Monday, July 28, 2014

The Aspiration of Samantabhadra 普贤王如来祈愿文

Penetrating Wisdom: The Aspiration of Samantabhadra Paperback – July 8, 2014

A description of the Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen path of awakening, with instructions and guidance for following it.
With deep compassion, sharp observations, and arresting metaphors, the Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche explicates "The Aspiration of Samantabhadra" for both new and experienced practitioners.

This Dzogchen prayer explores the different manifestations of rigpa, our basic awareness in daily life, and constitutes a set of instructions for refining the path of practice. 

Taken from material from a series of talks in Germany and the United States, Penetrating Wisdom includes the text of the prayer, Rinpoche's always-lively commentary, and lucid answers to questions posed by his students.

This book is a commentary on an ancient, well-known Tibetan Buddhist prayer of aspiration that expounds on the Dzogchen path to enlightenment. 

Containing key fundamentals about the Vajrayana path--the guru-student relationship, the role of faith in Vajrayana Buddhism, recognizing basic awareness, and the notion of reality that is beyond mental concepts--this book is a clear and accessible explication of a complex system of philosophy and meditation techniques that are central to Tibetan Buddhism.

Buddhism and Cultural Forms | Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Dear all, 
I have yet to read the book of Penetrating Wisdom, but from the above video, a plus point is Ponlop Rinpoche speaks good English! :)

The Chinese version 
like the Flower Adornment Sutra 华严经, is not easy for most to decipher or comprehend. :)

Rest assured that if you have the Relevant Affinity, you will be taught with Alternative Means, that are Customised to your needs and mindset.

Thats also what the above video is about, Forms.
However, the video is about Cultural Forms, which are Forms inculcated through someone's else mindset and habits, that is someone becomes the leader and the rest just follow this leader. 

This is pretty similar in concept to what I have shared about Giving up Control of your own Destiny to someone else! 

Go enjoy the book and the video. 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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