Friday, July 11, 2014

Coming Your Way! 即将出炉!


A: GM said to do video of various visualization like gao wang, casket seal dharani, usnisa & .... do in english and if possible chinese & bahasa

B: we can add subtitles

A: dharma propagation is never smooth, as too much hindrances
the domain thingy is a good lesson.
Lucky, however, most materials we can make new!

I wanted to add visualization to casket seal dharani link. 
so we have to record then edit it in front of the chanting

lots of work from GM again. :)

this is better than fire puja! :)
no need to leave home

i explain to you & you add the graphics of the visualization. Perfect! 

B: regarding visualisation, it is better that you record once again from hangout
you can add more detailed explanation and the copyright is yours

A: ok. anyway, but meantime let slowly work on changing the videos that are what I shared in cultivation first

first go play with Hangout & make video conference ready, then I share the visualization & you can put in the graphics & then also can ask questions as well to clarify what is shared
so its an inter active session
in fact sharing visualization technique is also dharma sharing

B: okay, i hope the visualisation to be applied in the graphic won't be complicated
as i'm not a true artist master either hahahaha
i will check the downloaded videos one by one
and will archive them for upload later

A: hehe. but you know what I mean most of the time! :)

like the high king sutra
[1] we first start with avalokitesvara sitting in front of you
then when you chant, the mantra comes out from her mouth & enter both your ears, imprinting the sutra or mantra in your heart.

the more you chant, the cleaner & purer you get.

B: reading and visualising a bit of your writing made my hair jumped

A: [2] then we go to the one with her in the middle of the lotus in your heart chakra, bringing all the buddhas & boddhisattva onto the lotus & brightening or lighting you up completely like a lamp first then a torch burning blazingly bright. this Light in turns light up all beings

dharma energy flow

there is another that I have not shared but I shared something similar with MS, using GM & Usnisa mantra.
[3] directing this light onto subjects for healing like I did with many with end stage cancer

B: your concentration must be real good ah
no other thoughts that can interrupt the current concentration
not many can accomplish that

same as GM can perform anything even when surrounded by many noisy people

A: hahaha! GM has already Broke Free from sentient matters

like you go to another plane or any chosen plane to Relax! :)

Dear all, 
Pure Karma will launch videos of Visualization techniques for Dharani like Casket Seal; Usnisa Vijaya; High King Avalokitesvara;..... lots of interesting goodies, hopefully to help all to cultivate with success!

So please be patient as we launch videos gradually when we produced them. :)

O! If the Live Cast for 12072014 runs well, we will put the Live Cast Link on our blog an hour before the event. So more can tune in. :)

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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