Wednesday, July 23, 2014

修行以无念为正觉佛宝? - Submission [1]

Subject: New assignment


修行 Cultivation
以无念 employing No Thoughts
为正觉 as Right/True Sense/Essence/Realization
佛宝 Buddha's Treasure

以上就是新课题, 欢迎投稿

The above is the new assignment's topic, a phrase from True Buddha Sutra.
All are welcome to submit their statements/comments.
Closing date: 12 Noon, 26 July 2014

Hi Fashi
My comments are as follows :

无念: firstly let me interpret 无念
To me, 无念 is not only employing no thoughts.
Its also visualization of white lights slowly filling up our whole body n we share with all sentient beings.
Its jus the same as the 3个深呼吸 which u thought us at the start of every cultivation.

So 无念为正觉佛宝 to me is helping all sentient beings by giving them white light as well as always have positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts. This "positive thoughts" is what i learn from your first assignment.
Please correct me if i am wrong.

My dear,
you are incorrect. :)

You have to explain all the words in the phrase and not just No thoughts.

Also No Thought is a very big topic and not what you think.

Answers are all in my blog!

I wrote about No thought before. Lots of them.

Have to do research n put effort to do every piece of work, then your Mind can grow with Wisdom.


Cheers all

Have Fun!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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