Tuesday, July 22, 2014

建庙?建地狱?Build Temple? Build Hell?

Terjemahan Bahasa: Bangun Kuil? Bangun Neraka?

Above screenshot captured from event on 20-7-2014 (Seattle Time).


GM spoke about Building Temple & Building Hell!

When all were United as One, the motivation for various tasks like Fund Raising & etc. were all undertaken with Unity!


However, Once the temple is built, A different story emerges!

Now Unity is gone because of Sentient Mindsets of "Power Struggle".
Each & everyone wants to be the "Boss"!
Then they also want "Returns"!

YES! The Poisons of Greed from Ignorance resulted in Aversions!

Disharmony & Private Battles ensued!

At this time, Individual's mindset is "To Each, His Own!"

Dear all,
How many times have your local temple sprout the Lie of "Shizun will come and do the ground breaking blessing ceremony for our new temple/chapter" on such and such a day?

Also, how many times these temples/chapters sprout yet another Lie of "Shizun will come and do inauguration and blessing for our new temple chapter on such and such a day"?

A good example is a local temple here in Singapore! :)

At first it was Shizun coming to do ground breaking ............
Then a VM that has the say in this temple's affairs, came and did the ground breaking!

Similarly with inauguration ceremony as well!

Shizun? No show?

These people made Shizun a liar, agree?


They did that to me too!
Telling fellow students and reverends that I will be there to lead chanting and to Reserve the Lead position for chanting for Lotuschef!

So Shizun some become a Liar that negate on promises and then "No Show"?
So fellow students change their allegiance Away from their Root Guru to these VMs and their team?

Hahaha! Wow! These people that claimed to GM Lu as their Root Guru are truly scary hor?

O! I remember someone asked a member of this team: 
S, remember your Root Guru is GM Lu, Living Buddha Lian Sheng and not LH shangshi!

Many VMs, Reverends, Dharma lecturers, Dharma Speakers, and etc. are doing just these!
Turning fellows students into their own slaves, turning their allegiance away from Root Guru!

The recent Assignment that I transformed into a Zen Koan or Case study, we see how varied is the Sentient Mind and how interestingly each Individual grope or scramble in Sentient Mud!

All basic concepts of Cultivation "No Show"!

Dear all, your First reaction and subsequent actions, are the most truthful or honest YOU!

I said: THINK - Body Speech Mind!

Don't act rashly and repent in leisure or if you ever repent at all! :)

That was a real Fun way to do my assignment of Waking you up, agree?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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