Thursday, July 31, 2014

Auras 磁场 - Energy Flow [能量]流

AA: don't share my comments with anyone. else they submit them n won't be their own efforts!
However, remember that even spirits in Hell also can cultivate. 
GM wrote 1 article about teaching spirits to do 9-steps breathing!

So like the PR said: you need to participate, a good guide or spiritual leader, n the instructions.

Affinity with Buddha or GM!

BB: yes, i don't share them, let them do their own research and conclude by themselves
yes, participation
even mr chen also wrote that, it depends on yourself
just like what you've been emphasising

AA: ya. what ZZ did for [2] was terrible. Copied just to submit something!
doing without sincerity n diligent effort from Self
did u see YY's video?
there's an evil feel in him. hehe!

BB: haven't watched yet
i will go to the link

This is interesting, from the silas of vajrayana:

103) If repetition is done without wisdom of sunyata and the repeater asks for siddhi, it will be a seed for a spirit, ghost, or worldly deity to come. 

Also known as the Dharma-eye; this is seeing through prajñā—undivided awareness in perfect wisdom yoked with the Tathagatakaya (the Luminous Spirit-Body-Mind of the Tathagata). The nature of śūnyatā, or the fundamental component of reality is fully revealed.

104) If repetition is done in a lustful mind, and the repeaters ask for siddhi, it will be a seed for a Yaksha [] to come.

AA: like XX, got a evil look

BB: mmmm no wonder when people who practise mantra recitation blindly, they don't know who come to them

AA: i think I talked about this before, Like attract like! same frequency
JSS is a good example

BB: yes hor
oh he's the disciple of .....
wah you can see deeper, that he has an evil feel
but the expression of his face is making me a bit uncomfortable, i dont know why

AA: the video has his aura changing with his speech & as he thinks! Thus energy moves around

BB: ah no wonder

AA: this also applies to when you have [No thought]!
your firmness gives out only a shine but NO negative energy.

hui neng said : all thoughts are evil!
this is probably what he means!

when you break free n some how formless, thus others can't read you!

BB: i agree
your comprehension is amazing

AA: Hehe! I am crazy, remember?
Lots of crazy stuff in my head too

BB: accomplished people are usually labelled crazy

AA: :-)

BB: since they act in opposite of the norms accepted by the society
:) hahahaha

AA: At least got ppl like u who knows! Hehe!

BB: i read that when people cultivate tantra, they have to have the pride of the buddha
well you have displayed it

Dear all,
Topic here is [No thought] & [Energy Flow].
When you can really achieve a state of [No Thought], No one can read your aura or your mind! :)

When [No thought] abides, as per GM, (27-7-2014 speech in Seattle), 
禅 -不受外面影响
定 -一心不乱

Then you can see lights and also dots of Blue-lights which is your own Buddha Nature.

So, please listen attentively to GM and try to comprehend.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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