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Reckoning 报应之时 [B]

In the above drama, the storyline is about [Retribution] or paying back for one's wrongdoings.
Two women live for 200+ years, hanging around and can't die, because of sins committed to a man and woman.

BH was the 1st lady of a rich household but failed to give birth.
The mistress gave birth to a girl and BH got the servant to show her the baby.
She then swap the newborn child of the husband with that of a beggar.

Now the beggar's child grow up as mistress of the household while the lord's daughter a slave in the household.
A marriage was arranged between this household & that of a court official.
The young lord fell in love with the slave and chose to live with her after being exile for alleged penalties against the law.
The beggar's child jealousy brought her to burn the house down where they lord and mistress cohabit.
So, the beggar's child killed 2 person.
And it all started with BH swapping the babies.

Dear all,
anyone remember GM Lu saying when one led a group to Hell, he/she has to ensure that Everyone in this group get rebirth or delivered to Pureland, then this person or sinner can get rebirth?

There really is No Need to hit at anyone for hurting you, because they eventually have to face their own Karma!

AND, for those that joined hands with these Great Sinners, WAKE UP!
Save yourself now!

What I am saying is ~ Do so when you still have a Human Shell to say sorry and pay up your karmic debts!

Am I bad at all?

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Thursday, January 18, 2018

华严经 - 光明觉品第九~ 众生无智慧? Avatamsaka Sutra- Chapter 9 - Sentient beings do not have wisdom?

English translation inserted by Lotuschef.

Above: From GM Lu's dharma speech on 13 Jan 2018 ~
True Repentance is repentance directed at One's own Heart.
And Not directed towards Shizun or Grandmaster.
It is repentance directed towards One's own Buddha Nature, 
towards One's Inherent Nature.
Everything ~ All Heavens and star constellation is watching,
They then are the audience.
Have to Reveal all your deeds completely.



◎经文-The sutra's contents -

众生无智慧  爱刺所伤毒 为彼求菩提  诸佛法如是

[explanation] -  At the time, the Manjusri Boddhisattvas in all places, each in their own Buddha's dwellings, at the same time emit sound to say the following verse. 
The 1st sentence - Mortals or sentient beings do not have wisdom, create karma or wrongdoings due to ignorance, Love can nourish the seeds of wrongdoings, thus infinite transmigration of birth and death, like thorns in mud, get hurt unknowingly, also like thorns in scarred wounds, poisoned by them; love derive from ignorance, Boddhisattva develops great compassionate heart, if without great wisdom, how can ever pull out, thus helps sentient beings request for Bodhi, all Buddha dharma are likewise or the same.

 普见于诸法  二边皆舍离 道成永不退  转此无等轮

[explanation] -  mostly sight link nature and form, can leave both sides or both of these (Nature & Form), have question about the cause, reply as sighting or seeing form is have side, only see nature then fall into no side, if see nature and form without being hindered then is leaving both sides.
To be clearer, like wooden table, its reason for formation can be seek as follows:
Wooden plank - wood tree - small tree - tree sapling - tree seed, the basic or root of wooden table is seed of the tree, when you see the wooden table, can you imagine the affinity or links within, the form displayed by the wooden table, its nature is tree seed, thus nature and form present no problem.

Documented in [Mid-path theory] : Although Void but infinite, though Exist but not permanent, that is Void & exist both categorise under the Form Trace,
thus is leave both sides. 
[中道說虛, 以佛性說實, 虛是理, 實是心, 虛與實相即, 亦即理與心相即, 中道佛性的意義便在這一點相即中重新被創構出來。
Mid-path said Illusion and Buddha nature as Reality, illusion is theory, Reality is Heart, Form Trace of Illusion and Reality, that is form trace of theory and heart, mid-path buddha nature's is developed from this point of form trace.]

Why did I quote this extract from Avatamsaka sutra in the article [Punishing errant disciple]?

[二边皆舍离 道成永不退] 
Leaving Both Sides  Path is attained will never retreat or fall back.

GM Lu said when you achieved Guru Yoga you will never fall back or leave and most important is that your Bodhi path heart  道心 has surfaced, once surfaced, One's bodhi-path heart will never submerge again!
Many claimed that they lost Bodhi-path heart when they hear negatives about certain reverends or masters or even gurus.
These people have yet to cultivate to let their Bodhi-path heart surface first, else they have no hearts to Loose!

