Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bardo Charity 超度布施

 Above:The above are 3vcartons of lotuses that we dedicate to Homeless spirits; Earth & City Deities at every session of Pure Karma's Cultivation event.

Below: A Bardo pack with Script, Talisman or Edict (Order), Stupa, lotuses and variety of incense paper/joss paper.

 Above & Below: Bardo packs.

Drar all,
Have you listened in to GM's speech on 20-7-2014?

GM said only 32 of the 298 victims of MH 17 incident came and were delivered.

He said they have no place to sit!

Yes! Spirits NEED Invitation!

GM said has to Set up a "Seat" for them!


From the photos above: Noticed that Pure Karma has Talisman for this purpose?
Also scripts for Bardo deliveries have all details written within.

The Fire Puja scripts also has "Special Purposes" written out.
Like Ancestors offering or Charity Bardo Delivery.


The scripts are reports to Heavenly & Universal Beings, detailing
1. Event or Program for the day
2. Purpose of Event
3. Host or Yidam for Event
4. Invited Guests
5. Blessing Request
6. Show Gratitude

Pure Karma does Truly Effective Bardo Charity as well as other Dharma Charity, agree?

Pure Karma will include victims of TransAsia plane crash; China's Typhoon & Bubonic Plague; together with MH 17's victims, for the Charity Bardo originally scheduled for 3 August 2014.

We may do this dedication Bardo earlier than scheduled on the 27 July or 2 August, 2014.
Pending confirmation.

Sponsors welcome for Charity bardo delivery dedication.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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