Tuesday, July 8, 2014


The above: Rice, mushrooms, carrots, green apple slices, thinly slices of potatoes, pinch of mineral salt to taste, sliced pork, chrysanthemum tea and water.

Served with: vinegar chillies and fried Ikan Bilis.

That was Lunch! 


A:  how come we love soupy rice the same lol
i always add soup to my rice and people say it's weird. they would normally split the soup in a different bowl

B: I am alone n have left over rice. So add goodies that are available in my fridge lol
i love green apples when cooked.
they add tangy sourness to the dish

A: with apples!!!!!!
how's the taste???

B: all natural flavors ley

A: replacement for vinegar

B: next time go cook at your place lol

A:  :) welcome

B: u can add rice or beehoon or mee

Saturday, so much green apples n no one wants, so all K packed n gives me
then I made lots of chrysanthemum tea, so add in too lol! 

i am opening lotuses for the ancestor offering 3 august.

Now Tea Break! :)

B: Tea break ! Pineapple cookie
for most people its dinner time liao!

A: oh that one from EN
tell me which one's better later after you compare with the one from CD

B: EN's is well baked to the pineapple filling also. so the flavor comes out of the pineapples n the butter pastry too.

CD's need to bake to a bit brown, the pastry n filling also flavor didn't come out from lack of dry heating.

if u give my feedback to CD, will they make changes to improve?

the nicest are some rounded ones like CD's but well baked from my previous Indo partner's sister

A: i love the cornflakes from CD, ate them with a glass of coffee milk hahaha
i will send the feedback to my friend

B: pineapple tarts n cookies, need lots of pineapple filling n less pastry, and must be well baked to bring out all the wonderful flavor of pineapples n pastry

A: so you love the brownier one, i kinda love the yellowish one

B: taste buds dear

A: but yes, brownier means the fillings are heated to give pleasant aroma

B: pastry need to be bake well to get the butter or margarine to fragrant up the flour n also "fry" the pineapples!

A: uhhh butter, the nectar of this world lol, if only they don't cause health problem, i would use them in every cooking

B: EN's also haven't reach my standards of GOOD! :)
a little won't hurt!

A: very well, so i can hunt for other brands :)

B: like full cream milk. I hate the 1% or 2% milk in USA. tasteless n has a very rough kind of feel on the tongue because too artificial liao. better to drink water:)

A: because so many sell that tart, so the standards vary
how can 2% milk ever satisfy our taste bud?! it's only for overly health conscious persons hahaha

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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