Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pure Karma Notice 净业通告

With Immediate Effect, Pure Karma will not cater to those that is unwilling to Help Themselves in Cultivation.

With GM sharing Maha Perfection Dharma, Pure Karma has started on Mind Training Assignments.

For all those that did not bother or claimed ignorance or give plenty of excuses, we regret to tell you that you will not be admitted to any Pure Karma cultivation session.

Due to limited resources and space constraint, please read our blogs instead of physical attendance.

Remember that Pure Karma exist for those who wants to Sincerely & Diligently Cultivate, to Help themselves as well as All beings in due course.

For the Charity Bardo Delivery and Merit Dedication to Ancestors sessions, Chanting of True Buddha Sutra is in the program, therefore, Those that didn't submit their views & comments on this assignment, [修行以无念为正觉佛宝?], sorry to tell you, you best stay at home and figure out this one first!

YES! Don't attend physically!

In actual fact, if you think you are not ready for Mind Training Program, best don't waste your time. Use it to cultivate basics first and build strong foundation before moving on to higher stages or topics.

This is from GM.

Translated as: Finally I am Enlightened, Not from [Theoretical teachings] nor from [Diligent Cultivation].
Pay attention: [ Leave both sides], then is Enlightened!

Dear all,
Mind Training is a combination of BOTH!

Show us sincerity that you will not be wasting your time as well as ours FIRST, and we will look into whether to admit you to our Mind Training Program or events.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Pure Karma

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