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Vows & Disciplines? 承诺与戒律?

When receiving the precepts, the Master would ask his disciple,
`Can you tolerate the Ten Acts?`
The disciple replied, `Yes, I can.`

What are these Ten Acts? 

They are, in fact, rather appalling:
1. Cutting one's flesh to feed the eagles.
2. Giving one's body to feed to a tiger.
3. Cutting off one's head to thank the heavens.
4. Breaking one's bone to extract the marrow.
5. Cutting parts of one's body to light a lamp.
6. Digging out one's eyes to give them to someone.
7. Slicing one's skin to provide material on which to write the sutra.
8. Piercing one's heart to ascertain the extent of one's determination.
9. Setting one's body in flames to offer to the Buddha.
10. Piercing one's body so that one's blood may be sprinkled on the floor.
These Ten Acts are depicted in the Mahayana Bodhisattva Vows to illustrate the spirit of sacrificing oneself. [Just illustrating - or giving examples only!]

Of course, I am not asking you to do these things, for these are self-abusive acts which I feel are inappropriate for our times.

VS: That is why I don't dare to do Boddhisattva vow.
I heard last time 1 of the shijie took already then read the vow book on things to do and cannot do (if i'm not mistaken). [ I heard - Hearsay only. What is the Truth?]

After that face become pale, just realized how seriously commited the vow actually is. 
Well too late liao, vowed then found out...

PK: hi blur, u didn't read GM's views!

abiding precepts n disciplines? 
They are mostly guidelines to you but not telling you to follow to the dot. 

Buddha knows and has 84,000 dharma doorways to help each individual.

making a Bodhicitta vow is the first step to Sincere cultivation, vowing to do your best to help others n make them happy!

who wants to eat your flesh? hahahaha...

VS: Dont dare leh fashi. Make me lagi stress. Lol

PK: then don't do it lol.

VS: Coz vow liao for me is high responsibility

PK: when you take refuge, you already vow to do your best for all liao!

VS: I rather dont do than dont do it right. Lol

PK: that is a Boddhicitta wish, pretty similar to vows
what is RIGHT?

VS: When i took refuge my parents registered me. Bo pian lor. Hahaha

PK: GM said there is no absolute in Right or Wrong

VS: the guidelines?

PK: you just start by being happy n contagiously spread this HAPPY to others! 
even just put a smile on someone's face for a mere second, you are sharing Good energy!

don't let disciplines n etc scared u

VS: Coz i know myself not discipline enuff, fashi. i admit. Thats why scared.

PK: u just need to think: am I going to hurt someone if I do this? 
thats all. going thru the ceremony is just for show! 
many do things for show & No Heart!

VS: I agree fashi

PK: A sincere heart to make things better for others n self is all. very easy la.

VS: Wat u mean for show?

PK: GM said whether you ordain to be a monk of not, doesn't matter. 
Its your heart that is important

VS: Ya i think like u say back to basic

VS: ? Xiu xing

PK: u read the Discipline of Mind that I wrote last week?

all there lol. You cultivate Mind which is your heart

VS: Lemme find

PK: Disciplines of Mind 心之戒律;postID=1035502888829998417;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=16;src=postname


VS: I know what u mean liao

PK: good. as long as ONE is willing to learn n help in anyway, thats enough.
hehe! you won't stay blurrrrrrrr all the time!

VS: Amitofooo. Thanks fashi. Pls enlighten me. Hahaha

PK: you help yourself be enlightened with your own sincere efforts to make the world a better place! Thats all! very Simple!


Dear all,

On 1 May 2011, GM explained very clearly what's Boddhicitta vows or wishes, during the Maha Mayuri Event in Hong Kong. 

Please go dig up that video or written link and do your own research. :)

Why do you stay Blur? 

Karmic negatives hindrances.

However, as your negatives decreased, your Affinity to Buddha Dharma & Philosophy increases.

So please start from Ground Zero and clear your Karmic Negatives as soon as possible! :)

There are many articles on Clearing Karmic Negatives in this blog, that you can go help yourself.

Also many on Disciplines as well. 

The KEY: You yourself have to put in sincere & diligent efforts!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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