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15-12-2010 Dharma talk 7 November 2009 in Seattle/2009年11月7日于西雅图开示

Terjemahan Indonesia: Ceramah Dharma 7 November 2009 di Seattle

Also refer to the recorded speech: 莲厨法师 开示 LotusChef at Seattle 091107

I took refuge on the 3 August 2008. Early morning of 3 August 2009, all the Buddhas & Boddhisattvas came to celebrate my 1st birthday with True Buddha School. They seem to tell me to come home & rejoin the Team.

After 2days, I ask Venerable Lian Lai & he advised me to consult GM.
The next morning after I took refuge at about 5am, GM came into my dream. He was smiling at me. I was surrounded by a large group of people asking me for Longevity Elixir. In that dream I became 30years younger. From 50+ to 20+.

The 1st part about seeing GM, in actual fact, when I took refuge that evening, I had doubts about effectiveness of refuge taking. Previously I took refuge with Mahayana temple, I followed the abbot sentence for sentence. It took about 20+minutes & then considered refuge taking ceremony completed.

In True Buddha School, Refuge taking is so simple, one just need to chant 4 refuge mantra 3 times & GM's mantra 7 times. GM's appearance confirmed that I had taken refuge without doubt.

The other part with regards to the Longevity Elixir. Well, I noticed that all the venerable, vajra masters & Grandmaster all have rosy cheeks & healthy & young looking.
The common factor being cultivation of True Buddha Tantric Dharma
We have to thank GM for giving us the True Buddha Tantric Dharma or Longevity Elixir & lets cultivate diligently.

I am too touch for words, haha. (pause for a while to gather myself)

During this period of my stay in Seattle, especially after GM's Dharma speech after fire homa, he urges us all to spread True Buddha Tantric Dharma to all, I realised yet another part to my dream of 4 August 2008.

GM asked me to give the Longevity Elixir to all sentient being surronding me, that is to spread True Buddha Tantric Dharma to all.

I ask: GM is this correct?

Therefore, our GM is incredible. At the time I took refuge, he already tasked me with spreading True Buddha Tantric Dharma.

I wish to add that we have to truly bear in mind, GM's teachings. GM teaches us to cultivate vajrasattva & padmakumara yoga well. Actually these two practices are truly amazing. I recently realized that they contains many variations. I have also told GM about these variations.

When chanting GM's mantra, I found myself in the centre of the Earth. As I chant, the power of the mantra pushes all the negatives outwards. As these leave the Earth's surface, countless GM covered the Earth's surface.

If we compare with the Thousand multiplier Wheel mantra, these one multiplies by the number of sentient beings on Earth. Isn't this more powerful than the Thousand multiplier?

But what I realized recently is that this evolved from 4 immeasurable visualisation.We treat all sentient being as self. During cultivation we transform them into self. Then when we merge with say GM, they all became GM too. All these from 4 immeasurable vows.

I would like to tell fellow disciples residing in Seattle & Vancouver, this place you all must come frequently.

The 1st time I join group practice one morning in Seattle Temple, in Samodhi, the whole altar transformed into Golden light. When I lead group practice, I sat here. (pointed to the left).

The empowerment from the Buddha & Boddhisattva is also incredible. I just can't put words to it.

I ask that all of you join me in thanking GM.


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