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Guru's statements? True/False? :)

Terjemahan Indonesia: Pernyataan-pernyataan dari Guru? Benar/Salah? :)
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From the conversation archive: Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 6:22 PM

{AA: People are smacking with samaya precepts?
Yesterday I saw the Bahasa translation regarding Samaya being published.
It's guru giving the sermon on 22 Sept 2012 after having lunch in Seattle temple.
Perhaps you've read the chinese version.
The main point if I should conclude from the sermon would be "forgetting your guru".

My chinese is very limited so I don't get in touch with this YC saga.
At a glance, this is the test of abandoning dualism of two extremes.
If those people don't have any idea about dualism in the first place, no matter what we're trying to play with or say to them, it would be quite futile.
And it is sorry to say that they are no different than the other religion who knows only good sides and bad sides. How dangerous it is.

LC: i didn't listen to that one.
give me a link maybe
i can go read transcript though

I know enough of Samaya to stay firm. therefore ZZ - throwing the 50 disciplines n samaya at me is real stupid!
He is chasing power n has the face of a pig last year I saw him...
therefore he is really in no position to slam those on anyone, what more to obedient little 4 year old like me.... Hehe

So I analyse both sides n think I am right in classifying them as mobsters?
They were incited n became excited n lost their cool n just follow the leaders like sheep following the lead hound....

sad! but at least they know I am not talking rubbish when I advise students not to enter into both sides....

AA: Oh here it is the chinese one:
[ Comment-13 Nov 2014 : It seems the above link is no longer valid!
Hahaha! ]

Wuah ZZ, the one with scary smile.

LC: It seems SHC's case, her lawyer withdrew the case.
Why did YC go & interview her & reopen the case?
I didn't bother to go that deep.
Whatever they are doing, they have not considered what's next after all these!
Loosing their acumen n rashly splashing sensational lies across the web, who will end up more damaged?
I think the shijie who scolded me also opened up a site for SHC. Anyway her husband and dad came to apologize. seems dad is in political arena, among rich n powerful!

BB: They must know how precepts originated. SZ ever wrote about that. + they should understand "alone in the moon" concept lol

LC: Well, there is no video on guru's speech to be found. This is a write up.

[** The Following is a rough translation only. Please translate from the original & make your own deduction , using your knowledge of Buddha Dharma & what Guru has shared. :) ]

  1. Cannot talk more than 3 words with those that betrayed GM!
    [So I die liao lol!!! Hahaha! They said so as not to be affected!!!]
  2. Give copies of disciplines to all new students.
  3. Cannot touch Guru & his possession like cloths or bed and can't assess Guru's cultivation level
  4. About tibetan king Trisong Deutsen who betrayed Padmasambhava n how his ring activated the red bull spirit to reincarnate as grandson n eliminated buddhism.
  5. In ancient times, when guru did not instruct student to read a book, reading the book becomes breach of disciplines n must do repentance. Our guru is more liberal.
  6. About how Atisha & Serlingpa studied each other before accepting each other; therefore have to consider well before refuge as after refuge there are samaya vows.
  7. Those who care for guru are more meritorious than those who have cultivated well.
  8. Breaching samaya will land one in vajra hell.
  9. Always make sure Guru is upon one's crown before giving dharma speeches, else the speech is null & void.
  10. Those who think they have cultivated well n very intelligent, they are controlled by mara already.

I had a glance that day n didn't bother to read on as they were truly not from Guru....

Central n YY likes to use his powers to bluff people.
he is covering for his lack of cultivation too....


Based on all these, i can roast in hell lol???

I shared teachings n golden words from other rinpoches too! so I must be hanged?
Buddha didn't make things this way lol
They said so as not to be affected!!!- so no one can cultivate to enlightenment?
without leaping the hindrances along the way, how do one learn n overcome?

Reading the whole thing, u know these are not the words of Guru, or an enlightened one!
Power & Control!
Did I get influenced by YC or even the self-proclaimed good guys?
hahaha! my article about guru putting the poisonous ones by his sides will rub them real raw n enough to kill me!

Am I possessed by the demon?
who cares...


Dear readers, how many times have you heard Guru said: Those who cultivate well are just beside me, whereas those who are physically beside me and don't cultivate well, are truly very far from me.

