Monday, July 21, 2014

Assignment - Realization 觉悟

Hi Fashi

Before I try to answer the assignment again, let me apologise.
I really need to 忏悔....[repent]
How can I not use 菩萨的慈悲心 [Boddhicitta of Boddhisattva ] to think about BB's email.
From the beginning of the email, 我已经丑化 [ I have already made ugly] BB.
Sigh....really need to 忏悔 to GM, Fashi n BB.

Oops! you forget that Repentance is knowing what you did wrong and Vow never to repeat! 
You do not need to say sorry to GM, Me & BB!
When you really don't repeat then your Repentance is Successful! 
Nothing to do with GM, Me & BB lol! :)

As to the ans to the following qn :

(1) Why pure karma only charge him $800
Ans : Pure karma is practicing bodhisattva by charging lesser amount, n at the same time helping him to 结善缘 [form good affinity] with all sentient beings.

You got part of it only.

(2) Why direct him back to his own guru?
Fashi is 慈悲  [compassionate] so that he is able to realize that not all guru or teacher can yoga with any Buddhas n Fashi is teaching him to drop his worries.

No. Not exactly like these. 

Actually I misinterpret BB's maximise liberation effects.
I didn't think on the bodhisattva side that he is trying to render as much help as possible to those karmic debtors.
[not only his karmic debtors but all sentient beings, like those Homeless Spirits that we dedicate lotuses & incense offering to, at every event.]

I only think that he is trying to maximize to increase his power.
Sorry about that.

At last, you know that we must try & understand people approaching us for help or advice.
It does not matter whether we know them or not.
Also does not matter whether they guiyi same Root Guru or not! :)

Just bear in mind, they are the same as Us.
If we treat them like Sentient Beings, then we are Sentient Beings.

If we see them as Buddhas, then we are Buddhas too!

Remember my article: See Buddha See Ghost.

Answering the Assignment is Easy if you all remember what GM & I shared all the time.

Boddhicitta is the Heart of Buddha.

4 Noble Truths & its 8 fold noble paths are very important to study and use in our daily lives, All the time. :)
I sincerely hope you have open your mind or heart to all and not only restricted to people you know.

Yes Fashi
After this assignment i 觉悟了。
Thanks for giving me this golden opportunity to learn n reflect.


Dear all, 
So what if we only Woke up One or Two for this Assignment Project! :)

Thing is, we force many to Think!

Of course those that didn't bother to put in effort, its their own Karmic Hindrances only.

Those that gross through, also their own Karmic Hindrances only.

It is most important to the Individual himself/herself, to know whether they truly tried or not!

Karma is always One's own responsibility!


Once again, we had Fun! 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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