Thursday, July 24, 2014

修行以无念为正觉佛宝? 提示 Hints

Subject: 新课题 New assignment


修行 Cultivation
以无念 employing No Thoughts
为正觉 as Right/True Sense/Essence/Realization
佛宝 Buddha's Treasure


建议;把 [修行][无念][正觉][佛宝]都明确的解释, 然后,把整句连串起来,再明确的讲解其含义。



So far, All submission received to date, Failed to truly express or explain the meaning of this phrase.

Suggestion: please explain these [Cultivation]  [No Thought]  [ Right Realization]  [Buddha's Treasure] individually and THEN, LINK all together and explain the Phrase as a Whole.

All submission will not be published publicly.
Therefore, do no think to wait to see others' submission and copy.

GM said: Do not make or create Falsehood!

Frankly, if you keep brandishing words and statements around, while not knowing their true meaning, you are not a sincere person.

If you are Sincere in Cultivation, then, all the more, you need to know what you are Saying!

Remember TBS' admin accused Lotuschef of [Severing others' Wisdom Lives 断人慧命]?


A term that they ignorantly used and the worse scenario is that they even Set this down in Written Form!
Giving Evidence of One's Ignorance!

Please Listen Attentively and Only to Root Guru and No One Else!

THINK: How many times have you chant the True Buddha Sutra?

GM said you must know what you are doing and for what, all the time!

Don't waste your Limited Time in this Sentient Realm, with a Human Form, and not Maximise your chance to Cultivate & Break Free of Samsara!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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