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誰放誰的假?Who Gives Who Leave/ A Break?


Selective Translation into English by Lotuschef.
Do your own if you so please, for a version that You can truly understand.

蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 232_笑話中禪機 > 誰放誰的假?

笑話一則:A joke:
During Mathematics lesson, teacher upon seeing that students are listless, said: If have anyone that can solve this difficult problem, I will let you all have a break.

Students upon hearing these, all spruced up, and unanimously replied: [Good!]

Teacher followed by asking: If no one can solve then?

Xiao-ming suddenly said: If can't solve, then we give teacher a break.

Students below the stage all clapped non-stop.
盧師尊解析:GM Lu clarified:
學生喜歡放假。Students like to have breaks.
老師也喜歡放假。Teachers also like to have breaks.
這是相對的。This is comparison.

If you understand people's mindset, many matters can be solve like the bamboo splits off when it meets the knife's edge, won't form a dead knot. 
Zen is also similar, you can use the opposite side to ponder, to solve all difficult problem.


大乘山和尚答:「升子裏 跳,斗子內轉身。」

Zen master, Yan-qin Gui-yao.
Monk asked: what happens when speech and language path breaks/exhausted?
Zen master, Gui-yao replied: Two type of Koan.

If for me, I would answer: Sunbathing at Hawaiian sea-shores.


GM Lu's pointers: Didn't think that a joke on taking a break, gave me so much inspiration.
But, saintly students, think on this, I am originally Buddha, came to Human realm for a break/holiday, why need to be tiring and buzzing busy?
Lets all take a break, happily go and play.


言語道斷 心行處滅
最佳解答: Best explantion:
Buddha's realisation came from Truth, surpassed Human race level or degree of understanding, can't use Human's language or written words to explain.

The Best method, is to self affirm, through experience like Buddha, await when self enters Samadhi or Deep Zen meditative state, then will realise the Truth.

In the above clip: Zen is another word for Path!

Another example is Buddha picked up an Udumbara flower and a smile appeared on Maha Kassapa's face.
A silent transmission without speech!

Hahaha! Can you read from the above and figure out what story each one shared?

Buddha Dharma is a massive web of links with infinite pathways!

Realise that from a joke of taking a break or holiday, lots of interesting Dharma concepts can come together?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Friday, May 27, 2016

暈眩症來的時候 When Dizziness Come

Translated into English by Lotuschef.
You can also do your own if you so please, for a version that suits and represents you! 

蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 254_至尊的開悟 > 暈眩症來的時候

Many years ago.

I had [dizziness] problem, that is not good memories, the problem is like this:

I was dining with friends in a Thai-food restaurant, suddenly felt dizzy, I vomited all the food I ate.

Later, became more and more serious:

Lying in bed, the whole bed spun. House is spinning.

While walking on stairs, shoes also can't step accurately, swaying to both sides, center of gravity not stable, only can hold on to the stairs and walk.

I became dehydrated!

While washing my fare, suddenly lost sense of direction, see darkness only and body do not know direction?

聽說:I heard that:
Some people drowned in the face basin.

Some people knocked against the tap, bled all over their faces.

When dizzy, whatever I ate, I vomited.

人暴瘦。I suddenly became very thin.

Sometimes felt as if I am spinning in the Illusionary void, everything also spinning.

My body unconsciously veered towards on side, when walking need to hold on to the wall.

All my living activities completely changed tune.

(Doctor said that the fluid in my ears are not balanced, and very serious, must take medication, and wait to slowly recover)

簡而言之── To simply put it ---
Balance mechanism spoiled! ( This illness took a whole month to heal)

在二○一六年的二月二十五日。It's 15th February 2016.

I met Mr. Han-jia-liang, he thinking of taking refuge with me, but, he is not a student yet.

He said: He has dizziness problem! And very serious state.

I asked: What to do?

Han-jia-liang said: I have not taken refuge with GM Lu, but I dreamt of GM Lu, at the time of the dream: GM Lu was sitting in the middle and there are 2 persons on each side.

Only can see GM Lu don't know use what method, making my illusionary void turn round and round.

Like astronauts, spinning in space without gravitational pull to angle them.

After spinning for a while, I woke up!

The funny thing is, upon waking from the dream, my dizziness problem healed!

Hearing these, I laughed loudly.

I said: Spin and spin again, then Balance spun and righted!

我覺得:I feel that:
People in this sentient realm, are all unbalanced! Because all have faults, then have to stay in this illusionary sentient realm.

