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Assignment Hints 作业提示 [D]

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Hi Fashi

After thinking again, here are some of my answers after i put myself in BB's shoes.

(1) why he didnt send to pure karma email?

Ans : I think he wants to keep low profile. Your blog is popular n its easy to "locate" u.
He wants to check whether your advise is better than his own guru's advise, or he wishes to hv the best of both worlds. - Comparison is the precursor to Suffering or Troubles!

(2) why you direct him back to his guru

Ans: You are teaching him 敬师. He shouldn't doubt his guru no matter who the teacher is. 
If he goes back to his own guru n still couldn't get the ans he wants, then he should "wake up" n hopefully 看清 who is the teacher he has been following blindly all these while.

Hahaha! My dear, in this case of BB seeking advice, There is No Answer that He wants!
Only an answer that is logically and practical and synonymous with Buddha's teaching as well will do!
If you go read the  [Assignment Hints 作业提示 ]  you can find better answers to submit. 

(3) why only pure karma approved charity n why only charge him $800

Ans : you are trying to highlight to him that all charity is the same. NO!

As long as we 发菩提心 n do charity, we shouldn't 计较 what the charity organization do with our $. Charging him $800 only is helping him to drop his 'self' n greed. He shouldnt 把金钱看得太重.
Why you and many others think that BB is greedy and for self? Why think he weighs $$$ higher than other things? 

Since he has been doing smoke offering for some time, 
he should hv confidence or 
feel that his aura has improved
he should be more 顺利 in whatever he does
But why he still needs more assurance from you? 
Hahaha! Asking advice is Needs more assurance?

This is the greed to chase more power n more wealth. 

Think: You are BB, are you Greedy or for Self and $$$, when you are doing Smoke Offering?
Hahaha! Find out clearly and thoroughly what is Smoke Offering FIRST, before you attempt to submit answers again!

If i have not gotten the points right, pls let me know n i will try harder.

My dear
There is a slight difference now that you tried to be BB.
But you need to throw away Greed, $$, Power, Wealth, ..... to be a true yogi.

So don't give BB characteristics he don't have or not certain in his email.
Or you can't justify with words from BB's email.

Then you understand what is 自他互换 mutual exchange of status, or being BB.
But this applies only when You have Boddhicitta to help and solve his problem and make him happy or free him from suffering of worry & doubts.

Try Again?

Dear all, 
See how hard it is for One to change One's age-old customised outlook?

What is Smoke Offering?
Smoke offering is also liken to Fire Offering, why?

6-realms vajra mantra wheel or mandala printed on joss paper.
What is this mantra about and what is its purpose?

Now, what's wrong with all submitted answers?

No Depth!

Although BB'e email is short, but the Factors at play must be well research before giving an opinion, agree?

Like the example:
When you want to share drinking water, your jug is EMPTY!
How to share drinking water now?

The Reliance or Dependency on GM or Reverend to Back-you up, is your True Hindrance in Cultivation! 
An important factor or requisite for Cultivation success is the Stand Alone Mindset or Independent Mindset!

This is what I am helping you all to FIND!

Why should I read your answers and "grade" them individually?

I can go Play Play with these time expanded, agree?


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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