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事师或弑师 Serve Guru or Kill Guru [2]


[17:29, 3/28/2019] lotuschef: I have this book and read it but didn't see anything significant in the serving guru statements
AA: the bahasa version was published in 2018, and i just bought it last week
lotuschef: I think .... gifted me this book
can't remember exactly, but I have this book cos I recognised the book cover
: GM Lu's words :- 
[不須另求所修 no need to seek other methods of cultivation.]
: serving guru with body speech mind is cultivating thus no need to seek other methods of cultivation - becomes serving guru so can get guru's merits even if no leisure to cultivate!

AA: even if no leisure to cultivate! > the contradictory part
lotuschef: GM Lu reminiscing fondly upon Arya Atisha. - my title
: reminiscence is that of GM Lu, fond remembrance of Atisha's life
: atisha with dromtonba n atisha with serlingpa

AA: yes
lotuschef: Dharmakīrtiśrī (Tibetan: Serlingpa; Wylie: gser gling pa; Chinese: 金州大師, literally "from Suvarnadvīpa"), also known as Kulānta and Suvarṇadvipi Dharmakīrti, ...
: ya. and also the don't need to cultivate but still get merits from Gm's
: they are so use to using GM n his possessions, like $$$
: well? don't need to cultivate - breach precepts n get ousted, and SM get possessed by spirits
AA: amitohud
lotuschef: life is truly fun with all these ignorants around. seeing how they dig their own graves n jumping from cliff
: ppl like NN n SM - really all they did eventually come to nothingness
AA: all these years returning to futile state
lotuschef: yup.
: he didn't learn wisely n start out to bully me thinking I am easy prey
: I slowly led him around to expose his own short comings to the world
AA: uprooting the darn big purple sweet potato 😄
lotuschef: that was together with lian ling - lotus spirit my classmate in fashi training class
: so we dug out one darn big purple sweet potato - that is NN
 the other GM dug out
: Remember that Only an Authentic Buddha can sit on TBS' dharma throne! - this is to butt NN
: I am real evil?
: serve or kill one's guru - hahaha
: same tone
: ya. in chinese they sound the same n the pinyin too is - shi shi
AA: 😄
lotuschef: so I poke fun at them again!
: its a pretty straight forward article but misinterpreted by ignorants
: At this moment, Lord Atisha said, “If it is possible to serve the Guru with pure body, speech, and mind, then no other forms of  cultivation are needed”

: it actually mean - as one is already cultivating "serving guru" with pure body speech & mind, then no need to seek other methods or forms of cultivation

So whoever read Chapter 47 of GM's Book 231, and concocted the "serving guru win over those that are top cultivators, even if no leisure to cultivate also can get Guru's merits, very great", to be published as an announcement in TBS officail site, do not put blame on anyone but do the necessary to correct this error!

Please practice Buddha's 5 wisdoms always and not be misled into Mara's embrace!

With metta 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

事师或弑师 Serve Guru or Kill Guru

Book 231 / Chapter 047: 阿底峡尊者的怀念 [Remisicing upon Arya Atisha]

事师 - to serve one's guru

弑 shì 封建时代称臣杀君、子杀父母:弑君。弑父

弑师 - to kill one's guru

Hahaha! In Mandarin, both 事 & 弑 has the some sound, BUT their meaning can be the exact opposite!


[19:09, 3/27/2019] AA: i just finished reading book no.231 and it surprised me that the 10 points in the announcement from Admin at that time (the caretakers get more merits than the cultivator...), some are taken from that book
: so they use some part of it to glorify themselves lol

lotuschef: hahaha! Caregivers??? do they qualify as caregivers? are they sincere n do not expect any returns? when talking about more meritorious than others, they already all wrong
: Comparison is no longer sincere n also gives rise to disputes. not buddha dharma liao
and when was 231 published?
same as KK that thinks in terms of levels of merits
AA: 2012. yep
lotuschef: that article is sep 22 that year
: having more merits than others so no need to cultivate also can? Hehe
AA: no wonder. It's from chapter 47
lotuschef: and when they say no leisure to cultivate, they revealed that they have yet to understand what is CULTIVATION

lotuschef: copy n paste for me to see, pls
: want to see how they read gm's words wrong
AA: let me check from boyeh
lotuschef: Gm refuted their no need to cultivate many times too
AA: sent to your email
: read properly what the dialogue is truly about? 
Hehe! Yes! in this case the caregiver has more merits to take over the hemp of transmitting dharma from Atisha
so the basic credentials are still needed as well. 
Is there Sincerity from the caregiver n does he measure his care-giving with expected returns?

**這時,阿底峽尊者說:At this time, Atisha said: if with body speech mind to receive and transmit guru's matters, no need to seek other methods of cultivation.

阿蘭若者說:a-lan-ruo said: zhong dun ba can take the post of abbot. We are purely cultivators, do not know guru's matters, so we are no match to caregiver's merits that are above pure cultivators.

lotuschef: knowing the Guru's matters ? means he can cater to all his guru's needs and also execute his orders or dictates
hahaha! what is this care-giver equivalent to?
a clone of his guru. concur?
 Is there an english translation?
in TBS, the caregivers are guru's dictators or masters that control n manipulate guru's statements to suit themselves
if you understand chinese, then you will truly realised what these ignorants have done to Guru's statements in this article
: 任 appointing 持in this case is the abbot or someone that is appointed to run the vihara's or adminster the guru's affairs like the guru himself
with the garbage that NN churned, he don't show any evidence that he can be the next abbot of TBS at all
no wonder, GM made you chuck their post at me again! Hehe!
these ppl actually 遮天盖日 block the sky n cover up the sun

AA: not yet, i read the bahasa, atisha passed it to dromtonba
: 😄 lol amitohud

lotuschef: yup. atisha taught him everything in the 10+ years he serve as caregiver
 阿底峽的佛法,全部傳給「仲敦巴」。- atisha transmitted all his buddha dharma to dromtonba
: 所以密教:「事師功德,至重,至重。」Thus in tantrayana: serving one's guru has the highest merits。
: BUT all buddha dharma has to be consider in this serving or care-giving
AA: the word "serving" has many meanings
isn't only a physical act alone
that was the first thing that came to mind

AA: it's like do you truly do as your guru wants you to do? or you're just being a servant
lotuschef: u actually does this serving too by helping me share dharma
AA: so taking a part of the article really can't justify their intention
lotuschef: thats why GM made me analyse their statements lol
so its they really don't understand or purposely don't understand. Hahaha!
what you n I are doing in sharing dharma taught by GM is also serving our guru lol
AA: 🙏
lotuschef: just look at how many we made happy or healthy。 Hehe!
if anyone of them serve GM with sincerity, then they won't land themselves in hell or like SM get possessed by spirits all the time
I really laugh when you threw the article at me again after I classified it as garbage
in their positions its easy for them to harm others through spreading falsehood lol
AA: ☺
lotuschef: so i become bad guy to expose them?
AA: you made them restless haha
but it's really good to know this enlightening thing
so people who don't really understand at least will get something to ponder upon
you just offer offer and offer, and it's up to their maturity to take and understand
lotuschef: the truth is so much different from their statements lol
AA: ya!
lotuschef: ya. nowadays gm explains Path & fruit which is simple to hear but hard to understand n put into practice. so I stop writing English translations n also there is the prajnagarbha around so best let them do the work.  I best don't poke my fingers into that pie
the prajnagarbha is another Hell hole if not manage properly
I don't understand why I still didn't go register lol. 😜
so in the boyeh, is there an english version to this chapter 47?
AA: not managed properly in my opinion, they somewhat limit the chapters in Bahasa and let Daden sell the physical books with complete chapters instead
: not yet
lotuschef: maybe you do an english one & let me compare the chinese version
AA: it seems they don't pay professional translators for the english version either, from what i know, they just distribute the chinese material to whoever wants to volunteer to translate
so it's really up to the translator's time to finish
ok, let me translate it to english
lotuschef: my dear, propagating buddha dharma really don't need to be paid.
if they do it anyhow then they lack sincerity in sharing dharma
AA: yep
and furthermore it isn't easy to translate GM's books on zen and tantra
lotuschef: I think u should do a pretty good english version after my pointing out the main points lol
AA: requires a certain level of accomplishment hor
: i'll do according to the bahasa and let you compare whether the bahasa is correct
lotuschef: like I said to KK, I give u a chance to practice, and you push it away
as long as they get the serving guru part right n the merits of serving guru right, you won't go wrong
lotuschef: atisha in turn rewarded him with transmitting all he knows
AA: 👌
lotuschef: have fun anyway
AA: i'll do my homework and go to the translation afterwards
: today is my lunar bday 😄
lotuschef: don't let me prejudiced you
AA: 😂
lotuschef: ok. Happy birthday n here I am, putting you to study
AA: ☺🙏 💖
lotuschef: but I am trying to help you look at Depths!
AA: yes, that's why i thank you so much for your time and patience
lotuschef: enlightenment is an indepth into everything lol
the elementary truth

[23:44, 3/27/2019] lotuschef: Reading your translation
Not too bad, but the serving the guru sadly becomes misinterpreted by ignorants n twisted from dharma principles
AA: yes
actually GM stated it in the later part in the form of the way atisha served his guru
so one has to live up in the standard of atisha hor 😄
lotuschef: the thing is respect the guru n abide his teachings somehow also become if you have questions cannot ask else its disrespect to your guru
so don't understand also pretend to understand!
this is the sad truth
AA: yep
they forget the Satsang tradition
Satsang / Satsanga / Satsangam is a word which comes from Sanskrit, meaning "to associate with true people", to be in the company of true people - sitting with a sat guru, or in a group meeting seeking that association.
: so that is the time for asking or clarifying confusions

lotuschef: Come to think of it, NN is really fantastic to concoct the statements saying they were from guru!
but he failed to see his "topmost" ; "highest", most diligent; also loose out to ,......
: all wrong
AA: lol improper wordings
: leading to problems
lotuschef: they forget dharma principles
: so how can NN ever be enlightened?

In Chapter 47 of GM's book 231, GM Lu reminiscing fondly upon Arya Atisha.
Of note is the Importance of Serving One's Guru, which sadly became some ignorants weapons to dictate and enforce to cause Suffering to others!

Back in August 2009, on my very first visit to Seattle Temple, I was subject to some bullying from GM's "topmost" attendant or caregiver!
Hehe! I actually registered to meet GM Lu in person on behalf of a fellow student due to arrive at 10am. However, at 2pm he still didn't show up, so I took the "Wen-shi" paper and filled it with a drawing - visions of a practice which appeared when I was cultivating and chanting Guru's mantra.(I shared this visualisation in my maiden dharma speech in Seattle on 7 Nov 2009).

Well, my wenshi-paper was vetted and Mr. Care-giver shouted at me to write details explaining my drawings. 
In the end, I wrote "sighted during cultivation" (In Chinese - because I was shouted at and questioned as to whether I know Chinese or not) .

When my turn came to enter GM Lu's work room, I knelt in front of GM Lu and GM Lu waved Mr Care-giver away and out of the room. 
But Mr Care-giver didn't obey and hovered at the door.

I spoke softly and at a low voice explaining my visions drawn out on the wenshi paper. 
GM Lu said I can cultivate this practice and be diligent.

In later years, I found out that Mr Care-giver is especially Jealous of those that received Secret Transmission of Tantric Dharma from GM Lu!

If you read Chapter 47, Atisha also serve his guru Serlingpa for 12 years and received all his guru's knowhow through these 12 years of servitude.
Same with Dromtonba that served Atisha for more than 10 years, he also received all his guru's knowhow throughout his servitude.

NOW! Lets really be Wise and look at this Servitude.

Is forcing unpleasantness upon one's guru considered as Servitude?
How many forced GM Lu to affirmed them as Enlightened?
GM Lu himself revealed that HK VM Lian Han is one of them!

Reading from GM Lu's book, I am sure you can find others too!
During my stay in Seattle on my first visit, I also saw how many pursued GM Lu relentlessly to affirm their self perceived enlightenment!

Well, its a Jungle with lots of ferocious "animals" hounding GM Lu and I don't see any Sincere Care-givers or Servants that are closest to GM Lu.

So telling the Truth is just not acceptable to these self proclaimed care-givers or servants!

GM Lu's words :- 
[不須另求所修 no need to seek other methods of cultivation.]

Do bear in mind that GM Lu said: everything one does is Cultivation!
So serving one's guru with Body Speech Mind (the 3 Tantra), one is also cultivating! 

And with Pure Body speech mind, One is able to achieve Yoga!

Of course if you cultivate with Boddhicitta you can become a Buddha, else you dig your path to Hell.

In my humble opinion, Servitude has to be accompanied by utmost sincerity and diligence.
If you can achieved this, there really is no need for jealousy and evil acts to eliminate your perceived "opponents" to have sole proprietary to your Guru's knowhow!
Remember that Only an Authentic Buddha can sit on TBS' dharma throne!

If you read [事师] as manipulating your guru to your whims and fancies to enhance benefits for self and self only, you are actually [弑师] - killing or annihilating your guru's existent.

Do read: [Layperson measures Buddha] from this blogspot.

The best Servant is one that is Simple and straight forward and do not attempt to measure his master/guru with his own sentient mind!

Wake up, please!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef 

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Faktor Penyebab Rasa Takut 恐慌因数

Ditulis oleh Lotuschef – 26 Maret 2019
Diterjemahkan oleh Lotus Nino
Sumber: Fear Factor 恐慌因数

[15:48, 3/24/2019] AA: Fashi, kertas sembahyang apa yang bisa dilipat menjadi lontong (semacam uang tael kertas)?
Yang ini terlalu besar haha.

BB: Then buy the smaller version ah 😄
AA: Hahaha

lotuschef: AA, persembahan itu terserah kamu. Aku tidak memberikan alternatifnya. Kamu bisa pergi melihat-lihat di berbagai toko.
Lagipula Ordo TBS juga tidak punya model emas dan perak seperti di atas.
Masalahmu adalah RASA TAKUT, apakah BOLEH ATAU TIDAK menggunakannya!
Bukan perihal Besar atau Kecil-nya!

AA: Okay fashi 🙏🏻

lotuschef: Bila kamu tidak yakin kalau persembahanmu diterima, itu artinya kamu MERAGUKAN apa yang Mahaguru ajarkan kepada kita ~ pola pikir bahwa persembahan harus dilakukan dengan tulus dan sepenuh hati.

Bila paham barulah bilang “OKAY FASHI”! Jangan membohongi dirimu sendiri bahwa kamu benar-benar paham apa yang kukatakan kepadamu.

Karena pertanyaan ini mirip dengan berbagai pertanyaan yang kamu ajukan sebelum ini! ~ seperti “… boleh atau tidak?”

Apalah artinya “terlalu besar”? Di dalam pikiran kebanyakan orang, bukankah semakin besar lantas semakin bagus? Dan juga lebih besar berarti ukuran emas atau peraknya juga semakin besar, berarti kamu bisa memberi lebih banyak, bukankah itu yang kebanyakan orang pikir? DAN, bahkan ada lembaran dengan lebih banyak emas dan perak, ataupun selembar penuh dengan emas dan perak …

Bagi seorang murid buddha – ia harus sepenuhnya paham apa yang sedang ia lakukan di segala waktu, dan membuang apa yang kebanyakan orang katakan.

Kepada para peserta puja, aku menawarkan bila ada yang mau melakukan Penyucian ~ CC bilang telah berkali-kali melakukan, jadi biarlan BB yang sekarang melakukan!

Aku bertanya kepada CC – apakah kamu yakin kamu berhasil melakukan penyucian? Ia berpikir sejenak dan menjawab YA!

Aku memberitahunya sebuah KEBENARAN bahwa sebelum seseorang berhasil menguasai teknik 9 Langkah Pernafasan untuk mampu sesuka hatinya menggerakkan energi Qi atau Cahaya ke titik lokasi yang diinginkannya, maka yang dilakukannya hanyalah melatih urutan prosedurnya saja TAPI belum berhasil melakukan Penyucian.

Jadi sekedar memberikan kesempatan kepada kawan-kawan untuk melatih langkah-langkahnya agar mereka tahu urutan mendasarnya saja.

Sama halnya dengan memimpin sadhana, bila kamu tidak tahu urutan dari awal hingga akhir maka kamu tak akan pernah bisa berhasil dalam Yoga.

Oleh karenanya aku menyarankan kalian semua untuk mendengarkan ceramah Mahaguru baru-baru ini. Ksiti juga harus belajar dasar-dasar Mahayana dan ia telah belajar selama 5 tahun dari Lian Hai.

Mahaguru juga mencari seseorang untuk mengajarinya Sadhana Dharma Tantra, dan beliau juga mengatakan bahwa Ksiti perlu menjalani pelatihan sebagai Fashi juga.

Bahkan reinkarnasi buddha perlu mempelajari hal-hal mulai dari dasar.

DD: 🙏😀

lotuschef: Memberitahumu sebuah kebenaran: Persembahan yang aku ajarkan kepadamu untuk diberikan kepada akong-mu setiap hari ke-7, justru Fu di sanalah yang membantu persembahanmu berhasil sampai ke tujuan. DAN aku juga katakan kamu boleh menggunakan Fu tersebut 7x.

Kalau digunakan lebih dari 7x tanpa seijinku maka tak akan bekerja.

Aku bertanggung jawab atas apa yang aku terbitkan, dan Fu tersebut adalah Perintah kepada para dharmapala supaya dilaksanakan.

Bila seseorang sudah berhasil dalam Guru Yoga dan telah menerima abhiseka 5 Dharma Pencapaian Agung yang dituliskan di dalam Fu tersebut, maka Fu akan menjadi efektif.

Baca juga:
5 Great Achievement Practices
5 Great Achievement Practices [2]

Mahaguru biasanya memberikan abhiseka 5 mahasadhana pencapaian agung di saat homa padmakumara sebelum kembali ke seattle untuk merayakan ulang tahunnya.

Shizun on Balancing Light 师尊讲调和5色光


Mengutip dari Sutra Hati:

[--- Tiada kebijaksanaan dan pencapaian apapun.

Berhubung tiada yang dicapai, Bodhisattva, dengan bersandar pada Prajna Paramita (Kesempurnaan Kebijaksanaan),

tak memiliki halangan di dalam pikirannya; karena pikirannya telah terbebaskan dari halangan, maka ia tak punya rasa takut,

ia menjauhi berbagai khayalan, dan pada akhirnya mencapai Nirwana. ---]

Rasa Takut adalah Halangan Besar bagi mereka yang menjalani pelatihan diri!

Mengapa ada Rasa Takut?

Karena kamu tidak yakin atau percaya diri bahwa apa yang kamu lakukan atau katakan nantinya BENAR atau malah salah.
Kamu juga takut akan akibat dari tindakan yang kamu lakukan!

AH! Ketakutan ini sebenarnya adalah Guru yang Baik!
Dengan takut melakukan kesalahan, maka kamu perlahan-lahan belajar dan mempraktikkan Jalan Utama Berunsur Delapan, terutama faktor Perhatian Benar.

Namun kamu harus ingat ajaran Buddha seperti Mengendalikan nasibmu sendiri, Meninggalkan penderitaan untuk mencapai kebahagiaan, Semua insan adalah setara adanya, …

Buddha dharma itu seperti mencari tahu sendiri cara mencapai Nirwana, jadi kamu juga bertanggung jawab untuk mencari metodemu sendiri untuk mencapai Nirwana.

Aku tidak setuju perihal menyuapi setiap orang hingga mereka tidak mau berusaha mempraktikkan Buddha Dharma.

Ya! Banyak orang yang tak menyukaiku karena metodeku adalah “tidak melaksanakan perintah mereka untuk memenuhi ide dan khayalan duniawi mereka!”

Saatnya Sadar!

Salam Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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Fear Factor 恐慌因数

[15:48, 3/24/2019] AA: Fashi, what insence paper can fold lontong?
this too big haha

BB: Then buy the smaller version ah 😄
AA: Hahaha

lotuschef: AA, offering is up to you. I don't provide any alternatives. u go look around the shops on your own ba.
: TBS don't have these gold n silver laminates anyway
: your problem is FEAR whether don't use these CAN OR NOT!
: not Big n Small issues!