In the Purple Lotus, XX residence, saga & the recent Disciplines Breachers saga; we see ignorants chasing Forms or just One side, negating the other!

Don't waste time further chasing the frivolous or following these Errant disciples!

Although Void but infinite, though Exist but not permanent

The Future Take-over person and the Future executive officer?
These two are nullified by Impermanence brought on by their own wrongdoings! 

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

处分逆徒 Punishing Errant Disciple

  • 逆徒 Errant Disciple

  • The following is GM Lu's article. Please USE Wisdom of Discernment and compare them with TBS Admin's Published Notices on dealing with Errant/disloyal students!
    One bears own karmic responsibilities.


TBS admin affirmed the wrongdoings of disciplines breaches and resultant damages to TBS' public image.
AND, admin gave out directives and meted out punishment.

Dear all, 
TBS admin consisted of a group of Mortals and non of them have yet to be fully enlightened and attain Buddhahood, agree?

GM Lu said that Only the Enlightened can Void Criticisms!
GM Lu said that School's elders Punishing errant disciples has Nothing to do with him!
GM Lu also said [One bears own karmic responsibilities]!
GM Lu said that in True Repentance one apologises to Self!

Its your choice to listen to your root guru or a group of mere mortals! 

[20:26, 1/17/2018] AA: well, just thought of Hky that murdered our blog!
: good luck to him liao
BB: when time reveals the truth
: and that jn surabaya, once again liao
AA: ya. he helps core to mess us up
: that jn is 2's ardent supporter, right?
BB: yep
AA: what more has he to brag about now!
BB: all the ones that he has been supporting
: they fell one by one
AA: O! Sam's fan too!
BB: sadly he only reads the surface and does that literally
: and when GM announced that Sam is XX, he went on killing her bitterly too
AA: those that truly understand my writings will not be drag down by these bad eggs
BB: what is he?!
: being played by the drama
AA: he is just a loss spirit with no backbone
: wonder what he has to say about 2 now
BB: a really really big time to learn and reflect
AA: wonder will they be delisted from reverend's list? hahaha
BB: the english web hasn't published that announcement yet
: and the indo one didn't translate the content
: maybe they think that it is really giving a bad image for TBS
AA: But we did the English n Bahasa ones liao!
BB: i feel bad for them, but looking at the positive side, it's a blessing in disguise
: that they can cultivate more seriously, away from public light
: buddhas don't kill
AA: nah. you shouldn't feel bad for anyone that has harmed others using bullying tactics. Its their own karma to bear

。。。。所以,[很容易] 被影响,是这个意识吗?
Therefore, [very easy] to be affected, is this meaning?

This exactly means your own cultivation level, agree?

请问:[破壞僧團和諧.] 跟上面的意识不都一样的观点吗?
Question: [Broken or damage the Sanghas' assembly harmony.] - Thus similar to the meaning and viewpoint of the above too?
请问: 你的见解是:僧团里也没有修到 [一心不乱]的出家人吗?
Question: As per your view or understanding: There isn't any one within the Sangha assembly that had cultivated to attain [A Heart unaffected by chaos]?
请问: 这不是师尊讲的大染缸吗?僧团里的所有出家人都修成你心目中的[一味]?
Question: Isn't this what SZ said as the Big Dyeing urn?All personnel in Sangha Assembly cultivated to your viewpoint of [One Flavour]?
不是[一味瑜伽] 而是[身口意]都是染缸的[一味]!
Not the [One Flavour Yoga] but [Body Speech Mind] as [One Flavour] of the big dyeing urn!
[The above are comments in respond to accusations from fellow student 釋蓮吟 in Facebook]
The following an extract from Avatamsaka Sutra:

华严经 - 光明觉品第九 


Who has the RIGHT to Punish errant disciples?
Whose errant disciples?
What is termed Errant disciples?
And who can judge who is errant disciple?

Many of you out there, swallowed what TBS admin fed you and attacked Lotuschef for years, because LN pronounced that I disrupted harmony of TBS' sangha assembly!

