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帮或不帮 Help or Don't Help?

Date: 30 June, 2014 4:43:31 PM GMT+08:00
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Subject: 請大家幫忙念 高王经 for 張...師兄
緊急 !!!
請大家幫忙念 高王经1000遍 回向给 張...師兄
早日康复,一切吉祥.  謝謝大家, 感恩 !

AA: Dear Fa-Shi,
GM is really great! I was planned and start to chart 1000 times 高王經 in May. Today is the finale and happened to receive this email. Seems like GM knew someone need help in advance. :-)

Dialogue with BB.

BB: About the real ability to help.
I think there are more important things for people to know before trying to help others.
Interesting passage.

LL: i quote a part of this passage in one of my article
i clearly remember the pouring water but the jug is empty

BB: yes, it was from Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.you shared it in your blog.
it turned out that the passage is from this book.
it leaves a deep impression on me too.

LL: ya. remember Je?
she imagined that GM gave her an assignment & she thinks that she has power liao!
she fell & hurt her hip and took lots of $$ and even after 6 months of treatment still not OK!

BB: that's why i do appreciate your advice to share the light with all, not to focus on one.

Quote from Zurchungpa's Testament

[Trying to help others without having the ability is yet another distraction.

Unless you have fully realized the unborn, absolute nature yourself, 

to think of helping others will simply distract you and act as an obstacle 
to your own practice.

Do not try to benefit others when you yourself are not ready.

A Bodhisattva who has truly realized the ultimate, unborn nature of
phenomena does not think of his own welfare for even an instant. 

Never is he not concerned with the welfare of others. 

But if you have not realized the absolute nature, what you may call 
benefiting others will merely be making you more busy. 

In fact, you will simply be creating more difficulties for yourself. 

There is a saying:

"Free yourself with realization,
Liberate others with compassion."

So if you really wish to benefit others, the first step is to attain realization yourself. 
You must first mature your own mind, otherwise you will be incapable of helping others. 

Giving other people water is impossible unless you have a jug with water in it. 
If it is empty, you might make the gesture of pouring, but no water will come out. 

To take another example, when one lights a set of butter lamps using a lamp that is already lit, the latter must be full and burning with a bright flame in order to light the others.

You therefore need to have the genuine wish to help others and, with that attitude, to be diligent in the practice so that experience and realization can grow. 

This is why the root text says:

"If you want to benefit others effortlessly, meditate on the four boundless qualities."

To truly benefit others, you must have the precious bodhichitta fully developed in your being. 

Once you have it, you do not need to think of helping others or to make a deliberate effort to do so. 

It just happens naturally.]

LL: Yes. its like automatic or naturally.
we should always bear in mind that we are One with ALL, & When All is well, so are we!
all basics that is from Boddhicitta - all the core or heart of Buddhas

these 4 boundless is 4 immeasurable

BB: i'm reading it when i've got some free time and i will share with you when i find interesting passages.
in fact, there are many parts that are related to your experiences.

i used to be clueless in english languange during my junior high, but i got better in time, turned out that this is the language that helps me the most in this life lol.

LL: page 71 is good.
everything you do already figured in ALL BEINGS.
You have no worries of retaliation
n also like me, without any reward in mind, I don't get hit 
actually some of the concepts or mindsets I already shared

ya. use different phrase only.
all basic principles are the same

only one absolute n no opposing views
GM is talking about this ONE ABSOLUTE pretty often now

BB: the three wheel of emptiness: the giver, the recipient, the help extended.
like the one GM wrote in the Sad Love Song.

how true this is!
not asking for reward is the completion of the bodhicitta extended.

Dear all, I sincerely hope that you have figured out whether to help or not, from the above.

Frankly speaking. GM words came to mind too!
Take Refuge but don't cultivate is a waste of time.

When you need help then you or your kins spread words for all to help.

Think Deeply: Do you merit this help?
Can those that do as requested, truly help to make a difference?

From the Karmic angle: Can the person take on Karmic debts created by these help?
His relatives and family can help to do the chanting but spreading the net so wide, Might not be truly good for this person.

GM just told me, explaining all these, will be frivolous as these people will turn around and hail insults at me. :)

GM said in Seattle yesterday, Contemplate!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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