Guru's statement nullified Statement 7 and 10 above, do you agree? 

Guru said he reads copiously as a daily routine too! Will he stops his students from doing the same? 

Does refuge in TBS means you get brainwashed and only fed whatever those "acting Guru" deem to put your way? Hahaha! hilarious! 
This has similar veins to the Guru has copyrights issue on Buddha Dharma that he shares? 

Finally, as there is no video recording of the supposed speech alleged to be Guru's; it is up to Individual to make what you perceive of these statements.

Happy New Year

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Seeing Shizun in You

[Dearest Fashi,
I am AA who is a bit silly, remember?
I hv been practicing Vajrasatva sadhana since u represent Secun to teach us detailed ones at ZZ. Really happy to hv a mentor around.
And at d same time , a kalyanamitra.]

In Medan, many students said I look like Shizun!

I have advised those that attempted to kneel in front of me to give me offering respectfully, to do so only if they can see Shizun in me! :) 
I stated that we are all students of Shizun and therefore, on same level! 

In end 2009, someone handed a booklet of the Rules and Regulations of TBS, supposedly Shizun's approved statements.
Why Supposedly? :) :) :) 

What is written within, is truly very sentient or at times base [beastly mindset].
It is a very "pro-power"; "pro-control"; "pro-self interest"; document.

Now the contents:-
It details what each grade of dharma propagators can do.
Seems only the VMs can do everything! Hahaha! 

Take for example, formation of series of hand mudra during Bardo events are only permitted for VMs only. Only VMs can do big event or so call "fahui" 法会 and the rest “tong-xiu" 同修会.
Question: In Tantrayana, when One yogas with Shizun, Who is this One? 
Shizun, correct? 
Does Shizun not supersede all in TBS? :)

I discovered that in Indonesia, only VMs are hosting Fire puja events and unheard of for Fashi to do so. 
In Singapore, the 2 blue collars, jiang shi, or dharma speakers, do the formation of hand mudras  every weekend when they have fire homas. This has been going on for years too! :) They have a few senior VMs backing them though.

What is the Big Deal here? 
MONOPOLY! a very base and sentient term of One that is very Pro-Self! 

Well there is another interesting one too. 
It states all students can only be ordain after 2 years of refuge.
However, Shizun approved my ordination when I have only 1 year of refuge.

Time is not the essence as to a person's suitability for ordination. 
Time is also not relevant in determining Depth of Cultivation.

A Sentient Title is just a label for one to perform Sentient Duties only.
However, a true yogi, do not need such titles to justify anything, as there is no need for Sentient recognition; adulation; admiration; obedience; ... required.

A True Yogi is one that has already Yoga with Root Guru and can do so with any chosen Yidam too! 

Kneeling is a show of respect and humility and acceptable only for one's root guru. 
I do not kneel for others, so also do not advocate others to kneel to me. :) 

O! When you next see Shizun in me, please remember, No personal matter consultation! 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef


Thanks to this student, I learn a new term today!
Its also a wondrous New Year Gift for the recipient!
Merci beaucoup! Motto Gracia! Domo Arigato!

[Dearest Fashi,
I am AA who is a bit silly, remember?
I hv been practicing Vajrasatva sadhana since u represent Secun to teach us detailed ones at ZZ. Really happy to hv a mentor around.

And at d same time , a kalyanamitra.]


