Friday, July 25, 2014

[Assignment 2] - Submission [3]

Fashi this is my new assignment ^_^

[Contents with held].


hey sir,
u didn't explain properly!

and also u need to put the whole phrase TOGETHER as ONE n tell me what it is all about!
too short, not enough info, very unsweet!
try again lol!  :)


Hi Fashi

This [修行以无念为正觉佛宝] 真的难倒我了。
But I'm willing to try again.
Now i break up the words to explain :
修行 =
以无念 =
为正觉 =
佛宝 = 

So in one sentence is


See you are getting better.
hahaha! You left out .... in your summary!
and all Components or factors also not really correct, as you didn't explain them properly too.

this is 开悟 kind of KEY statement or phrase, so of cause not so easy mah

this really Brain test to see how much you really understand n open your mind and also develop Wisdom of Buddhas!
Hehe! Try again dear.

Hi Fashi

好一个 "只怕有心人 " hahaha.
I admit I'm not an intellectual to understand those phrases by Zen Patriarch Hui Neng or Tilopa or Padmasambhava etc. Even if i read their phrases i cant use in my answer. If not i will be doing blindly n it serves no purpose at all.

So my summary is ...........


You GIVE UP!!!


I still not on the right path ah.....

There's no such thing as GIVE UP. I will use my available free time to do more research.
正所谓 "修行是自己的". The more i do research the more i increase my knowledge.

Neither do i see your assignment as a burden nor is a responsibility to obtain good answers.
I enjoy the process of learning n knowing that i am still far from enlightenment.... heehee 加油 to me.


Dear all, 
Many of you have yet to TRY! :)

YES! You want to learn then you have to keep at it until you reach "Realization" mah! :)

Remember hor, GM said that Cultivation depends Solely on Self lol!

On 20-7-2014, GM said the 5th Astral ability of Adibuddha is 欢喜[苦行]!

So you must have some FUN too when practicing or learning, agree?

Hahaha! Come join in the Fun then!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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