Sunday, July 20, 2014

Truly Understand Boddhicitta? 真的明白菩提心?

PK: Assumption often leads to Creation of Suffering or Unhappiness to Others first and Self Subsequently, agree?
this is what K did in pushing a plate of food at me
total disregard of others' preferences
no boddhicitta

PA: right example hor

PK: ya lol. now all of them also Assumed BB is greedy n etc..... without true or sound basis
judge n sentenced!

did u catch this morning's speech?
the links are out

PA: yes. meaningful speech
do you need to publish the links?
i can copy-pasted them here

PK: wait n see later.

PA: okays

PK: i have them too from vimeo

PA: i've got the ones from youtube and vimeo

PK: but mostly on the 3 wheels being formless

PA: yes.
from the Sad Love Story too

PK: I normally leave out some for the rest to go find out for themselves

PA: the formlessness of the 3 wheels makes the boddhicitta perfect

PK: can't find then too bad!
as GM said, don't understand what I shared, never mind!
don't need to force or make ppl listen to me or believe me
makes me busy if all come crowd around me!

O! MJ can write off too! her aura getting more n more like a horse. just like the CL jiao shou shi
scary aura

PA: yes, like cl hor
mj is busy with wedding stuff and really not into learning buddhism
she has the thought that: if i can't do well in life, how can i spend time in religion

PK: see? she think she got a good mate n don't need to bother about GM or cultivation to help all beings liao!

PA: and she's got a very jealous boyfriend
feels like being caged now

PK: AD has experienced GM's helping hand, therefore she uses her own viewpoint and forcefully stick them onto BB!

For Mj, the beating & punching have not started yet!
Jealousy is precursor to Violence!
** [I read this one's aura about 3 years back. 
She will meet an abusive husband that will beat her violently and also take away her $$$. 
Looks like she didn't bother to believe me & completely ignored my cautioning her to be careful!
Or her karmic negatives are too heavy to be neutralised with her half-hearted ways. ]

her habits are bad!
always said she is pretty n etc.
it is also in the manner of her speech n bodily actions

these are unwholesome habits that one has to change n eliminate with diligent cultivation
marriage is not guarantee to be Happy ever after!

PA: i think this is the difficult part of all: 
you need to be "super" aware before doing things or acting out
only then habits can be changed
really, this is such a training itself

PK: I am surprised that VM lz ,  click like on assignment [C]
so he understands english?

PA: oh ya?

PK: in facebook

PA: oh yes hor

PK: many are curious about the Assignment too! :)

PA: well he should be curious too
i saw the announcement in the newsfeed
that he's to lead the 6 ksitigarbhas puja, like the one conducted by F and team

PK: u see from all the Answers, none gauge BB and the smoke offering n 6 realm vajra mantra well

PA: lz should have a lot to learn before teaching others, in my opinion

PK: well? gm said he is what color padmakumara?
best to affirmed his own Buddha nature first and not continue to bluff n fake YOGA!

PA: green or what, not really remember

PK: he has auspicious look
a Maha rajah of sort.

PA: even though he wants to promote GM's book, he should not say that everyone who sees pirated version of GM book should tear it down

PK: but should distanced himself from those corrupted ones
Ya. its still GM's words and Buddha's words are Dharani

PA: yes ah, putting self in wrong circles is an imminent danger, very true

PK: when the vertical lines on both sides of his cheeks lengthened & Sharpened or peaked, he will be in Big trouble!

PA: oh, which means a bit obvious and protruding ya

PK: ya. like the skin hugs the skull bone snuggly or tightly!


Dear all, 

Why do we take refuge and why do we opt to learn Buddha Dharma and also learn to cultivate?

Yes! most of us get into things that we don't fully understand.

Thus we created Suffering for Self and Indirectly others and especially those in our Immediate surrounding.

The Answers from most of those submission of Assignment for BB's case study, went on wild tangents of Assumption of BB's Intent!

There is no True Understanding of subject's contents in this case study at all!

Subject is BB's Intent; Smoke Offering; & 6-realms vajra mantra printed joss papers.

Simple facts but made complicated by Sentient Mindsets!

There were talks that alleged BB has no Boddhicitta too!

So what is Boddhicitta in the First Place?


GM added spice to the Assignment this morning with Sharing of Boddhicitta's concepts! 


English version:-

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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