身子暈眩的少。Dizziness of body not many.
心的暈眩才多呢!Dizziness of Heart then alot!

Some people, on one hand speaking very learned words, but, their behaviour have great differences.

Very learned people, jealous of those more learned.

鬥爭。Disputes and fights.
瞎掰。Blind or false theories/statements.

Perpetuating deeds against the Heavenly rule!

Many walked into unbalance road forks, and most are like this when comparing around.

Therefore, this world realm is one that has lost balance.

唯有修行:Only with Cultivation:
Void nature, then can be perfect and forever balanced, this is the target of cultivators!

(Self knows that sentient beings all are Hom syllable)

Above: The bricks of Borobudur looks like these, when in Samadhi there! :)

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Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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Anti-Inflammatory Foods for a Healthier Body

Eating an anti-inflammatory diet can help reduce inflammation in the body and help with certain conditions that are caused by or worsened by inflammation. This can include diseases like heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Crohn’s disease, to conditions like eczema, asthma, and arthritis. 
The great part about eating anti-inflammatory foods is that many are also Superfoods, and good for you for a host of other reasons, including warding off cancer, losing weight, and having more energy.

The following are some examples and I selected those that I eat frequently. :)

16. Carrots
Carrots get a lot of respect from health food circles, and it’s pretty easy to see why. The beta carotene levels are impressive, and it also ranks highly in Vitamin A. One of the most popular ways to get more carrots is by drinking carrot juice. This is because it can be rather monotonous to chew up a carrot, and it’s hard to chew it up enough to release all of the nutrients. By blending it up and drinking the juice you’re unlocking all of that goodness. Add a carrot to your next smoothie for an anti-inflammatory upgrade.

17. Cauliflower
Cauliflower often gets paired with broccoli, both on the plate and during nutritional comparisons. They’re both cruciferous vegetables and their nutritional profile is quite similar. But the taste and texture is much different if you stop and appreciate each for what it is. Cauliflower contains the elusive Vitamin K, and a heaping dose of Vitamin C, powerful antioxidants that alone make it worth eating. But it’s the anti-inflammatory properties of cauliflower that are perhaps just as impressive, so it deserves a spot on your regular menu.

21. Cucumber
Cucumber is one vegetable that deserves more of the spotlight. It’s an alkaline-forming food, plus it’s ultra-hydrating, contains antioxidants, and has shown to be an anti-inflammatory food. The best part is that you can add it to a salad that is loaded with other anti-inflammatory vegetables and do yourself a huge service. It’s also great blended up in a green smoothie. Cucumbers are often used in the detox process, both eaten and used on the body such as in soaps and shampoos and also to help with puffiness around the eyes. It’s a very handy vegetable!

25. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is an oil you’ll want to keep by your side in the kitchen due to its particular anti-inflammatory properties. It can easily become your go-to oil for use when cooking certain foods, but also as a great salad dressing, or used to top any dish that is a little dry and needs something to help its texture. It has a light flavor and simply can’t be overlooked because it has anti-inflammatory effects akin to taking certain drugs to treat inflammatory conditions. It actually contains a natural ingredient that is particularly effective at fighting inflammation, so you shouldn’t overlook this important oil.

31. Green Tea (and other teas)
Green tea has plenty of health benefits, including being able to help prevent cancer or even fight it if you have it. The antioxidant value is often trumpeted as the reason why it’s something to add to your daily routine. There are several other herbal teas that are good for an anti-inflammatory diet, and you’ll want to opt for ones that have flavonoids, as this is what gives them their anti-inflammatory benefits. What’s interesting is that many of these herbal teas are easy to prepare, and simply involve adding hot water to an herb or a tea bag full of an herbal mix.

38. Oats
Go for the steel-cut variety of oats, and opt out of the instant oatmeal packs you find on store shelves with added flavors and sugars. You’ll appreciate this anti-inflammatory food because it will give you plenty of energy and keep you full for several hours if prepared correctly and eaten in the right portion. Oats consistently rank as one of the healthier foods you can eat, specifically as a way to keep your heart healthy and maintain a proper weight. A breakfast of oatmeal is one way to stabilize blood sugars, and provide yourself with sustainable energy and no crash.

40. Oranges
Oranges are packed with broad spectrum of phytonutrients and and flavonoids, and this gives them their status as a super-healthy fruit. Of course we all know that they’re full of Vitamin C, and can give you a needed boost of energy when you need it, they’re also anti-inflammatory. Some might have trouble eating fruits that contain citric acid, but if you are not one of them this is something to start eating daily if possible. Oranges are a great fruit that is always available in both conventional and organic options at most grocery stores.

