Sunday, July 20, 2014

Formless 3 Wheels 三轮体空 [2]

Actually GM gave Dana or Charity to illustrate "Formless 3 Wheels".

The 3 Wheels or Factors are: The Giver; Receiver; Material or Item Donated or Charitably Gifted.

These 3 Wheels or Factors when Void of Nature, or Rendered Formless, is What GM shared.


I have done some researches on this topic in Chinese as follows:

Please go do some research of your own too! :)

The following is extracted from one of the articles mentioned:

Good or Evil Deeds, all originate from Heart, Do not be Attached to FORM.


No matter what Good deeds, Cultivate Dana, Disciplines, Perseverance, during these times must not attach Form to the 3 Wheels.
If there is Attachment, perceived all these as True, as True Form, then you are wrong, 
All that you have done so far or to date, basically or in actual fact have No Place or Destination to arrive at.


Dear all,
Now is the time to have a good look at Assignment of BB's email!

For those that have submitted Answers: 
Have you truly employed or utilised what GM taught you all along and comprehending them before Action?

For those that have not submitted Answers & playing a wait and see attidude: 
You have not truly learn the True Essence of GM Lu's teachings or sharings!
Staying or standing on the side-lines waiting to Reap or Harvest; 
Or waiting or standing by to Laugh or Mock at others, who you think have Blundered.

YOU, didn't give yourself a chance at Dana so therefore you never get a chance to practice Sila!


This is also a good way to advice BB on Maximising Liberation Effect of 6-realms vajra mantra wheel joss paper too!

These words floated into my mind at this instant:
In Giving, you will receive!

I think I heard it from some priest in a local church, ages ago! :)

This is step One or the beginning of Giving!
Because there is Receive or returns or rewards, In Sight or In Mind!

Formless 3 Wheels concept is just like Buddha Dharma, Formless and exist for a Purpose and Void when there is No Need or Purpose!

Watch out for Links to GM's speech please.

GM's version is always the One to Take Priority!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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