Recently, in Ipoh, another such lost sheep commented that [a fashi is bad, she scolds people]!
Back in 2013, in Seattle, many were told to stay away from Lotuschef, because she is bad fashi!
The lackeys of LN also hurled lots of negatives targeting Lotuschef!
One such ardent lackey of LN is jn surabaya!
See him destroying Sam when he was all praises for Sam for many years?
These people are just Not Credible at all!

They have no Lineage transmission at all, because they Don't Listen to Root Guru but ignorant mortals.

How many of you truly Listen well to GM Lu and cultivate accordingly?
What did GM Lu said about Disciplines?

When you truly found the Truth by yourself, then you are a True Disciple of Buddha!

Never blindly let anyone lead you away from your own Buddha Nature!

落井下石! - When someone fell into a well, you throw stones after him!
Means - Aggravate someone's downfall or Go into overkill! 

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

逆徒 Errant Disciple

逆徒是一个汉语词语,读音是nì tú,是指叛逆的人。
叛逆的人。《宋书·孝义传·卜天与》:“逆徒击之,臂断倒地,乃见杀。” 金 董解元 《西厢记诸宫调》卷二:“众止一二作乱,馀必胁从,贪目前之利,忘反掌之灾,我若敷陈利害,必使逆徒不能奋武作威,自令奔溃。”

  • 對『逆徒』如何是好? What to do with [Disloyal Student]?
  • 問:『由長老們決定懲罰?』
    Ask: Let the elders decide punishment?

    Reply: Nothing to do with me.

    Ask: Great master! Not upset, not keyed up?

    答 Reply:『因果自負。』One bears own karmic responsibilities.

I heard the compere for the recent homa event in Caotun utter these words [逆徒]!
It somehow jarred in my mind for days! 
Realised why now!

This reverend has yet to be Enlightened and her use of these words just sound very judgmental and contain the Poisons of Aversions, Ignorance and to some extend Greed of recognition!

Aversions - you think they are dirt now, when they were previously people you looked up to and obeyed!

Ignorance - you have no true Boddhicitta and didn't realise the fact that these people also have Buddha nature similar to yours!

Why recognition?
In this Saha world, many reverends do not Truly & Fully embrace their initial vows to benefit all beings.
So a WISH to Outshine or Stand-out amongst the assembly is commonplace!

Sadly, this is the same kind of Rivalry Mindset that the recent falling of XX and the future take-over personnels cultivated.

If you understand what GM Lu said about True Kaya 真身, you also won't go chase those that GM Lu said are coloured lotuses!
In True Form, the colour also don't matter as One can transform at will!

I remember a fellow student that keeps a sort of chart for the Big Lotuses pointed out by GM Lu. Yes! 18 pairs was what he is after!

6th Zen patriarch, hui-neng's Mid-path is anathema to Differentiation!

But coincidentally, XX & LN are Big Purple Lotuses! 
While LD is Big white lotus!

There is someone that GM Lu said is a certain colored lotus, but I saw Ksitigarbha in him! Hehe! 
Affinity with Yidam is yet another deciding factor! 

Am I criticising someone now?

The decision is yours and your alone!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

恶有恶报 Evils Reap Evil Returns

Tok Chef 我祈請偉大的師尊佛光注照蓮廚法師的心,讓她懂她現在 發生何事,祈請真佛護法引蓮廚法師回歸正途。

You, put your [Stamp] on all May 22, articles posted on our blogs!
Question: On May 21, you had time to settle for a whole day, why then re-surfaced at all?
Especially this article {Lotuschef at Play - With Criminal Intent [2]}, the contents about taking Legal Action against you or Give you a chance to Apologized and Make Compensation to us!
After Putting your Personal Stamp, means you let us witness again your [Instability], hahaha!
Its miraculous that you make a whole string of Stamps again!

Question: If without the 22nd’s Stamps, when in Court, you still can beg leniency saying: (I know I am wrong after reading {Lotuschef at Play - With Criminal Intent},so I stop Stamping indiscriminately already.)