41. Papaya
Papaya is not a top-selling fruit in most parts of the United States, but it is one of the healthiest fruits you can eat, especially if you are trying to follow an anti-inflammatory diet. That’s because there are ingredients in papaya that aren’t found in other fruits that particularly gives it the edge on inflammation. Papaya is often made into a fruit salad, and it tastes great when mixed with other similar fruits. Once you get the knack for how to prepare papaya you’ll be happy you did, since you can enjoy it when it’s in season.

42. Pineapple
Pineapple gets mad props for its anti-inflammatory benefits, and you can enjoy it any way that you can, either by preparing it fresh, or finding it frozen or canned. It does have a large amount of sugar, so those that are watching their blood sugar levels to prevent or manage diabetes should check to see how their bodies handle it and keep portion sizes reasonable. It’s a great fruit to enjoy with other similar fruits like oranges, strawberries, and grapefruit, helping to add some sweet to the sour taste of citrus fruits.

46. Salmon (and other fish)
Salmon is one of the best types of fish to eat if you are trying to help with an inflammatory disease or condition. That’s because it has copious amounts of omega-3s in it, and these have been verified over and over again as having a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The consumption of salmon and other fish that are high in omega-3s like anchovies and sardines can help combat the over-consumption of foods with omega-6 in them. An improper balance of omega-6s to omega-3s can actually lead to inflammation and is what is helped by eating more omega-3 foods.

47. Shiitake Mushrooms
For a long time we’ve known about the benefits of shiitake mushrooms to the immune system, but it’s only been recently recognized as an anti-inflammatory food. Unlike other mushrooms they contain specific substances called polysaccharides that provide the anti-inflammatory benefits you’re seeking. The great part is that you can use these mushrooms in place of ordinary mushrooms in all of your favorite recipes, since they cook up just like them and provide a similar yet distinct taste, so no reason to be shy around them.

48. Shrimp (and other shellfish)
You can enjoy shrimp and oysters as part of an anti-inflammatory diet, as long as you don’t have an allergy of course. Shrimp themselves are rich in astaxanthin, which is what is responsible for their anti-inflammatory properties. Additional shellfish choices include oysters and scallops which have been said to be slightly anti-inflammatory. Just be sure to keep your portion of these meats to a minimum and focus more on filling your plate with vegetables found on this page, as these types of shellfish are known to be high in cholesterol, so get just enough to help meet your protein needs.

49. Spinach
Spinach is something we should all eat more of since it is one of the most nutrient dense vegetables around. It is full of fiber, phytonutrients, and protein, making it an all around good source of nutrition. It is also an anti-inflammatory food that you can have each day if you want as part of a health conscious diet that helps you avoid things like heart disease and even cancer. Spinach is so easy to incorporate into your diet because it’s as simple as buying baby spinach and using that as the foundation for a salad each day. You can also find it frozen, or put fresh spinach into a smoothie to make it green.

52. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are good for you for so many reasons, mainly for the lycopene they contain. They’ve long been suggested as part of a heart-healthy diet for the boost to the cardiovascular system. You can eat them any way you can, either raw or cooked, and you can buy them in several different forms as well, including fresh and canned. They consistently make lists of anti-inflammatory foods, and are one of the more highly-researched items on this page, with verifiable proof that you are helping to calm inflammation by eating them.

56. Zucchini
This is a vegetable that makes it onto plenty of dinner tables each night, and maybe when word gets out that it’s an anti-inflammatory food it will become even more popular. While not as anti-inflammatory as some of the other more powerful vegetables like spinach and cabbage, it’s still a worthwhile addition to your weekly menu plan. Zucchini is so easy to prepare and serve up, and tastes great as well. You probably have your own set of recipes that use Zucchini, and if you’re ever stuck you can always do a quick search and get plenty more. It’s that easy to use, and always comes out wonderful.

Anti-Inflammatory FAQ

Will eating anti-inflammatory foods help with sciatica?
If you have an inflamed sciatic nerve and continue to eat inflammatory foods you will not be helping your condition, but rather making it worse or prolonging it. By changing your diet to include foods that not only are anti-inflammatory but also contain antioxidants and other healthy things your body needs you are giving your body the best bet at healing itself.

