Tuesday, July 22, 2014

原始佛第四个功德 4th Merit of Adibuddha

The following from 20-7-2014 event in Seattle.

GM said: Adibuddha's 4th Merit is [Ten Levels or Stages of Astral Play]

1.  舍天寿  Renounce heavenly life-span

2.  受身到人间来胎生 - Accept Form of body and be born in Sentient world

3.  显童子相 - Exhibit Kumara's form

4.  显出家相 - Exhibit monk/nun form

5.  欢喜苦行 - Joyfully or Happily walk the Path of Suffering

6.  像菩提树  -开悟 Like a Bodhi Tree - Enlightenment

7.  降魔 - Overcome Mara or Demon

8.  寂静成无上觉  -明心见性  - Ultimate Silence Attained Unsurpass or Supreme Realization - Comprehend Heart and Sight Nature (in Nature - means our own Buddha Nature).

9.  转法轮 - Turns Dharma Chakra

10. 入涅般 - Enters Nirvana

Now GM has explained the first 5, in the above session.


Let's have Fun!

You can start to measure yourself against the above and see where you fare?

OR, you can measure anyone that claims to be "Powerful" and already "Arrived" against the above too!

For most or almost all of GM's students, not many can cross the first 5 levels or stages, agree?

Relax! :)

Life is not about achievement all the time.
You can go about daily chores happily or unhappily!

However, these chores need to be done.
But, when you are happy, you get better results!

Am I "Wrong" in teaching you all cultivation in a Happy mood?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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