Saturday, July 12, 2014

Telling a Hard Luck Story 讲可怜的故事

Intent  目的  -Getting Sympathy 博取同情 

Dear all,
Please have your Dharma knowhow ready for this journey!

Case 1
LX would tell a pathetic tale of how difficult Life is as a reverend without ENOUGH Financial resources. Then he would go on and on preaching about one topic or another, till attendees were bored. After a few sessions, there were hardly any attendees.
When other reverends were speaking, he would fidget, resulting in distracting attendees attention.
This is a very Rude behaviour of not respecting others.

Hahaha! I have video recording of these.

Case 2
LJ used to just mouth greetings and said he has nothing to say when given a turn at giving a Dharma Speech.
Then he followed LX's example and shares his financial woes too.

The above are 2 reverends that claimed Cultivation is Hardship, or a form of Suffering.

Case 3
I had a vision of AA, a fellow student, this morning.
He was telling Hard Luck story to his clients.
His story includes his Hardship in business and also bringing in his Filial Piety of caring for his parents.

THINK: What has his parents disabilities to do with Business?
What has his Hardship encounter in the course of Business to do with the Product/Service he is marketing?

O! GM said Cultivation is Difficult. :)
AH! He also talks about those with Great Root Potentials, didn't he?

Remember the Middle Path Rule?
Is there Difficult or Easy?

Now bring in the Avatamsaka or Flower Adornment Sutra 华严经!
It is clearly stated that Buddha has Infinite Pathways or Dharma Doorways, customised to Each Individual as per their Intelligent level.

Also remember, Every one has Buddha Nature and potential to attain Buddhahood.

Whats wrong with those mentioned above?

KARMA is the main factor, agree?

Now bring in your 4 Noble Truths!

1. Subject is Individual's Karma.
2. Manifestation of this
3. Origin of this
4. Eliminate or Neutralise this

O! This time also, NO ANSWER!
Take it as your Assignment! :)

Have Fun!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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