Will eating anti-inflammatory foods help with fibromyalgia?
Fibromyalgia is caused by inflammation and sticking with an anti-inflammatory diet over the long term should help to keep symptoms at bay. It’s always best to consult with your doctor to come up with the best treatment plan for your specific condition. However, eating a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods and that cuts out foods that are known to cause inflammation is a positive and proactive step.

Will eating anti-inflammatory foods help with a toothache?
There is some indication that eating anti-inflammatory foods will help your toothache, namely because they contain many fruits and vegetables and help you to avoid sugar and other foods that may lead to additional tooth pain.

Will eating anti-inflammatory foods help with hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids are an inflammatory condition and eating anti-inflammatory foods should help calm them down. Keep in mind though that this is no overnight solution, and if your hemorrhoids are bad enough you might not want to wait up to two weeks to have any relief. In this instance a topical solution mixed with dietary changes should yield the best result.

What are the top anti-inflammatory foods?
Some of the absolute best anti-inflammatory foods you can eat are Wild Salmon, Trout, Turmeric, Garlic, Onions, Cabbage, Kale, Spinach, Flaxseed, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These give you the most bang for your buck from an anti-inflammatory standpoint. Of course you don’t need to eat them all at every meal, but choosing one or two to eat every day will be a big help.

Stay healthy! :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

皈依谁? Take Refuge with Who?

Hi, Fashi. In case you forget. My name DS from Jakarta. 
Finally, I have taken refuge in March. 
I and my mother. 

But this month I lost my job :'(

I was already in this place for 12 years. Suddenly it came to an end without any reasonable caused. I am wondering. Is it karma? Or any other things?

Fashi, I need your advice spiritually. perhaps you can help :-)


With all of GM Lu's sharings with you, listen to the speech over & over again.
What you finally realised or learned from this speech, determines your level of cultivation!

Remember, in Tantrayana, The Root Guru reigns Supreme!

If you want to attain Buddhahood, YOU & Your Root Guru should be on the SAME wavelength , YES! At ONE!

Don't sprout lies or your mortal's interpretation and hinder yourself!

Remember also that Buddha's language is transmitted from Heart to Heart or Mind to Mind and all in speechless silence!

Dear all, 
Many of you took refuge with so & so, or at certain temples or monastery.

Do you really know what you are doing?
Obviously not!

And the writer of the above email is just another!

When you take refuge with your choice of Master or Guru, You start up a relationship in Spiritual study and practice with this chosen one.

If you took refuge with GM Lu, then you start by building a link and shortening the distance between HIM and you.
Cultivation is an Individual thingy that One has to do on One's own!

AND if you need help or need to ask questions, you should direct those to your chosen guru and not anyone else!

As to method of reaching GM Lu, I shared lots in this blog.
It is up to the Individual to put in efforts to learn and not for me to give individual advice or help of any kind.

AND, even if you take refuge with GM Lu, I am only your fellow student, nothing more!

If you want anything, DIY please!

With metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

黑毛猩猩 Black-haired Gorilla

Selective summary translation into English by Lotuschef.
Please do your own to better understand GM Lu' statements from your own point of view!

蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 254_至尊的開悟 > 黑毛猩猩

<< The above detailed a dream a fellow student had of his experience in a dream whereby GM Lu drew out a Black-haired gorilla from his daughter's body and walked away. The daughter suffers from a brain tumour and her life is in danger.>>

原來夢示是這樣子的:This dream tells:
This black-haired gorilla is the daughter's karmic creditor from previous lifetime, and came to exact her life. After blessing from GM Lu, and took away the gorilla.
Thus: [Daughter's brain tumour recovered fully.]


又,周遭聽到的女士說: also, a lady who listened in said:
I am the same, GM Lu caught 2 snakes from my body and my illness lightened. GM Lu said that still have 2 more, what to do?

I replied: Recite <True Buddha Sutra>, catch them yourself!

我要告訴大家的是:I want to tell you all that:

Infinite secret strength/power, comes from infinite kind heart, infinite compassionate vows, infinite sincere warmth, infinite close concern/care, infinite Buddha nature, infinite great space.

This is then the Four Immeasurables.



Wonder whether all understand the Truth I said?
What caught my eyes when I read this article?

Infinite secret strength/power, comes from infinite kind heart, infinite compassionate vows, infinite sincere warmth, infinite close concern/care, infinite Buddha nature, infinite great space.

This is then the Four Immeasurables.]

I have shared countless times about [Power] and that it Varies as per your Boddhicitta!

AND, most think I am talking nonsense or bluffing too. :)

Now from GM Lu personally, isn't it time to really discern and know the Truth?
Isn't it time to really cultivate with the Right Set of Buddha Dharma to at least succour yourself?


