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Choice - Limitations or Progress?

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Some comments for the two latest articles

Limitations 限制
Telling a Hard Luck Story 讲可怜的故事

I think the term "Limitation" can be related to the word "Progress".
Through progressive cultivation, we are cleansing ourselves from the bad karma that hinders us physically and mentally.

Similar to what you said that one sees a thing differently as one progresses. 
As with the different eyes, one progresses at seeing an object. 
The higher the progress, the level of truth being seen/analysed are different as well.

That reverends who express their financial conditions are the same with ordinary people. 

GM said last time when someone wanted to be ordinated and he told that person that one of his wives are sleeping with other man, he then got infuriated and ran away.
However, this shouldn't be an excuse for people who are entering the door of Buddhism, especially Vajrayana.

Still remember one time you told me to have an absolute faith of GM, that he shall provide everything and take care of the believers.

I guess with true faith and "correct" mindset, unhappiness and lacking of necessaries won't be the issue.

What a woe if reverends who are the ones being seen as the role models are actually the ones who complaining about financial problems.
One party are complaining about the financial problem, while the other one are busy with drawing money from people.

Can liken this case as a Gauge of Greed.

I love that part of "cannot tahan" and "jam brakes", it is one example of [everything is buddha dharma] and can be a lesson too!

If one looks at it from the perspective of Training, one should be aware of the objects of desire and how to steer it.  :)


AA: still waiting for the rain to stop before going to office :)
sending you some comments on the 2 latest ones

BB: I was just thanking GM for windy n cooling sunny day :)

AA: this cool rain is a blessing in these hot summer days here :)


Feels like Autumn. Rain, windy, cool, sunny, all fruits ripening for harvest.
Brings to mind my favorite poem: Ode to Autumn. :)

Read your email.
YES! limitation are Same as hindrances that One put up against Self. 
Hahaha! Like Jam Brakes! All from Personal Choice.

If you want to see that piece of Sky Only n not move on, that's fine n nothing to do with others. However, when you Assumed n Force anyone to Fit into your mould Then like R' s Courage, You revealed Who n What You Are!

AA: exactly
point of view is very private

BB: She probably Thinks she is courageous, facing the physical demons that she perceived as blocking her from getting near GM. (Self is the only Factor Hindering One Self!)

AA: what others choose to think and act are their own choices, with the related consequences.

BB: To her, being near GM, then n only then, she can get the Keys to cultivation! How sad!

AA: some thing that isn't well understood and is the seed of endless wars
hahaha yes!

BB: yup. In another perspective, R is fighting lots of battles of her own fabrications!
In School - she said they accused her of ........! that they all plotting against her ......

tea break now with the cornflakes cookies n chrysanthemum tea. 
as cultivation will goes into my Tea Time! :) 
Visualize you are beside me, my dears! 

Hmmmm. Yummy yummy!

Dear all, picked up anything useful?

Cheers all.

Time to get ready for Live Cast. See you!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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