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Assignment Hints 作业提示 [E]

Above: Attendees subjected to the Cold winds & rains and Drenched and Cold, at this CNY's event in Taiwan.
WHY are we there?
Yes, I am one of those in this shelter! :)

my dear,
you have given simple answers but you didn't have enough facts about Smoke Offering!

and u can try again too! :)

On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 3:23 PM, ..... wrote:
Hi Fashi,

Below is my attempt for the assignment.

Good day,

I have practiced smoke offering for quite some time and intend to burn vajra six realm liberating mantra joss paper during the ritual.
Kindly advice how i can use these joss paper to maximize liberation effects.
Warmest regards,


1. Why this email from BB classified as Personal seek of knowledge and a fee applied?
Ans: he is seeking liberation for his own karmic negatives only.
Not exactly true. What is Smoke Offering?
2. Why the fee applied goes to Charities approved by Pure Karma only?
Ans: because Pure Karma wishes to help these Charities.
Not exactly! This is deeper than whats surface to most. :)

3. What did the short email contained that Pure Karma held back in answering?
Ans: BB mentioned particularly making use of the joss paper (which is a physical material item), with no mention of chanting and thoughts to 'hui xiang' to all sentient beings. Adding to own merits should not be through physical means only. 
You've got a good point about Hui Xiang or dedication of merits to all sentient beings. 

However, this involves you to discern what is purpose of smoke offering is First!
and what is printed on the Joss paper!   Hahaha!

4. Why direct BB back to his own Root Guru?
Ans: why is he asking you if he is already learning from someone else. 
Yes! It is obvious from his email that he has learned from someone!
However, his seeking advice can mean (to me)  that he should try and ask the one that taught him Smoke offering and using this Particular joss paper, concur? :)
5. Why was email sent to Lama Lotuschef's gmail and not the Official Pure Karma one?
Ans: BB felt it was a personal question?
Most do not associated Pure Karma Automatically with Lotuschef, the Reverend. You all have been Conditioned to Lotuschef being founder of Pure Karma, but others may not know! :)
Assumption often leads to Creation of Suffering or Unhappiness to Others first and Self Subsequently, agree?

6. Lama Lotuschef view is this person is not worth educating at the present time, why?
Ans: the foundation for liberation is cultivation and to 'hui xiang' to all sentient beings, not through physical offerings such as smoke offering. BB's foundation in the basics does not appear stable.

You have no clear cut understanding of Smoke Offering, therefore your opinion is without solid evidence, agree?

GM's speech this morning is a good lesson to all and also good material to resolve BB's case as well! :)

go read the 2 articles that I posted on Formless 3 wheels, please.

Enjoy yourself?
Learning anything?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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