With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

我終於被販賣了 I Finally Became Sold!

Selective summary translation into English by Lotuschef.
Please do your own to better understand GM Lu' statements from your own point of view! 

蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 254_至尊的開悟 > 我終於被販賣了

** It seems that someone made stamps of [Lu Sheng Yan], lots of them to sell.
GM Lu just can't understand why they do so!
And also why people buy these stamps too.
Question: can the 3 words [Lu Sheng Yan] ward off ghosts and evil? 
Can bring in wealth and treasures?
Can bring in fame & fortune? .....
Just can't figure why, real ridiculous!
Can all please help to think:
Sell my stamp for what?
Buy my stamp for what?
Self Protection?

●日 Day
There's someone I not too familiar with.
As per some saying, he learned my signature's style, [Sheng Yan] 2 characters in signature (In Chinese).

He sells dragon robes, buddha's statues, dharma instruments, thangkas, edicts, with my signatures.


He even has my lineage transmission gifts?  What transmission and what lineage?

也有我的手諭?Also have my edict?

These bluffing or cheating sentient beings' methods, for fame and benefits, isn't this Cheating?

Even Precept sash, zen clothing, all my gift to him.

我的媽啊!My mom!
My grandma!
我的天!My heavens!
我被賣光光了!I am sold till naked!

TBS has TBS' paper gold (Incense paper).
To sell these paper gold to make money, many came to request my signature.

There are many variants of these paper gold, mostly designed by individual chapters.

TBS actually has how many variants of these paper gold, I really don't know?

BUT, most have my signature.

For fairness, I don't refuse anyone that approach me for signatures.
Some chapters relied on selling these paper gold to raise their establishments.

But, paper gold also have fakes.

太紛亂了!Too messy!

Some paper gold have my Dharma picture printed on them, and burnt together to give to Heaven, earth, ghost, deities.

I am being sold very thoroughly.

Another one, that I completely do not know.

He sells my [Maha perfection] abhiseka.

由他收錢。He collects money.
我遙灌。I give distant-abhiseka.

老天爺!Old heavens!
[Maha Perfection Abhiseka] how can by distant-abhiseka, that is how topmost, how high a dharma.

Can accept this abhiseka, not even one in ten thousands.

Not so anyhow or easy.

Everyone, please do not be so easy to be cheated!

我要告訴大家的是:I want to tell all is that:
I am a dharma propagator, I am executing my vows, I am only propagating Buddha Dharma, succouring sentient beings, its just so simple.

Of course I know that:
This Human realm is very complicated.

You take refuge & rely on Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Lu Sheng Yan, to cultivate, this is walking on the True Path.

If you take refuge & rely on my name to make profits, that is crooked/wrong path!

GM Lu is always or constantly being marketed and sold worldwide to susceptible sentient beings!

Especially those in dire straits and think that they need a "Quick fix" badly!
The credibility issue also doesn't seem to pop-up or be figured in when you buy into these fakes!

MY point is? :)

I asked this same old question of many already!

THINK: Who are you when you achieved Yoga with Root Guru?

Then do you still need to have any material items or cling to any sentient forms, with alleged Blessing or signature from GM Lu?

Time to Truly Wake Up?

If not, do continue to sleep some more!

No further comments! 


With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kunci Terakhir? [2]

Ditulis oleh Lotuschef – 23 Mei 2016
Diterjemahkan oleh Lotus Nino
Sumber: 最终口诀 ?The Final Key? [2]

最终口诀 -不离不弃!
Kunci instruksi oral yang terakhir – Tak akan meninggalkan siapapun!

Aku pernah bertemu sekali dengan murid berikut ini beberapa tahun lalu di upacara yang diadakan Pure Karma di Jakarta.

Kenapa saat itu tidak mengulurkan bantuan kepadanya?

Jodohnya belum matang!

Baru-baru ini, Mahaguru Lu memberikan instruksi, dan barulah mengajarkannya cara untuk menolong dirinya sendiri.


他又寄来近照,请我看看, 帮帮忙。
Ia mengirimkan selembar foto dan memintaku untuk melihat dan menolongnya.

Masalah yang merundungnya, solusi terakhirnya adalah dengan [Bernegosiasi] dengan para musuh karmanya!

Oleh karenanya, tanpa duduk di hadapannya, sungguh tak bisa diselesaikan!