AA: Okay fashi 🙏🏻

lotuschef: If you not sure of your offering being received, then you DOUBT what GM taught us ~ sincere n wholehearted offering mindset

:understand then "OKAY FASHI"! don't bluff yourself that you truly know what I am telling you

: bcos this is very like the questions you asked me before too! ~ Like ... can or not?

: what is "too big"? in most people's mind, isn't the bigger the better? also bigger has more gold or silver laminates ~ means you can afford to give more, isn't that what most people think? AND, there are even bigger sheets with more gold n silver or whole sheet of gold n silver.....

: for a buddha's student - one must understand fully what one is doing all the time n throw away what MOST PPL said

: I offered attendees to do Purification ~ CC said he practiced many times already, so let BB do!

: I asked CC - are you sure you can do the purification successfully? He think for a while and answer YES!

: I told him the TRUTH is before One can master the 9 cycles breathing technique to move Qi energy or Light at will to destination, what One actually does is practicing the sequence or procedure BUT can't really do the Purification successfully

so giving anyone a chance to practice the required steps is actually preparing the student with the basic steps only.

same as leading cultivation. if you don't know your way from start to finish, then you won't be able to ever achieve Yoga.

I advise you all to go listen to GM's recent speeches. Ksiti also needs to learn basics of Mahayana n he has been doing so from Lian Hai for the past 5 years.

GM is also looking for someone to teach him Cultivation of Tantric dharma and GM said Ksiti needs to have Fashi training as well.
so even buddha's reincarnation needs to start from the basics

DD: 🙏😀

lotuschef: Truth is: the tub of offering I taught you to offer to your akong every 7th day, its the Talisman that helps you deliver the offering successfully. AND I said you can use the talisman for 7 times.

if you use more than 7 times without my permission, then it won't work liao.

I am responsible for what I issue. and the talisman is an Order for dharmapalas to carry out
when one achieve guru yoga and received abhiseka for the 5 great achievement dharma written in the talisman, then the talisman will work.

5 Great Achievement Practices

5 Great Achievement Practices [2]

: GM gives the 5 great achievement dharma abhiseka normally during the white padmakumara's homa before he goes back to seattle, to celebrate his birthday


Excerpt of Heart Sutra ~

Fear is a Great Hindrance to most cultivators!

Why this Fear? 

You are unsure or not confident that what you do or say will be RIGHT or not.
Also you Fear repercussions from you deeds!

AH! Fear is actually a Good Guru!
With Fear of doing Wrong, you slowly learn and practice the 8-fold noble path, especially that of Mindfulness!

But do bear in Mind Buddha's basics like Control your own destiny; Leaving suffering to attain Happiness; All beings are Equal;.......

Buddha dharma is about figuring out on your very own how to proceed to Nirvana, so you are also responsible to find your own alternatives or methods to achieve Nirvana. 

I do not believe in sheltering or spoon-feeding anyone to the extend that they do not use their own efforts to practice Buddha Dharma.

Yes! Most don't like me because my methods means I do not carry out their orders to please or fulfill their earthly whims & fancies!

Do Wake Up!

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Monday, March 25, 2019

庆观世音菩萨圣诞 Celebrating Avalokitesvara Boddhisattva's Birthday [2]

Thats it for today's session.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

庆观世音菩萨圣诞 Celebrating Avalokitesvara Boddhisattva's Birthday [1]

Friday, March 22, 2019

观世音菩萨圣诞 Avalokitesvara Boddhisattva's birthday

Avalokitesvara's birthday.
This 2019, this birthday anniversary falls on the 25th March, coming Monday.

農曆6月19日是觀世音菩薩成道的日子。19th day of the 6 Lunar Moon is Avalokitesvara's Enlightenment day ~ Practicing Live Animals Release or chanting Buddha (Cultivating Buddha Dharma), has infinite merits.

Pure Karma will cultivate a session of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Sadhana in celebration.

Preparation of the Charity tub of offering to be dedicated to Homeless spirits & various deities.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

E4 ~ 13 March 2019 Event

Thats it for this session!

Do join us again!

Next ~ 5 April 2019 Qing Ming Festival

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

E3 ~ 13 March 2019 Event

The Charity tub of offering!