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GM's Article - Genuine Great Bliss

Pure and Cool Mind of the Moment

By Living Buddha Sheng-yen Lu
Translated by Lian Hua Guo Cheng

This was translated from Grandmaster Lu's 145th book, 當下的清涼心, pages 209 to 213

CHAPTER 15 - Genuine Great Bliss

I, Living Buddha Lian Sheng, have been studying the Buddha Dharma for many years. 
According to my experience, the sexual misconduct precept is the most easily broken among the buddhist five precepts. 

Why is that so? 
The reason for this is the seed of desire is inborn in each of us. 
For humans, sexual desire and birth exist together. 
Therefore, we have to maintain pure mind and lessen our sexual desire. 
At the beginning of these efforts, they are very difficult.

We know that humans have sexual desire mainly because of the feeling of sexual pleasure. 
If we understand sexual desire in greater detail, 
we find that the eyes are greedy for the look, 
the ears are greedy for the sound, 
the nose and tongue are greedy for the touch and 
the mind is greedy for the sexual thoughts.

When the sexual greed reaches the highest level, semen is expelled and momentary pleasure is created by friction. These are the aims of of sexual desire.

The pursuit of this type of sexual pleasure is not restricted to the young only. 
There are some middle-aged and old people who are not tired of this pursuit also. 

Why is it like this? 
In my opinion, sexual pleasure is the greatest pleasure of all for human beings. 
The pleasure of sexual desire includes the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and consciousness. 
This means that the pleasure is a combination of the six senses. 

In this world, humans think that they should seek joy and pleasure. 
The pleasure of man and woman is truly the greatest pleasure of all.

However, we know that when the thought of greed for sex arises, a lot of other thoughts come along ....

1. Before the perverse relationship, fantasies emerges. 
2. During the pursuit, various schemes emerge. 
3. When the pursuit fails, anger and hatred emerge. 
4. When confused by sexual desire, the desire of possession emerges. 
5. When envious of other, jealousy emerges. 
6. When seizing other's lover, thoughts of harming and killing emerge.

The disasters from sexual misconduct are really endless. 
Sexual misconduct contributes to precipitous disasters and decline of morals. 

In another words, sexual misconduct will cause one to be shameless and lose moral principles. 
From now on, various misdeeds are committed and various virtuous deeds are no longer practiced. So, ancient sages commented that among thousands of evils, sexual misconduct is the evil that leads to various other evils or misdeeds.

1. A precipitous event means rapid decline into that event. 
Like the Wall Street's precipitous fall of fortune during the recession.

I observe that humans desire for wealth, sex, position, food and sleeping. 
Among these, the mind of sex is the most easily aroused. 
Whether it is man or woman, sexual desire are easily aroused in those who are naturally not so intelligent. 
Mere exchanges of looks will inflame their passions, rendering themselves uncontrollable and heedless of all misdeeds. 
Their original virtuous nature totally disappears at that moment. 
This sickness is hard to eradicate.

After I study the buddha dharma, I know that human desires are limitless, just like the mouth which is greedy for taste. The more one indulges in it, the more wild it becomes.

2. wild here means uncontrollable

I know that when the thought of sexual desire arises, all the evil thoughts will follow. 
Cultivation becomes cultivating bad behavior. 
Cultivating the path becomes cultivating the immoral. 
Moral principles degenerate. 
I cannot bear to utter anymore. 
So, in the midst of this degeneration, heavenly beings engage in wars.

3. I was careful to ensure that this is translated correctly. 
The interpretation is left to the reader.

Later, I cultivate vajrayana and discover that vajrayana has practices that enable one to cut off sexual desires.

The normal practices of paramitayana to cut off sexual misconduct and reduce sexual desire are

a. Visualization of the impure 
b. Visualization of white bone 
c. Wisdom of Prajna 
4. Paramitayana or sutrayana

But vajrayana practices energy, channels and drops. 
Energy pervades all the channels. 
Channels generate light and fire. 
Drops are not leaked. 
In the course of this cultivation, a type of bliss is produced naturally as energy pervades all channels. When drops travel through channels, great bliss is produced. 
This type of bliss is more superior than the usual pleasure between man and woman. 
After attaining great bliss, the little pleasure between man and woman is no longer that important. So, it can be used to compensate for sexual pleasure.

I realized that 
a. energy - great bliss (circulating the body) 
b. channels - great light (incomparably pure) 
c. drops - buddha nature (firm and immovable)

Finally, I have cultivated from human nature to buddha nature. 
Very naturally, I have attained great bliss, great light and emptiness. 
I feel that humans are very pitiful and stupid. 
Humans are born because of sexual desire but also died because of sexual desire. 

In the pursuit of the little pleasure, the pleasure was momentary and even worse, various misdeeds are committed. The pleasure is really not worth it.
I really want to tell everybody that I have really obtained the verification that I have attained genuine great bliss.

Translated by 蓮花國成 Lian Hua Guo Cheng, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If any errors are detected, please alert and e-mail me. 

Dedication :This translation is dedicated to the longevity of the root guru, Grandmaster Lian Sheng. May the Grandmaster continue to turn the dharma wheel to benefit and lead all the sentient beings to perfect enlightenment. 
May all who read this translation receive the same blessings as if reading the Mandarin version and achieve perfect enlightenment swiftly. 
Om Mani Padme Hum. 
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hum. 
Sarva Mangalam Gay-O.

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