你如果听了你的心魔的话, 认为[根本传承上师]离弃了你,你错了!
Kalau kamu mendengar suara iblis dalam hatimu sendiri, dan merasa bahwa [Guru Akarmu] akan meninggalkanmu, maka kamu salah!

Selama jodoh telah matang, [Guru Akarmu] akan datang dan menyelamatkanmu!

Ingatlah: Jangan berjalan terlalu jauh!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef


[--- Ilmu Hitam
Fashi sayang,
Semoga Anda selalu dalam kondisi yang baik. Saya hendak menanyakan sesuatu mengenai masalah saya, yang berhubungan dengan ilmu hitam di mana sebagian dari roh saya hilang…
Saya bertanya-tanya apakah keadaan roh saya telah membaik? Sudah kembalikah roh saya?
Saya takut dan khawatir mengenai persoalan ini, karena sudah cukup lama sejak saya terkena ilmu hitam.
Mohon masukan dari Anda, saya akan terus melakukan homa dan PR harian dari Mahaguru Lu karena saya merasa bersih dan nyaman melakukan hal tersebut.
Terima kasih, fashi. ---]


[--- Sayangku,
Kamu hingga saat ini masih memberikan teratai persembahan untuk para musuh karma dan leluhur, dan juga mensponsori berbagai upacara juga!
Jangan khawatir.
Ilmu hitam tak akan menjeratmu bila kamu selalu positif dan tak menyerahkan dirimu untuk dikendalikan orang lain.
Oktober nanti aku akan ke Jakarta, cobalah hadir di sesi upacara dan aku akan mengamatimu baik-baik.
Dan cobalah mengenakan baju dengan warna yang cerah juga!

Setelah mandi atau saat mau pergi bekerja, sebelum kamu mengenakan pakaian, kepalkan tangan kananmu dan letakkan di atas pakaian yang akan kamu kenakan, sedangkan tangan kiri terbuka untuk menopang pakaianmu. Kemudian visualisasikan kamu membuat Perisai Perlindungan.
Undanglah Cahaya Putih untuk turun dan menyelimuti pakaianmu sambil menjapa Om Buru Lan Che Li (7x).
Kamu juga boleh menjapa mantra Guru ataupun mantra pendek Vajrasattva.

Saat kamu mengenakan pakaian setelah dipasangi perisai ini, kamu akan terlindungi.
Dan bila kamu terus menjapa mantra Guru selama di dalam perjalanan, kamu juga akan menciptakan ruang bercahaya putih di dalam perisai perlindungan bajumu.
Kalau yang kamu lakukan efektif, area perlindungan tersebut bisa menjadi lebih luas dengan masuk dan keluarnya cahaya putih ke/dari perisai itu juga!
Cahaya biru yang mengitari cahaya putih adalah perisaimu yang dibentuk oleh para Dharmapala.

Jadi jangan biarkan setan menakutimu sehingga kamu merasa bermasalah.

Saat kamu memberitahumu, berarti Mahaguru telah memberi isyarat bahwa waktunya telah tiba untuk menolongmu liao.
Mohon percayalah kepada Mahaguru.
Hahaha! Aku harus melihatmu setidaknya selama 30 detik untuk memberitahukanmu bagian rohmu yang hilang!
Kalau lewat foto saja akan terbatas.

Salam. ---]


[--- Fashi sayang,
Terima kasih atas saranmu mengenai metode perisai perlindungan. Aku merasa ini adalah hal yang sangat baik untuk berbagi dengan teman-teman murid lainnya.
Aku akan berusaha untuk menghadiri upacara di bulan Oktober nanti, semoga aku tidak sedang berada di luar Jakarta untuk keperluan bisnis di tanggal tersebut.
Bisakah Anda melihat foto terbaru saya ini?
Memohon saran dari Anda, apa yang perlu saya lakukan, apakah perlu menambah PR harian saya atau sesuatu lainnya?
Terima kasih. ---]


[--- Hi sayang,  aku tak bisa melihat matamu dengan baik.
Aku memintamu untuk membawa wewangian, itu juga untuk perisai perlindungan.
Bukan masalah melakukan lebih banyak atau lebih sedikit, TAPI justru Efektif atau tidak.
Dari foto ini, kamu kelihatan sangat kehilangan arah! :)
Santailah dan selalu bawa Mahaguru ke dalam pikiranmu!
Bila ada sesuatu yang penting yang akan terjadi padamu, Mahaguru pasti akan telah memberitahuku atau langsung menyelamatkanmu!
PERCAYALAH, 100%, sayang.

Salam. ---]

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef