Saturday, July 19, 2014

Assignment Hints 作业提示 [C]

This is yet another from a fellow student.

1. Why this email from BB classified as Personal seek of knowledge and a fee applied?
-           Because he asked how to gain the most benefit for himself in his Smoke Offering practice which he might practice that to gain more fortune.
 Are you sure that's his Intent? Fortune was never mentioned. Don't make things more complicating. :)

2. Why the fee applied goes to Charities approved by Pure Karma only?
-           Because come charities ways of doing their work is actually not charitable and not effective.
Not really. I have a goal for BB, thats why I asked that he donates to PK approved Charity.

3. What did the short email contained that Pure Karma held back in answering?
-           He was asking how to benefit himself more from burning the joss paper and that the smoke offering practice itself wasn’t good enough for himself.
Hahaha! Most of you misinterpreted his intent!

4. Why direct BB back to his own Root Guru?
-           Because Root Guru knows the best and His instruction fits the most for this person. He might asked others but those person’s experience would be different to fit BB’s condition.
No. Read his email carefully again. Its there!

5. Why was email sent to Lama Lotuschef's gmail and not the Official Pure Karma one?
-           Because he thinks a Fashi knows better than layperson, and maybe that he thinks Fashi has power then can answer best.
Hahaha! Power?  How Does he find me? Think on this.

6. Lama Lotuschef view is this person is not worth educating at the present time, why?
-           Because he still thinks about getting fortune.
The question "how i can use these joss paper to maximize” shows he doesn’t have the feeling and he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
It also shows he doesn’t know that Buddha Bodhisattva sees your heart and effort, not how much paper that you burn or how much money you donates.
            Also it might mean he thinks that burning this joss paper can already liberate sentient beings (his karmic negatives).
the ones in pink are OK.
The underlined ones are not OK.
Not in his email!

Think: Simple!
Don't give him characteristics he doesn't have too! 

Please try again. 
Read both articles again & again, please.

Cheers dear



This one Introduced Fortune; Power; Liberate his own karmic negatives!

I am real sorry to said to most Cultivators aspiring to be True Yogi, Know what you are doing All the Time please!

I am not talking about this student who submitted the above answers only!

Why are some that are with GM for more than 40 years, still have no inkling what should they do to Achieve Guru Yoga which stays elusive to them all these 40 years?


When GM asks a question, every body think they must answer with Zen mindsets, which sadly they don't possessed!

Like the one that GM asked, from which eye did he see a flag with TBS' logo!

The answer somehow came out as : with his heart!

Then, GM asked him : which heart & where?

He was dumbfounded!

It seems Comprehension Skill is real poor in all the students that submitted Answers for the Assignment based on BB's email!

When I tell you the Answers, you would band your head against the wall!


Most of you don't have a good grasp of Basics or Fundamentals at all!

Sad hor!

You all talked about Greed; Boddhicitta; & many other traits or factors which frankly speaking, most of you don't even know what they truly are!

Therefore, your definition of Boddhicitta is only your version & do no apply to Anyone else!

Cultivation should become a "Habit" that you Play, Eat, Sleep with!


Be patient, will try and tell you in words you will hopefully understand, in the near future!

Wow! Am I being truly EVIL? Who cares!!!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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