Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Learn & Use 学和用

Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 2:48 PM

Hi Fashi,
Questions n Answers:

1. Why this email from BB classified as Personal seek of knowledge and a fee applied?
- Asking the question to gain personal benefits. Not for e benefits of Zong Seng.
This one had all of them Plastering BB with lots of Negative Traits.

2. Why the fee applied goes to Charities approved by Pure Karma only?
- not all charities r true charities or really need help.. By going to PK's approved charities, we can be sure charity is done n help is given..
This one really had all of them exhibit their Imagination to the Fullest. :)

3. What did the short email contained that Pure Karma held back in answering?
- we do not know the cause n effect n the purpose of BB doing the smoke offering.

For a practicing & aspiring to be yogi, "Do not Know" , is not a phrase to use, as with Knowledge of Buddha's Philosophy, One can Transform with Buddha Dharma! :)

In this case, all Submission Failed in not studying the factors or subject matter, properly.

Factors are BB's intent, Smoke Offering, 6-realms vajra mantra mandala!

4. Why direct BB back to his own Root Guru?
- if BB knows smoke offering, BB must have learnt from somewhere.. Go back to own Root Guru for guidance.. Each linkage may have their different practice. Trust your own root guru!

Why the "IF"?
BB has been doing smoke offering for quite some time.....
He did learn from someone somewhere.

But, smoke offering practice or for the matter any practice, do not differ much.
This student should by now knows that all Cultivation practices set by GM Lu, has the basic 7 steps, before Yidam practice.
After the Basic 7 steps, One invoke Root Guru's presence before entering into Yidam Yoga.
Therefore, simple change the Yidam that One chooses for the current session only.
Other sectors also do the same.

If you are Observant & done some research, Mahayana practices also go through the Basic of Purification, Invocation, .........
Therefore, it is prudent to widen One's knowledge, agree?

5. Why was email sent to Lama Lotuschef's gmail and not the Official Pure Karma one?
- BB thinks send to your gmail she will have the priority or privilege.
This is a very Not Nice view of BB.

6. Lama Lotuschef view is this person is not worth educating at the present time, why?
- BB doesn't sound he/she is sincerely n humbly asking for advice. 
This answer has no depth. 
Think: BB has been doing Smoke offering for quite some time... intend to ....
use 6-realm vajra maximise liberation effects....

Can BB asks advice as he wants to be more effective in his cultivation efforts, so as to enhance Dharma Charity of liberating more needy spirits?

Hmm, interesting!
However, most of you really didn't read both articles with comprehension.
All your answers seem to verge on BB being an undesirable character.

What is BB's real Intent?
No one has given me the correct answer yet!

You all are being taught Zen Buddhism now, make the most of It.
Game to try again?
From a deeper angle please.


[1] Cultivation in itself is a form of Boddhicitta!
Everyone seems to be unaware of this Fact!

[2] Smoke offering is more specific in helping needy spirits too! 

[3] 6-realms vajra mantra has great Purifying & Liberating effects!

Now, Think: If you have ample knowledge of [1] to [3] above, would you plaster BB with traits like for Self, Greed, fortune, own karmic foes, ..... 


Dear all, 
pick up anything useful?

Had fun too? 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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