[**讓她懂她現在 發生何事 - Ah! Our boss-man already decide to "Get-rid" of lotuschef with this hint of a threaten penalties! ]
Yesterday, Shizun talked about Lineage/Ancestry, How much did [You] [Comprehend]? :)
Give You; Give You; Or Give You [True Buddha School]?
Do You all think you can really [Take] it?
In fact, Give to Whom also not important; what is important is [Buddhas & Boddhisattvas], and do you have the [Key] to [Unlock] all these [Buddhas’ Treasures]?

O! [Unlock] to be use for [Benefit of all Sentient Beings]!
Seems for those with [Greed, Aversion, Ignorance], these would not be useful at all!

只有[害怕失去] 才会屈服在无理和霸道之徒之下。

[**[害怕失去] - Fear of loss!]
A True Harvard graduate will not need to ask questions as to who to listen to, he and his team mates will know how to seek their own Answers from Truth and Authentic Buddha Dharma!

[It said when student is wrong, it is only right to accept Guru's corrective statements or scolding.
If the student breach Disciplines, the Dharmapala will penalized them and sent them to Hell upon their demise.]

So wielding Discipline as a Threat is #2's special!
Listen to Guru today?
the speech on the surface satisfied the greedy successor & cronies but if you remember what guru said before about he being good in admin, and today's True Buddha from True Buddha school!
they are nowhere but servants of all future buddhas to surface

Tok Chef 蓮戒=犯戒 因爲師尊已先看到。。。 蓮廚-淨業 - =。。。。。真的,師尊的佛慧是深不可測的。 我祈請偉大的師尊佛光注照蓮廚法師的心,讓她懂她現在 發生何事,祈請真佛護法引蓮廚法師回歸正途。
Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hours ago

This is probably #2 using a bogus name/lackey to scold me. but alas you can only scold someone you know everything about & not one that ignore your stupidity!
[00:32, 1/17/2018] AA: last word. shot deep. save yourself first 😀🙏
[00:32, 1/17/2018]BB: I posted at 00:22 and at 00:28 already got 41
: ya. I very naughty hor!
[00:33, 1/17/2018]AA: hahaha other way to teach people 😀
: so they lost everything from 14 Jan 2018!
AA: ic
BB: less than 5 years after attacking me! LN came n shout at me on May 11 2013. H & J  were with me that trip
AA: 😁😁😁 fashi still standing steady
BB: ya. H took photo of him pushing forward GM's pouch for ppl to touch!
: ppl like him sure mati lol
AA: ya. that not educated students 😅
BB: he is too disrespectful n thinks he is the King
: but sadly his is not King but KONG - in chinese means Empty!
AA: yes. kckckckc
BB: well, GM told me to just watch silently n let them act out their good or bad
AA: this few days. your web have more traffic kckckk
BB: lots of traffic lol
AA: lol 😁
BB: don't need to do anything, just let them bang their heads against the wall
CC: true for so many things
BB: 静观其变
AA: 👌
BB: like teaching DD, who is blind to listen to Gm Lu's speeches, it will help him cultivate thru recognising GM voice
: ppl don't believe me when I said GM will come teach you when you are ready
AA: yes. that true
: don't believe is good for me. like this they won't come n crowd me n demand my time for wenshi n blessing

BB: remember xx ning came rushing at me in caotun and the second round he warned me to beware of disciplines! hahaha! looks like its him that need to beware lol. He breached disciplines n got kick out
AA: 😁
CC: 你啊!很高!😄
AA: yup that was his parting words, then he utter you beware of disciplines
: well? if we want to talk about WINNING, then I won over him liao
: he never have chance to win me lol
: I recalled his comment when he knew I came from SG, seems lian lai told him that he advised me to be ordained
CC: Yes hor
BB: LN said i 上当了 means i fell for their trap
: He sees ordination as reverend as a trap
[My reply was: 看谁上谁的当 see who fell for whose trap!]

CC: 在心中,每一個人是很高。相等高。
: Lol crazy
: unfitting remark as a future-to-be successor
BB: and he wants GM to say that he is enlightened! Hahaha! what an .....!
: from his [you very high] - he is actually scared of me lol. Hehe
\: and he should be reading my recent posts with lots of anger as well!!!
: those that he bullied will really be happy that AT LAST he is down n out
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 祈請真佛護法引蓮廚法師回歸正途?
    Plead that True Buddha Dharmapala lead Reverend Lianchu "Back to the Right Path"?
    Tok-chef's RIGHT Path seems to lead him to Hell, agree?
    Deluded with Controlling Power that he perceived as His Due, he plotted his own path to Hell & beyond!

