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Assignment 2 - Late Submission [2] - A Fresh Angle

Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 1:28 AM
Hi Fashi,

Sorry for my late submission.
I am still digesting what i read recently and hope to apply my understanding on your topic on

I had just finished 普贤王如来祈愿文 while on a business trip for 2 weeks.
It is a very good read that i would recommend. I read it while on plane.

I would like to try to offer my understanding on your topic through my understanding on the teachings of Samantabhadra.

Brief introduction of 普贤王如来祈愿文:
祂是法身正觉佛, 是真理的證悟身。

修行: Meaning Cultivation
You need to explain what is Cultivation or what it means to you. :)

无念: It may not necessarily mean 无念头, no thoughts. 
Or try not to think of anything or refrain or supress thoughts that arise from 贪, 嗔, 痴

In 普贤王如来祈愿文, it focus on 本觉。本觉指的就是證悟或正觉的根本境界。

本觉也是我们的自心。而自心本性原本就是清净的, 原本就是佛果。

*This is an important point:
本觉 = 自心 = 正觉 = 佛果 = 清净 (this is the original state, 本初)

无念 might not mean No Thoughts or refrain/ suppress the thoughts from the physical "head/brain".

In fact thoughts always arise from the heart (自心)。
And it clouded your 本觉 (refer to * if you are confuse).

And the more you suppress or engage it, the more it will spread like wild fire.

In contrary, we "welcome", "accept" and "recognize" the thoughts as it arises from 贪, 嗔, 痴 as its natural state. 
No judging, no denying, no supressing...just look at it at its natural state like how its true self reflected in a mirror. 
只要认出, 观察它就好。
不需要以逻辑作任何推理, 不需要概念化地禅修任何东西。
让它起于心, 息于心。This is, in a way, 无念 state.

安歇在情绪原本的状态中, 我们的心便会慢慢回归到自心根本的本觉境界, 了悟赤裸无遮的本觉根本境界时, 佛智自然而展现。

By observing at 贪, 嗔, 痴 in its natural state. 
We slowly free ourselves from 贪, 嗔, 痴 actually. 
The antidote comes from the poison itself.

This is a method of transformation or as you said: poison & antidote!

We use Buddha Dharma or Buddha's method to resolve "issues" created by Self & thus only Self can eliminate. :)

Few weeks ago, a HK Drama - Return of the Condor Hero 神雕侠女 appeared in my vision.

The scene was at a cliff and some of them were poisoned.
Then they found the antidote nearby! :)
Their theory is that Poison & Antidote CO-EXIST in the same place or nearby.

I have been thinking about it and chatting to GM on this one too. :)

Thus GM also spoke about [贪, 嗔, 痴] in 2 opposing Usages!

Using the good to counter the bad!

I also wrote about Maintaining Universal Balance!
Same concept as Middle Path Theory.

Therefore, in Higher Conceptual perspective, as long as we don't touch the Poison, then we have no need of the Antidote!

Actually, there are lots of theory to [无念]!
There is really No Absolute in terms of Buddha Dharma & Philosophy. :)

As long as you can convince Yourself & Cultivate to Attain [No Thought], You can Yoga easily with any Buddha, Boddhisattva, Dharmapala, or Deity; or a combination of them too!

Someone link [No Thought] to [Samadhi].

However, have to clarify that [Samadhi] is a state that One can be moving about or at rest!
Most think that in [Samadhi], One should be at Rest, no moving, inactive!

[No Thought] as per the 6th Zen Patriarch, Hui Neng, is a state when One is unaffected by any thought with resulting action/actions.
A single thought can expand into Thought Chain/Chains, like Cancer Cells multiplying, resulting in Lethal and Fatal consequences.

At some stage, one has to apply [Halt/Stop] [止].

What's your problem?

Same as most or all of us, me too!
We mixed up ideology or philosophy of Buddha in all their various stages and myriad mindsets INTO ONE, when we attempt to discuss a topic like [No Thought].

Actually, Avatamsaka or Flower Adornment Sutra has very clear statements, that states that Buddha has Infinite ways Customised to succour Each Individual, as per their Individual Intelligent level or corresponding to Individual's Karmic Influences.

So in Assignment, submission from each one is look into and gauged.

Like the article: Gave Up On Self, this one finds Assignment 1 - BB's Email too much and gave a ton of excuses.

Buddha's Affinity has yet to ripen or matured.

This one is just not ready at the present moment, thats all.
It doesn't mean that we will neglect or abandon this one completely. :)

Another Student, makes references to materials from GM, Padma Guru, Tilopa, Hui Neng, .....

Cultivation also means your Vows to make a difference to Self and ALL by learning and practicing to benefit ALL, including Self.
But Prioritising All before Self!

This happened when we took refuge vows!

It was a real wakeup with BB's email, that most didn't even practice these Vows at Refuge.

Is it anyone's fault but Self that are not practicing as Vowed?

Cultivation also means that It is a Responsibility Only of Self!


There are many aspect to explaining Cultivation alone, concur?

You brought up lots of "Abstract" ideology & concepts which you need to explain clearly to yourself though. :)

Because YOU are the one that has to practice accordingly to your Individual Mindset & Not Me or any one else!

Hahaha! I had lots of Fun!
How about you? :)

Thus, the importance of 无念 in our cultivation.

This is my preliminary understanding of your "修行以无念为正觉佛宝" through 普贤王如来祈愿文.

I hope it's ok. Do correct me if I am wrong.

Many thanks and goodnight,


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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