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6-7-2014 普巴金刚 Dorje Phurba or Vajrakilaya


07/06/2014 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection Dzogchen by Grand Master Lu-Rainbow Temple

Yidam for session: 

Vajrakilaya (also known as Vajrakumara) is the deity of the magic thundernail, 
the kīla, a tool of the sharp adamantine point of dharmakaya
a wisdom forded through the power of one-pointed concentration

This 'one-pointed' (Sanskrit: eka graha) focus is a concerted mindfulness on the unity andinterdependence of all dharmas

This one-pointed focus is understood as 'applying oneself fully' (Tibetan: sgrim pa). 

Vajrakilaya is a favoured tantricarchetypal deity embraced by the Nyingmapa

The awesome and wrathful manifestation of this empty yet apparent deity assists practitioners in clearing the obstructions to realisation.

Vajrakilaya is the primary meditational deity of the Nyingmapa tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism, and the practice undertaken and accomplished by the majority of its great realized masters

A compassionate expression of the Buddha nature, Vajrakilaya is the wrathful manifestation of Vajrasattva, arising to purify the source of all suffering, which is ignorance

Particularly known for its reversal of obstacles, this powerful ritual is performed to transform negativity, sickness, and obscurations, bringing about well being and ultimate enlightenment

Both the higher and lower activities are engaged in, first concentrating on recognizing the mandala of Vajrakilaya by way of mantra recitation and visualization

The lower activity then invokes the deity’s liberating energy in a very wrathful aspect in order to bring about the transformation of negativity for ourselves and the community at large.


Vajrakilaya (Skt. Vajrakīlaya; Tib. Dorje Phurba; Wyl. rdo rje phur pa) or Vajrakumara (Skt. Vajrakumāra; Tib. Dorje Shönnu; Wyl. rdo rje gzhon nu) — the wrathful heruka Vajrakilaya is the yidam deity who embodies the enlightened activity of all the buddhas and whose practice is famous for being the most powerful for removing obstacles, destroying the forces hostile to compassion and purifying the spiritual pollution so prevalent in this age. 
Vajrakilaya is one of the eight deities of Kagyé.


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Do enjoy GM's speech and pick up more tips to aid you in Cultivation. :)

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
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