Kalyanamitra is the Sanskrit word for spiritual friendship. 
This friendship is something much more than someone to hang out with, but rather connotes a person or even a thing that becomes our guide, a teacher, and serves to inspire us along our path to awakening.
There is a common Zen expression that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. 
Ready or not, teachers are constantly appearing in our lives, but sometimes it is difficult to recognize because we are looking for someone that meets our image or idea of “teacher.” 
Or, we regard this person or thing as an obstacle in our life, rather than as something that can awaken us to life’s meaning.
For instance, we could say that illness is kalyanamitra. The death of a sibling can be kalyanamitra. The birth of our child can be kalyanamitra. Falling in love can be kalyanamitra
In short, anything which shakes us out of our ongoing slumber and creates an opening to a vista beyond our narrow image or experience of ego-self, is a spiritual friend worthy of our gratitude.
It may be difficult to regard a painful experience as a friend. We respond by pushing such experiences away or by grasping on to something else. 
But in zazen, we learn to sit in the midst of our suffering, much as one would do with someone in need. Just sitting. Just seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, awareness — recognizing and affirming the most essential nature of our situation, whatever it may be.
The Great Wisdom Heart Sutra is truly one of the great expressions of spiritual friendship. 
In this sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha expounds the truth of emptiness of all phenomena for his disciple Shariputra. He points Shariputra to prajna wisdom, the unsurpassable wisdom. 
Anything and anyone who points us to this wisdom is a spiritual friend. 
But the Heart Sutra does not stop at our own realization. It concludes with the great mantra, the vivid mantra, the unsurpassable mantra of “Gate! Gate! Paragate! Parasamgate! Bodhi svaha!”It means “gone, gone, gone beyond, together go beyond.”
This “together” speaks directly to our most basic vow to save all beings. 
Our realization only truly comes alive when it is used in the service of others, in helping others awaken to life’s essential nature. 
So recognize and appreciate the spiritual friends in your life: you yourself serving others in this way, and others and things continually befriending you, pointing to the unsurpassable wisdom that is our life.
Kalyāṇa-mittatā (Pali; Skt.: -mitratā) is a Buddhist concept of "spiritual friendship" within Buddhist community life, applicable to both monastic and householder relationships. 

One involved in such a relationship is known as a "good friend," "virtuous friend," "noble friend" or "admirable friend" (kalyāṇa-mitta, -mitra).

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Lotuschef in Sincere Cutlivator

My Master said, "The epithet of Amitabha ranks supreme among all the buddhas of the three times and ten directions because of the syllable AH."
Should the practitioner visualize the syllable AH with one mind, he would undoubtedly speed his way to buddhahood at a pace that allows him to attain it in this very body. It would far exceed the pace of attaining buddhahood through studying thousands of sutras.
~ Living Buddha Lian-sheng, Lu Sheng Yan.

Terjemahan Indonesia: Pelatih Diri Yang Tulus
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These are comments for the following article: Lotuschef on Differences of Power

BB: Wah, people are very evil and misleading. Sigh. Yeah, listen to Guru, luckily he asks Fashi. Ha7..the intro is so funny "a bit silly", can't say like that, we learn from others silliness, but not repeated silliness =D

CC: I'm glad he asked because he stated he dreamed to achieve buddhahood in this life.
I mean honestly speaking, he dreams better than me as I was thinking of continuing the practice in the pureland instead lol.

People like AA who may be doubtful at certain point but is not ashamed to ask and clarify some problems are not numerous.

May he be guided well along the path.

The article is great! It's speaking of the truth about human's traits.

LC: Hahaha!


Dear all, AA is not really silly. I admire him much for asking questions.
His doing so helps those who dare not ask for fearing of being perceived as silly or stupid.

People who dare not ask even when they are in doubt, bungle up their lives by "making-do" or "anyhow do", which normally end up in Failures or partial failures!

When in Doubt always ask and clarify them.

I've seen many who wanted to ask questions but held back because they were others present.
I have also seen those who wanted to "test" my knowledge but didn't know how to phrase their questions too! :)

Most hinder themselves with negative values of outward perception which are derivations of 3 poisons. EGO and Pride are good examples! 

Seriously, for cultivation as Guru said: [When you don't know, ask me or ask those who truly know.]

He means those who have already Yoga with certain Yidams, of course! 
At the same time, when One can Yoga with One, means can Yoga with All, correct? :)

So all boils down to Yoga with Guru! hahaha! 

[he dreamed to achieve buddhahood in this life] - this is indeed a good target.
It is making a Bodhicitta Wish and cultivating is actually Executing that Wish!

On 7 November 2009, the session whereby I gave my maiden Dharma speech online, Guru talked about the 3 stages of awakening:
  1. Realize that Life is Suffering. 
  2. You want to cultivate to escape this Suffering and go to a better place. 
  3. You want to cultivate to Buddhahood to help those who are trapped in these Suffering.
So AA chose [3], which is to attain Buddhahood in this lifetime! 
Let us applaud his choice!!! :) :) :) 

O! Ask pertinent questions only please. That is those on cultivation techniques and not personal matters! 

