Friday, July 18, 2014

Assignment 作业 [2]

JJ: - Sorry, I no idea. Because different people have different perception. I don't know whose is BB & what purpose of it.    

PK: Hahaha!

Dear JJ,

Mind Training is to teach you how to USE YOUR HEART to read the Body Speech Mind of others.

1.Back in the early days after you took refuge, what is Smoke offering to you, when you First heard about it?
2. Who taught you about Smoke offering and how to go about practicing?
3. How do you know that you need Root Guru to give you Abhiseka or Empowerment Transmission?
4. Is Smoke offering easy to learn?
5. Think: Why do people choose to do Smoke Offering? [I explained this one to all of you during Fire puja.]

I do not make or force you all to do things that are beyond your capabilities.
Hahaha! Now all of us have Buddha Nature, We are all Equal.

The main Key to Developing Boddhicitta & wisdom is the Heart the same as a Buddha.

You start by Thinking you are the Subject needing advice & help, what is your Mindset Now?

Telling me you don't know, you not sure, means you have not been Exercising your Brains! :)

In Boddhicitta, I also explained that we go do charity work like distributing rice and other daily needed supplies to the needies or poor people, we observe what are the Ones that need Help!

Else all talks about Doing Charity to help those needies but can't even identify any that you need to help, then All Empty Statements.

Please try and do your best for yourself in a very important topic of Cultivation call Mind Training or Lojong, which I have shared on my blogs.

Cheers and 加油!
Please try again. :)

Dear all,
I sincerely hope that the above also can help you submit a copy of this Assignment. :)

Just use your Heart to Feel as BB.

Think back to the early days when you first took refuge in any Tantrayana or Vajrayana sector.

Go back & Feel with you Heart!

Cheers All

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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