Friday, July 11, 2014

Body Speech Mind Again 又是身口意

English Translation by Lotuschef.

RF : 什麽東東?看不到連接
What is it? Can't see any link.

PK : 网络现场同修直播. 明天下午3点开始。
Live Cast of Cultivation tomorrow, starts at 3pm.

RF: 謝謝。 我會在現場。
Thank you. I will be there.

Fashi, when come to Seattle?

PK : 

5-7-2014 Vajrasattva Repentance & Purification Practice

PK: 这是上两个星期的
These are from the pass 2 weeks

You are in Seattle?

RF : 是. 很久了
Yes. Very long already.

PK: ok

RF : 來了找我啊 When you arrived come look for me ah

PK : ok. 有当地联络移动电话吗? 
You have a mobile contact there?

Core/ School Admin listed me into [Black List], you are not afraid they will ignorantly give you the same generous treatment? Hehe!

RF:  我再就烏漆麻黑了
I am very dark and black

Main thing is Heart not Black, clear minded and understand, will be good!

Main thing is Heart is clear & understand don't be black then good! 
Who cares about them so much!

PK : OK. Hahaha! 听师尊的,准不会错!修行靠自己!
Listen to GM, sure won't be wrong! Cultivation depends on Self!

RF : 對,靠自己。別人說是他們的事,黑名單,白名單無所謂。
Correct, depends on Self. What others say is their own concern, Black List; White List, doesn't matter.

最近才大鬧天宮過,我給人說的一定不少。我照樣出現人前。so what!
Recently, played Havoc in the Heavenly Palace, others must have talked about me much.
I still continue to appear in front of them.

PK : Yes. So what! 

Fatuous sentient beings doing Fatuous, Ignorant, Pointless matters!

Finally, revealed how Fatuous that Self is, and also broadcast to the whole world through the Internet. Self seek Destruction!

Did they hurt [Lotuschef]? Hehe!

RF : 我也是很愚昧。因為我也是眾生之一。
I, too, am very fatuous. Because I am also one of sentient beings.

Only GM is the Only Wise One in this world.

PK: 我们还有小活佛阿!
We still have little Living Buddhas!

RF : 不知道啊。與我[無代誌].   哈哈哈哈哈哈
Don't know! with me [ nothing's the matter]. Hahahahahaha!
{{ [無代誌] - this is Hokkien or Taiwanese and pronounce as [ bold dai qi] }}

PK : 智者-每个人都能做到!要看你有多诚!
Wise One - Everyone can be ! Need to see how Sincere! 

Everyone has Buddha Nature!

RF : 智愚本無別,無智也無愚
Wise & Fatuous basically no difference, no wise and also no fatuous


RF : 本來面目 Original facade

PK : hahaha! See? you are clever!

RF : 我什麽也不是。
I am nothing.

近師多,是學 [心要] - literally means Heart Needs, so Core requirements or Main Points.
Being near Guru much, purpose to learn Main Points.

不是學 [抱佛腳] - means to curry favor.
Not to learn to [hug Buddha's leg]

So hope you can still have courage  to be here to learn from GM
所以希望 你还有勇气  到这里向师尊学习

Hope to see u soon in Seattle

PK : Hahaha! Courage? 
哈哈哈! 勇气?


Dear all, 
picked up anything to tell you about the Body Speech Mind of RF?

I would say, Everything was going fine for RF, showing knowledge, agree?

However, the COURAGE thingy spoiled everything she said! 
She thinks being in Seattle needs Courage!

Hahaha! Are there Demons in Seattle?
Must I Brave the Demons in Seattle?

to be here to learn from GM - this one too!
Physical presence NEEDED for one to learn from GM?

No further comments! :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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