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心的训练 Heart/Mind Training [2]


Please refer to :
Chenrezig Sadhana 观音菩萨本尊法

Comments on the Practice of the Chenrezig Sadhana by Kalu Rinpoche

This is pretty similar to what I shared in Seattle during my maiden speech: 
One can also visualize the syllables in one's own heart, with rays of light emanating to the ten directions to touch all sentient beings, transforming their bodies into the body of the deity and purifying their obscurations. 
One visualizes that all sentient beings, who have become like Chenrezig, are reciting the mantra OM MANI PEME HUNG, and the entire universe hums with its sound. 
It is said that there is no more effective means than this for purifying obscurations.

Francesca Poon Originates from: Taken from a teaching given by Kalu Rinpoche titled "Following in the Footsteps of the Great Kagyu Forefathers," given at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra on the weekend of October 24, 1986. 
It was translated by LamaYeshe Gyamtso and edited by Sally Clay.

** Grateful thanks to the Translators which did a splendid task of accurate translation.

Francesca Poon Cool!

Francesca Poon We do something similar to this at the beginning of practice: 

Finally one visualizes that the entire universe and all sentient beings in it are in the form of Chenrezig, which melts into light and dissolves into oneself. 

One's own body, as Chenrezig, then melts into light and dissolves into the syllable HRI in one's heart. 

The HRI dissolves upward and finally disappears into emptiness. 

Remaining in this meditation is said to be the most profound way to realize emptiness and Mahamudra, and this is the practice of the fulfillment stage itself.

Insight or vipasyana meditation can also be combined with Vajrayana practice. 
If one recognizes that it is the mind that creates the body of the deity, and that the mind is empty--and if one comes to actually experience the inseparability of these things--then an insight develops that becomes the essence of prajnaparamita, the perfection of wisdom.


The above was quoted from a translation of Kalu Rinpoche's dharma sharing.

As per GM, Will or Mind Power, is similar to Electricity!

Training the path of this Electricity is actually Training One's Will or Mind Power!

To Visualize any Transformation, One needs all the Fundamentals IN PLACE & Ready to Execute!

So if you Don't "Exercise" Your Mind and just continue to follow others' views, then you are really not suitable material for a Yogi!

To those who starts their questions to me with : Fashi, why so & so can/ said .......... ?

This is the worse kind of Questions for a person truly sincere to Take Control of their own Destiny!


I do Personal consultation or the much alluded "Wenshi", just by looking at the Subject seated in front of me, or a photograph of the Subject.
I am not interested in their bio data like Date of Birth, Name, Address of residence, ....

As GM said: I hope that you all understand what I said, if not, then never mind!

Cheers All

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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