Now realise why the title that you put so much weight on is also Impermanent?
Listing in your version of TBS as reverend really not "My cup of tea"!

Whatever others choose to address me as, I am still the same, no more no less!

Its is SUICIDE to try and attack or harm someone that you can't figure out!

Did you harm me?
Not at all!
BUT you have harmed yourself lethally though!

Compare your wrongdoings against your own set of Laws that you applied on me and others, what you have done TRULY Breaches Disciplines in a BIG BIG Way, you should have all titles strip and not just your duties! 

Gosh! Your 30 years of acting in TBS' stage dropped curtain!

Once again, in Buddha Dharma, Disciplines are guides that KEEP One on-track of the Bodhi Path and not for anyone to use to bully and threaten others with!
Using Disciplines as per your perception to harm others, these very disciplines TURNED Table on you! 

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Nasihat yang penuh kemurahan hati dari Shizun, seorang Buddha Hidup 活佛師尊慈訓

Diterjemahkan dengan tambahan anotasi oleh Lotuschef – 17 Januari 2018
Diterjemahkan oleh Lotus Nino
Sumber: 活佛師尊慈訓 Living Buddha, Shizun's Kind Lecture

Mengutip dari 活佛師尊慈訓:

◎每 一個人,都是仙佛菩薩倒裝降世,不要隨便去傷害一個人,你傷害任何一個人,在因果上來講,你就是傷害你自己;
Setiap insan merupakan para suciwan yang terlahir kembali, oleh karenanya tidak boleh menyakiti siapapun, karena bila kamu mencelakai seseorang, menurut karma, kamu sebenarnya sedang mencelakai dirimu sendiri;

在實際上來講,傷害一個人,就是傷害一位菩 薩;
Sesungguhnya, menyakiti seseorang berarti menyakiti seorang bodhisattva;

Mengkritik seseorang, berarti kamu sedang mengkritik seorang suciwan.

我們能夠復歸本位,甚至加功晉爵,最後成就的就是你自 己,所以修道辦道要注意喔!
仙佛菩薩隨時護持著我們,仙佛菩薩也一定隨時在考察著我們,所以自己的行為心念都要很謹慎小心,任何不合人情,違背良心的事, 不敢去做、也不要去做,聽懂話嗎?



Sejak dipublikasikan, pengumuman di atas ini bersirkulasi cepat sekali!
Tulisan di atas merupakan pemberitahuan perihal keputusan administrator TBS terhadap 2 orang VM.

Di sana tertulis: Penegasan mengenai kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh Ning & Dian, bahwa telah melanggar Disiplin dan juga mencoreng citra publik TBS.
Para pelanggar juga telah menerima arahan dan hukuman dari Administrator, juga setulus hati bertobat kepada Guru Akar.
Di saat yang bersamaan, mereka merasa tidak lagi cocok untuk berkarya dengan memegang jabatan penting di dalam komite Administrator. Mereka berdua juga memohon ijin kepada Guru Akar untuk mengundurkan diri dari segala jabatan di dalam ordo dan hal ini telah disetujui oleh Guru Akar.

Dengan demikian pemberitahuan perihal perubahan personalia diumumkan kepada publik:

  1. Reverend Lian Ning memohon untuk melepaskan jabatan [penerus di masa mendatang] dan dikabulkan, berlaku segera.
  2. Reverend Lian Dian memohon untuk melepaskan jabatan [pejabat eksekutif di masa mendatang] dan dikabulkan, berlaku segera.
  3. Baik LN & LD memohon untuk melepaskan jabatan [tim pengasuh] dan dikabulkan, berlaku segera.
  4. Baik LN & LD akan melepaskan hak kuasa atas [TBSN] dan dikabulkan, berlaku segera.


Teman-temanku yang terkasih, adakah yang ingat bahwa Mahaguru Lu pernah bilang kepada semua murid supaya mengingatkan LN bahwa seorang yang tercerahkan haruslah masuk akal dan tidak boleh berteriak-teriak?

