Seattle back in November 2009.

GM's constant appearance during "dreams"; samadhi; cultivation; counselling; daily activities; ...
Isn't this what GM said today about those that had received the Heart Inscription Transmission?


NOW: Is it important to Read & Comprehend then Reason?

You can do all these with ease with tools like 4 Noble Truths!

You really don't need to believe in anything I said!

Just listening to GM is more than enough for you.

So start by throwing away all your perceived "must be", "must have",.....!
You don't want to be what GM termed as "Garbage", so throw away garbage and be cleanse and pure.

Yes! All Keys are in GM's sharing too!

Go find them!


Yoga in anyone still busy hoarding sentient mud or rolling in them?
No Trace at all!

To be discerning?
Understand GM's sharing First!

Then you have a Base to compare what others attempt to force down your throats!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Saturday, October 25, 2014

回歸「無知」Back to [Know Nothing]

師尊文集 > 244_心的悸動 >
GM's Literary Collection > 244 Heart's Palpitations

After [Golden mother of the Yao Pond] opened my Heavenly eye, I became very interested in Buddha's way.

At that time, have thirst to seek Dharma practices.

Formally acknowledged [Taoist master ing Zhen] (Monk Liao Ming) as teacher.

我曾見:I have seen:

[Monk Liao Ming] able to mobilise ghost & deities, invoke the come and order they go.

Also able to dictate to wind or rain to come, all within his grasp.

Can ascend to heavenly courts and dance with heavenly ladies (fairies).

Can project his own spirit outwards, even to all the 5 great continents.

Can know in advance worldly matters, no matter big or small.

Monk Liao Ming taught me lots of practices/methods:

Method of not eating 5 grains or in particular, rice.  --- can don't eat for days, or several months.

Prediction method -- kumara that relay messages via ears. Camphor & Willow wood practice.

Original Yang energy (Life essence)  practice -- able to not leak any life essence. Kumara method (means abstain from sexual activities - maintain virginity).

Enter Hell method - can enter Hell's premises. Can ply with ease between Hell and Human realms.

Invoke deity method - 6 Ding & 6 Jia mudra mantra. Invoke deity effectively.

5 Thunder method -- can chase away ghosts and demons. Undo black magic or evil spell method.

Project Own's Life essence or Own's vital energy outwards method - that is Phowa method. Can project Ying or Yang Essence or Deities.

5 Ghosts method - transporting monetary wealth. Business prosperity.


Lastly, Monk Liao Ming said to me:

All these are Convenience practices, external method, ideal to arouse Belief in people to bring them into cultivation.

了嗚和尚說:Monk Liao Ming said:

The True Buddha Dharma, even Buddha Dharma also don't have. All back to Know Nothing.

我很驚訝:I was very surprised:

What is Know Nothing?

了鳴和尚答:Monk Liao Ming answered:

No birth No destroy only. Taoist said, purity rushed into illusion. Buddhist said Nirvana!

我問:I asked:
「如何修?」How to cultivate?
了鳴和尚答:Monk Liao Ming answered:

Externally break of sentient affinity, internally accumulate Ying Zhi, return back to Know nothing, this is true secret. (ultimate solitude and disintegration - void)

Now, I actually realised that we all being in this sentient realm, need to be just and upright in honor/loyalty, filial piety, chastity, principles.

做一個正人!Be an upright person!

Then, happy to help others, accumulate more resources and merits, do more kind deeds.

As to One's desires, wealth, sexual activities, fame, greed, aversion, ignorance, must know methods as to how to resolve them.

This is preparation work to cultivate [Mahamudra], equivalent to having developed [Buddha's bone].

This is no poor lame statement.

「佛骨」已成,是積功累德而來, 而真佛自爾感通。
[Buddha bone] once developed, all from accumulated merits, and can naturally feel link with Buddha.

Know nothing is Nothing that do not know.

Know nothing is truly Know.

Know nothing is let go of everything.

Know nothing is understanding heart and sighting nature.

Know nothing is naive.

Know nothing is No matter, No heart.

寫一首詩吧!Write a poem!

到如今 Till now
來時路 Path to here
漸漸的厭倦 Gradually grew tired and aversion
明了 Realised
一切仍在自心中顯現 All actually appeared or showed in one's heart
任運無限 Unlimited execution at will


[[ 辟谷拼音 pì ɡǔ
注音 ㄆㄧˋ ㄍㄨˇ


(1).谓不食五谷。Do not eat the 5 grains. 道教的一种修炼术。辟谷时,仍食药物,并须兼做导引等工夫。《史记·留侯世家》:“乃学辟穀,道引轻身。”《南史·隐逸传下·陶弘景》:“ 弘景 善辟穀导引之法,自隐处四十许年,年逾八十而有壮容。” 宋 陈鹄 《耆旧续闻》卷七:“偶遇真人,授丹砂,辟穀有年,身轻於羽。” 明 朱鼎 《玉镜台记·燃犀》:“辟穀餐霞,生涯一鉢盂,羽化住 蓬壶 。” 清 纳兰性德 《拟古》诗之三四:“饮酒虽达生,辟穀乃长年。”

(2).泛指不吃饭。Do not eat rice.  明 李时珍 《本草纲目·穀二·粱》﹝集解﹞引 孟詵 曰:“青粱米可辟穀。以纯苦酒浸三日,百蒸百晒,藏之。远行,日一餐之,可度十日;若重餐之,四百九十日不饥也。” 郭沫若 《盲肠炎·不读书好求甚解》:“然而他们之攻击共产主义也,则多因某个共-产-党人之不惬人意,因而迁怒及其主义,是犹因饭碗之不洁而生辟谷之想。”]]

樟木 Camphorwood
柳木 Willow 

六丁六甲 6 Ding & 6 Jia deities are each guarding a certain range or position. 

Ding deities are placed as Ying, represented by Female deities; 
Jia Deities are placed as Yang, and represented by Male deities.

五鬼 5 ghosts - are deities of plague. The good news is that they are under the jurisdiction of City God! That's why Pure Karma always has a tub of lotuses and incense paper assortment for City God at our events. :)

陰隲 Ying Zhi - means matter or material pertaining to Ying premises or Hell.


Dear all, 
have you picked up any interesting and helpful keys to help you in cultivation or live happily at ease and peace in harmony with all around you?

A key here is "Back to" !

After accumulating lots of "Pollutants" from birth, it is Prudent and also crucial to find time to weed out the "unnecessaries" and throw them away! 

Then you can not only lighten you sentient burden, but find a way to break free from sentient tentacles and be pure and free! 


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef