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考量而用 Contemplate & Use

Terjemahan Indonesia: Direnungkan & Digunakan

Quoting from Dharma talk 7 November 2009 in Seattle/2009年11月7日于西雅图开示:

[--- I took refuge on the 3 August 2008. Early morning of 3 August 2009, all the Buddhas & Boddhisattvas came to celebrate my 1st birthday with True Buddha School. They seem to tell me to come home & rejoin the Team.

During this period of my stay in Seattle, especially after GM's Dharma speech after fire homa, he urges us all to spread True Buddha Tantric Dharma to all, I realised yet another part to my dream of 4 August 2008.

GM asked me to give the Longevity Elixir to all sentient being surrounding me, that is to spread True Buddha Tantric Dharma to all.

I ask: GM is this correct?

Therefore, our GM is incredible. At the time I took refuge, he already tasked me with spreading True Buddha Tantric Dharma.

I wish to add that we have to truly bear in mind, GM's teachings. 

GM teaches us to cultivate vajrasattva & padmakumara yoga well. 
Actually these two practices are truly amazing. 
I recently realized that they contains many variations. 
I have also told GM about these variations.

When chanting GM's mantra, I found myself in the centre of the Earth. 
As I chant, the power of the mantra pushes all the negatives outwards. 
As these leave the Earth's surface, countless GM covered the Earth's surface.

If we compare with the Thousand multiplier Wheel mantra, these one multiplies by the number of sentient beings on Earth. 
Isn't this more powerful than the Thousand multiplier?
But what I realized recently is that this evolved from 4 immeasurable visualisation.

We treat all sentient being as self. 
During cultivation we transform them into self. 
Then when we merge with say GM, they all became GM too. 

All these from 4 immeasurable vows. ---]

Now, on 22 June 2014, I asked all before Cultivation, anyone has questions to ask? 
No Response!
So I said: either you all know everything, or you don't know anything, so nothing to clarify. :)

Later I explained about Effective cultivation.
When One diligently cultivate one session, its effectiveness surpasses those that not diligent a thousand or ten thousands times!

Now on 29 June 2014, I asked before Cultivation, any questions?
Again, No Response! 

GM said on Sunday, that because VM LY asked, so he answers or explains!

Let us get out your 4 Noble Truths and let us journey! :)

[ SL: Dear Fa-Shi,
GM is really great!
I was planned and start to chart 1000 times 高王經 in May. 
Today is the finale and happened to receive this email. 
Seems like GM knew someone need help in advance. :-)  ] 

Now let us scrutinise the Underlined text. :)
Not the grammar but the "motive" and "intent".

From the passage:
1. SL's motive is to achieve 1000 times of High King Sutra - WHY?

2.He believes that this numbers as per GM will be effective towards certain Wishes or Requests.

3.There is an Intent that Motivated the sudden decision in May to chant 1000 times of this sutra.

4. Then the email seeking help came to him & he deducted it as a signal from GM to provide Help.


There is No Doubt that GM is Great! :)

What's my point?

Now applying the knowledge of Buddha Dharma & Philosophy:-

1. From Heart Sutra - we know that we should not have any wishes, or expect any returns with sharing of Buddha Dharma.

2. Refer to the previous article, GM said he never intentionally do something to get returns like the Nobel Prize. So Not Intent Motivated for any Sentient Material!

3. Why need to count the number of times?
Means he has use for each 1000 he chant.
In Dharma Charity, everything One does is spontaneous & what GM said: Natural.

4. This student has forgotten what I taught him! :)
In Dharma Charity, we need to apply Buddha's Philosophy and Dharma = Methods.

5. If we want Numbers: 
[ If we compare with the Thousand multiplier Wheel mantra, these one multiplies by the number of sentient beings on Earth. 
Isn't this more powerful than the Thousand multiplier?
But what I realized recently is that this evolved from 4 immeasurable visualisation.]

There really is no need to count at all, IF this student Chant with the Visualisation of Transformation into a Light Bulb!
He will then have shared all the blessing from all Divinities mentioned in the Sutra with All Beings!

Question: Does he still have a 1000 times of this Sutra to "Give" if he does the "Light Bulb" method?

Now, he thinks he has the 1000 times of this Sutra to "give"! 
So he has not listen well to my sharing and he has the mindset of using this 1000 times, for a Purpose he has in mind before he started chanting!

Now, just this Sunday, GM said he actually do not need to cultivate anymore as he has already attained Buddhahood and Maha Mudra of which the peak is No Cultivation Yoga! :)

I remember sharing that ONCE you "switch on" the light bulb within you, You have no need to switch off or on again.

You are always lighted up and giving out these lights too to ALL, with no time limits or space contraints.

Key? You have to just open up your Heart and share with all or give to all!

This is Boddhicitta, the Heart & Soul of Buddhas.

Never for Self, but for Others always!

You are a mobile Light Bulb, dispensing Light or Universal energy every where you are. You are a Buddha now!

Now, GM also said on Sunday, that while cropping or shaving Buddha's hair, a disciple is in 3rd Level of Zen Meditation. 

What are the requisites for this? 
Have you really listen to GM while he is sharing all these goodies?

Enjoy the journey?
Have you found out how useful is the 4 Noble Truths?
It is also quite beneficial if you listen to me, concur? 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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