Saturday, July 26, 2014

[Assignment 2] - Submission [5]

Pure Karma does Fire Puja or Offering, in which, each attendee has a Paper Lotus filled with goodies and each one does their own offering.
So each one has to learn how to visualize presenting the offering.
Of course, if they can visualize some of the items being offered and how to make these items multiply to fill the Universe; then glad acceptance; and the transformation into light..... will be great!

Someone said: GM didn't teach Fire Offering this way, so you had better stop!


This person, a VM, lacks the Knowhow of What Offering is all about, agree?

What is offering?
What to offer?
How to offer?
Why do offering?

It seems all these are not important to this VM and his community!

They dictate that you can't do means you can't, else they "ganged-up" and "take you out"!

Hehe! That's gangsterish "jargon"!

Now, back to the topic at hand. 

[Assignment 2]!

Dear Fashi,
My understanding of 旡念 is ......
This 旡念 is the ......

Sorry I am not good in expressing myself with my poor command of language. 
Hope Fashi understand what I am trying say.

Best regards


My dear, we all learn from some point in time! :)

don't be sorry though.
The will to learn is more important and correct or wrong really don't matter! :)

Actually No thought is ......

You need to go do some research though.

As you need to Link Cultivation to No Thought and then ........

You didn't fully explain No thought & Cultivation that leads to it!

You try again.

The knowledge will definitely help you cultivate better with clear knowledge 
as to what to do and 
how to do n 
why do like this!

I always stress each of us must know Basic fundamental in Theory then apply practical!

Don't stress yourself or give yourself pressure to be correct! :)
Relax n have fun!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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