Cheers all. 
Happy New Year.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Sidhhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Lotuschef on Differences of Power

Terjemahan Indonesia: Mengenai Perbedaan Kekuatan
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Dearest Fashi,
I am AA who is a bit silly, remember?
I hv been practicing Vajrasatva sadhana since u represent Secun to teach us detailed ones at ZZ. Really happy to hv a mentor around.
And at d same time , a kalyanamitra.
I do hope Lama will continue teaching us n give us guidance about tbf sadhana.

So far, it has been no prob. 
But according to some people, if I continue this practice, problem is not to me but my wife n baby in my wife's belly.

However, I try practice sadhana Vajrasatva everyday without stopping. 
In hope that I practice what Secun ask us disciple, "one day no practice is d same like being a ghost/evil".
I hv dream to achieve buddhahood in this life.

Cheers and keep in touch,
Happy New Year,


Hi AA,
Nice to hear from you.

Hahaha! Thanks for compliments to say I am representing Shizun. :)

[But according to some people, if I continue this practice, problem is not to me but my wife n baby in my wife's belly.]

How can universal blessing be harmful to ANYONE?
Buddha shares A Path to Happiness for all!

Well, many are saying I am evil too, always talking about Astral & Dharma Power! :)
They do not know what are these and take them for something called Spiritual power, which actually also wrongly used.
This is not power but an ability to communicate or see spirits which are ghosts.
Yes! some can only see ghosts & they deluded themselves they have powers like Dharma Power or Astral Powers.

Being able to see ghosts, one has a Spiritual or Ghostly Eye! Not a Heavenly Eye! 
because these people are more Ying, which is in same frequency ranges with Ghosts, therefore they can see them. 

As to Power over Ghosts? Hahaha! 
There is an article I wrote about Making a Pact with the Demon. 
For Ghosts or Spirits; you make promises to give them certain materials and they will help you in exchange only.
Isn't this like making a pact with the Demon? :)

As per SZ, Vajrasattva's Practice can attain Buddhahood when One Yogas.
As Vajrasattva is a combination of 5 Buddhas. 
Diligent Practice is the Key & don't forget Boddhicitta though! 

Astral/Dharma Powers? 
These need to be use for the Betterment of all sentient beings and do no cause harm to any being at all! 
Most people are ignorant of the Truth and slander; scold; defame; those they fear of having Powers to harm them or control them. 
They truly do not understand the very basic Truth that Dharma Power or ability, is for the benefit of all and can only be use in this context or aspect only!

Dharma power is immeasurable and unfathomable by those that have yet to cultivate to Yoga! 
Take a good look at those faces that crave power; fame; wealth; in the name of Buddha! 
Hahaha! They all taken on features of beasts; ghosts.....

These are recent photos taken during fire puja.
See the peace; joy and rosy glow on me? 
I am not self-promoting though! 

Hahaha! At least these show that I am not the Evil being that ignorants label me, correct? :)

People not only hit out at the Unknown though. They do so from Jealousy too!

Guru has been on the receiving end of lots of slander, defamation, scolding, threatened lawsuits; but he is still standing firm as He is Able to Void All! 

The Call by so called Pro-Guru group of students to defend Guru and apprehend the defamators are truly a waste of resources like time & money, as their acts are frivolous and for some, making use of others to take their own personal revenge.

They listed me into "monkey-list" and some went and emailed or messaged all round, warning students to "unfriend" or stay away from me and those they "monkey-listed" or black-listed as opposition! Hahaha! 
Notice how much anger & hatred they churned with the [ilovegm] forum?
What a crazy waste of Energy too!!! Hahaha! 

If you are one that listened to these people, sad to say that you gave power to them to THINK & ACT for you! You failed to truly understand Guru's teachings and Buddha Dharma all these times too! 
So you are truly wasting your short lifespan as a Human chasing the Wrong Direction!

Still the same advice: LISTEN ONLY TO YOUR OWN ROOT GURU!


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

22-12-2012 Fire Puja [3]

Photos courtesy of Lotus Raymond.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

22-12-2012 Fire Puja [2]

Photos courtesy of Lotus Raymond...

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22-12-2012 Fire Puja [1]

These are courtesy of Lotus Raymond.


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