Melihat Karma yang sedang bermain-main dengan LN dan kawannya, LD, maka sungguh jelaslah bahwa [peringatan yang penuh dengan kemurahan hati] ini tidak diindahkan sama sekali.

Saat Mahaguru Lu mengumumkan bahwa LN tercerahkan, beliau juga bilang: Aku beritahukan pencerahan itu kepadanya!
Kemudian di saat yang sama, Mahaguru Lu juga bilang: Para guru silsilah mengatakan bahwa Pencerahan tidak bisa diberitahukan!


Ada berapa banyak orang yang benar-benar mendengarkan Mahaguru Lu dan memahami kata-kata beliau?
Mahaguru Lu: 聽懂話嗎?

Ada berapa banyak orang yang ingat pernah meneleponku untuk memberitahuku perihal LN yang diangkat sebagai penerus?
Masih ingat jawabanku?
Aku bilang: Mari kita tunggu dulu apakah dia bisa duduk di atas tahta!

Teman-temanku yang terkasih, bersadhanalah dengan sungguh-sungguh sehingga kamu bisa membaca aura atau [Tubuh – Ucapan – Pikiran] mereka yang mencoba “menyesatkanmu” dari Jalan Bodhi, atau yang menghalangimu untuk memasuki Jalan Bodhi!

Selamatkan dirimu terlebih dulu!

Salam Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

活佛師尊慈訓 Living Buddha, Shizun's Kind Lecture

English Translation inserted by Lotuschef.

Quoting from 活佛師尊慈訓:

◎每 一個人,都是仙佛菩薩倒裝降世,不要隨便去傷害一個人,你傷害任何一個人,在因果上來講,你就是傷害你自己
Each individual is rebirth of divinities, must not anyhow hurt anyone, you harm a person, as per Karma, you are hurting your self;

在實際上來講,傷害一個人,就是傷害一位菩 薩;
actually, hurting a person means hurting a boddhisattva;

Criticising a person, means you are criticising a divinity.

我們能夠復歸本位,甚至加功晉爵,最後成就的就是你自 己,所以修道辦道要注意喔!
仙佛菩薩隨時護持著我們,仙佛菩薩也一定隨時在考察著我們,所以自己的行為心念都要很謹慎小心,任何不合人情,違背良心的事, 不敢去做、也不要去做,聽懂話嗎?


The above: Has been circulating like hotcakes since its debut!
Its a Notice of TBS admin's decision regarding 2 VMs.
As per the statement: Affirmation of wrongdoings by ning & dian that breached Disciplines and also harm TBS' public image.
The wrongdoers have also submitted to Admin's directives and punishment, also sincerely repent to Root Guru.
At the same time, both felt that they no longer suitable to function in any major posts in admin, both also request that Root Guru permit them to resign from all school's posts and this has been approved by Root Guru.

Thus this announcement of personnel changes for public notice:

1. Reverend Lian ning request to relinquish post of  [future take-over person] and permitted, effective immediately.

2. Reverend Lian dian request to relinquish post of [future executive officer] and permitted, effective immediately.

3. Both LN & LD request to relinquish post of [care-giver team] and permitted, effective immediately.

4. Both LN & LD will relinquish controlling rights of [TBSN] and permitted, effective immediately.


Dear all, anyone remember GM Lu's words to all students to remind LN that an enlightened one must not shout but must be reasonable?

It is obvious that this [Kindly reminder] was ignored completely, seeing the Karma at play on LN and his friend LD.

When GM Lu announced that LN is enlightened, he also said: I told him one!
Then in the same session, GM Lu said: Lineage gurus said Enlightenment cannot tell!


How many truly listen to GM Lu and understand his words?
GM LU: 聽懂話嗎?

How many remembered calling me to tell me about LN's take-over appointment?
Still remember my answer?
I said: Lets see him sit on the throne first! 

Dear all, cultivate diligently and you can read auras or [Body Speech Mind] of those that attempt to "lead you astray" or away from the Bodhi path or prevent you from getting onto the Bodhi path!

Save yourself first!

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef