Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Whats these 3 Assignments For?

Look at all 3 assignments properly, please.

What have you missed?

What did Assignment [1] revealed to You, a suppose to be sincere cultivator?
Not one comment Truly shows Boddhicitta!

Because from the Beginning, you don't know what you are doing when you took refuge vows!
Then you just blindly follow the leader and READ through the Sadhana without an iota of understanding what you are doing!

Assignment [1] aims to tell you to go back to Building Fundamentals before you proceed to claim you are cultivating and doing well!

Harsh? NO!
Instead of looking at BB using the 4 Noble Truths & its 8 Fold Noble Paths, most of you judged BB and Sentenced Him as Greedy, Power crazed; For Self only; .....
For those that plaster all these negatives onto BB, wake up!

Your version of BB is actually your very own Identical Twin!


Now Assignment [2], a part or essence of True Buddha Sutra,which flows from GM's Heart!
A Bodhi Gem, so to speak. :)

Some did research and one student went to translate the Bahasa version of GM's explanation of this topic, into English to share too.

Thats effort to show how sincere this student is, in learning!

This Assignment evidenced how many really bluffing themselves all the time, and Ego prevented them from admitting they don't know the True Essence of Cultivation and also don't bother to go learn at all!

What a waste?
With a Root Guru, who is a Living Buddha too!

After  Assignment [2], we can clearly see that most have never Truly or sincerely care for GM Lu and his teachings. To most, as long as you can afford to pay, GM or his representative, will make things Right for you all the time. You don't need to bother or waste time in cultivation.

Note that at this juncture, it is very obvious that you were never "On Board" & thus there is no need to or no cause to complain that GM has abandoned you!

AH! Now you know why Pure Karma seems to have abandoned some students, immediately after Assignment [2]!


Now Assignment [3], asking you something about Cultivation!
Frankly speaking, this is the most difficult one to answer for most!
For most that didn't Clear [1] & [2], [3] is something you can never figure out or imagine at all!

However, all of you are welcome to send in your comments if you are game to try or give yourselves a redeeming chance!

So far, Comments received for Assignment [3], all don't understand the Topic!

Even if I give you any hints, they also won't help you!

Hahaha! GM shared Mahamudra previously and now Maha perfection, how many of you understand?
Well, GM said on the most recent Sunday, most VM & students have yet to cultivate well!
That's what Assignment [1] & [2] are about!

No answers will be release by Pure Karma or Lotuschef for Assignment [3]!
We might give you some pointers though!

Why don't you go have a good look at Assignment [1] & [2] first, to try and grasp what went wrong with You, Individually?

Please do not send any more Comments for [1] & [2], we will not reply anymore.

You Missed the Boat!

There will not be anymore such Assignments in the near future too!
Frankly speaking, they are too much work for me to look into, on top of my regular homework!

I also hereby claim the Luxury of being LAZY! :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi
Lama Lotuschef

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