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GM on No Thought 师尊讲无念

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I have explained this part in Beijiao, Hongkong. But now i will emphasize once again.
This is the most essential part from all contents in True Buddha Sutra. 
This part is the essence and secret of This Sutra. 

Every True Buddha Disciple should complete this part then he shall be enlightened.

Once, VM Changren asked Me : Why are there many Zen saying which are hard to understand
Such as, there was one Zen Master sitting in front a piece of bamboo. 
He's contemplating one matter, suddenly that bamboo made a "pha" sound. 
After hearing the "pha" sound, the Zen Master directly accomplish Enlightenment.
There was another Zen master meditating in the forest, suddenly a leave falling down from tree. "phu", aiya then he was enlightened. 

Another Zen Master was running and running continuously but suddenly slipped and fell down. "pheng" his head banged. He was enlightened!

Actually behind these stories, there is only one word. 
I will reveal the secret of Zen Saying. 
That one word is "Stop". 
You are thinking, keep thinking without understanding anything, suddenly the bamboo fell down and created "pha" sound, asking you to stop thinking. 

Same with the keep running Zen Master, when he fell down and bang his head, aiya that stopped. 

Why "Stop" can make you enlightened?
 "Stop" is asking you to not thinking anymore, do not have any thought. 

No Thought is "No Thought"

If you want to accomplish Enlightenment then you should enter Samadhi which is one word asking you to "stop" thinking. 

By stop thinking then will accomplish "No Thought". 

The real Samadhi is "not thinking merits" "not thinking evil" "not attached" "no thought". 

I told you all that the core of Universe is actually "No Thought".

GM always helping people or travelling in midnite. 

I do Astral Travel, helping all disciples that need help. 

Sometimes in a night had to handle 3 cases. 

So once back, feel exhausted. 
Exhausted then how? 

Then should rely on Samadhi. 

If you are able to cultivate to the state of “no thought,” stopping all of your thoughts, there will immediately be the flowing of energy from the Universe into your body to recharge it.

Although your body has expended a great deal of energy helping other people, the force from the Universe will enter into your body to fill you up again.

If you are unable to enter into “no thought” during your practice, and you often go to help others, then, while you are sitting in group practice, you will be falling asleep. This is because you are continually giving out energy and not getting it replenished. When that happens, you are not sleepy only at night, you are sleepy during the day and even when you are driving. Anytime, standing or sitting, you may fall asleep. This is an indication that you have not cultivated to the state of “no thought.”

But employing "No Thought" for few minutes, you will be able to replenish all your spirit.

Only when in "No Thought" is the purest moment without any contamination. 

Only when in "No Thought" then really reach Pureland and accomplish Authentic Enlightenment. 

All Buddha Prajna and Samadhi lies within "No Thought".


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As per GM: 
[This part is the essence and secret of This Sutra. 

Every True Buddha Disciple should complete this part then he shall be enlightened. ]

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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