Monday, July 7, 2014

Think As A Buddha 用佛的观点想想

A: T told his wife to say sorry to me, for Saturday's disrespect of Dharma

B: :) yeah, its good initiative from T
i saw the video alr, K gave Fashi the food nicely lol
caring in a wrong way
most of them go makan at the back
really look bad actually in the livecast

A: karma is one's own, why say sorry to me?
whoever did the disrespectful thingy should apologise to themselves & not me!

B: Just to let Fashi knows lor if they feel sorry too mah he7..
Fashi sent the email to all attendees :D bitter lesson for them to behave on the next sessions

A: u see H's email? she is giving an excuse using her kids n being host.
so she still didn't know what went wrong!

B: hahhaa ya lor, some.ppl hard to say sorry on her own one

A: Well B, tell me what went wrong?
u also don't know! :)

B: yeah. well, usually ar in vihara people also makan at the very very last session one. after cultivate, VM will give Dharma.speech then last one is makan
not between the cultivation

A: u can't tell me whats wrong at all!
what u said about the practice of vihara has nothing to do with what went wrong!

hahaha! Think as a Buddha!

B: just trying to say to give them chance. see some ppl started the havoc but all ppl will share the consequences like H kept offering the lotus even after Fashi had helped.her. she din know thats wrong n din reflect + no one warned her. later she taught other ppl to follow, affecting the whole group in the end
same story also happened with this rushing for makan thingy
well just hope next time they can think before act. what seems nice in their thought doesnt always really toward other people
just replace same the same thing with GM. think is it how we should behave while GM is giving Dharma Speeches in front n students busy all around, satisfying their own.needs for food he7..

A: Nope! you still didn't get it right! :)
what would a Buddha do?

B: trying to educate them if the time n affinity is there. if no such condition, then just let them be

A: no. what would a buddha do in the same situation? 
when u have to go prepare food & forgo the dharma speech or you are very hungry & forgo the dharma speech.

B: leave them alone?

A: no. think buddha!

B: if still hv listeners then continue lor
if dun then just stop n end it

A: u are confused liao. Hehe!

B: lol ya, cant think as Buddha while I am a layperson

A: Not talking about what I should do. What should they do?
hahaha! but you volunteered too much comments on this matter so I evilly play play with you lol!

B: really say sorry n promise to themselves not to do the same thing again. then quickly plead Fashi to continue sharing lor
admitting they hv done wrong n really sorry

A: wrong direction la.

B: lol. no idea liao lol, so what they should do ar?

A: if I tell u the answer, you will bang your head against the wall! answer is very simple! :)

B: wat is it?

A: heheh
................. = Answer.

u owe me for giving you the answer liao!!!
buy me peking duck or gurame

B: simple indeed... lai ba when in Medan, all good food :)

Dear all, 
The ANSWER will not be revealed.

Base on what is shared, I am sure the discerning yogi will know the ANSWER!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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