Saturday, July 26, 2014

[Assignment 2] - Submission [10]

Wow just remember the clsong date is today. I tot 27
cultivation is anything we do to improve our spiritual level by helping people till practising Buddha Dharma.

from Shizun's Dharma Speech, actually no thought isn't no thought at all. 

Its not an empty mind but a single pointed mind. 
So we focus at one thing, like Shizuns said to focus on the half red and half black Hom seed syllable. 
Maybe focus till really relax and try to merge into Universal Void, feel the Dharma Flow. 
Or when we chant Namo Amitabha, we really focus on.

Realization is the state ..........

Buddha's treasure is ............

The sentence is found in True Buddha Sutra. 

I think what it means actually is we should try ..........

In Tantric practice, ..........we should really focus on what we are doing. 

No other thoughts should be followed. 

Its hard to focus as thoughts will keep arising but we should not attach to the disturbance thought, whenever they appear, we should stop them by focusing back into one single thought. 

By doing so, we will slowly improve n ................



This student got an Important Key: Focus! :)

Now look through photos shown above!

At [Ease] or [In Action], really doesn't matter an iota!

Once you get the "hang of " No Thought, you can maintain this No thought all the time and it become just another function that you are unconscious of, like your heart beating!

See now why Cultivation relies upon [No Thought] as the key to the Realise the Buddha Jewel Sambodhi? 

This student has somehow started to Open his Mind and link up Theory with Practical since last Assignment, where he was without a clue in his view of BB's Intent!

Hahaha! It is real good to see a Mind when Trained to Focus, can truly Matures in Wisdom! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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