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Limitations 限制

Above: Photos taken of the Usnisa Vijaya Event in Taiwan.
Unlike the Physical Eye, the camera's lens has Limitations and can only capture frames of certain sizes of view.
However, the Physical Eye has its own Limitations too! 

Lets have Fun! :)

Five Eyes - Physical Eye

[ Five eyes (pañca-cakṣu, 五眼).

These are

(1) the physical-eye that a sentient being is born with;

(2) the god-eye that can see anything anywhere;

(3) the wisdom-eye that can see the emptiness of dharmas;

(4) the dharma-eye that can discriminate all dharmas;

(5) the Buddha-eye of omniscience, which includes the preceding four at the highest level

This is precisely how our human eye limits us. 
We are actually in a dark house, viewing the universe through a very small opening which is our physical eye. 
Yet we insist that what we see is the complete, real, and true world. ]

Now in all my Body Speech Mind articles, Sight is a Major tool. :)

However, Sight here encompassed See Hear Touch Feel & Analysis! 

So data is collected through See Hear Touch Feel and Analysed.
Each Individual's Body Speech Mind are thus Analysed or Processed.

[[ AA: she could write benlaimianmu 本来面目
but yes, the courage to brave spoils the former ones

BB: hehe! so all for show too, to copy phrases that she don't fully understand!
i eating the Cornflakes cookies from CL. these are good

AA: that's my fav! :)

BB: if put in the oven to warm it up, will be Heaven!

AA: YES!!!
i dip them into hot coffee milk and that's heaven!

BB: that R will get angry n scold me if I comment too much! :)

AA: i think she was the weird one you met in ---

BB: unlike V who is sweet of nature
u remember V? the indo student that is good in music
she was so happy when u do translation of an article she don't quite understand
R, i met in Tw

AA: yes, we're both are sweet and crazy friends
talking about music and unimportant stuff hahaha
she married a singaporean guy and moved to TX

BB: hey dear, bring some cornflakes cookies to Medan n we enjoy over TEA!
One Box not enough!!!

AA: hahahaha
will get the cornflakes for sure

BB: dont buy the pineapple cookie from them.
just cornflakes cookies will do

AA: yep

BB: if u can carry, buy 5 boxes for me to bring home to sg. 
Please ask CC to give u the $$ for them

AA: which means 15 jars of cornflakes?

BB: ????non capito? 15 jars???

AA: one box consist of 3 plastic jars
so 3 jars x 5 box
is that correct?

BB: O! So desu

AA:  :)

BB: no la. in that case buy 2 box

AA: okis

BB: keep too long not nice

AA: i bet they will all be consumed in a month hehehe
cannot tahan chewing them when they are around

BB: no la. i slow n ezy
i am a good driver, so slow n ezy n not overeat
Jam brakes mah!

AA: hahahahahahahaha

BB: hey ppl, do u agree with my assessment of R?
give some comments pls

AA: some of her statements are refutable
only GM is the wise one
yes, but she omits the equality part that everyone can be wise like GM
otherwise there will be no so-called "attainment"

BB: yes, this part.
thats why i hinted at others too. like little living buddhas

AA: ya

BB: theres the part where i told her cultivation depends on self
she agrees but she sprouts that being near GM to learn keys

AA: that's really one part that isn't easy to explain
you get near but you don't understand, it will be useless either

BB: tells us she still can't yoga

AA: you understand but are far away, people will tell that you're lacking affinity to meet GM
Again, physical matter is still the one being the parameter of judging

CC: thats why she said must hv courage in seattle

BB: have I ever shown fear for core
its very stupid to ASSUME my feelings!
if she can read me, then thats a different story!

CC: maybe she assumed since Fashi din make any direct noise in front GM, means no courage lol

BB: but don't make noise physically for all to see makes me the true yogi!
I know GM knows. I also don't care about telling GM these garbages!

CC: yep, she din know actually no need to make noise

BB: u see the blog articles already made them fools for attacking me!
then dear GM speaks of things I shared
thats enough

CC: even if she's close to GM, can she tell clearly what will she ask to GM with her courage

BB: affinity, my dears

CC: yep
many had witnessed mah what Fashi shared after Homa will be shared by GM

** BB: GM said near me physically but don't cultivate then actually very far from me
firstly, all must know what is truly near GM

hahaha. actually yoga or not very easy to tell! 
bcos they will talk about things that is SELF n own Needs!
she thinks its brave to stay long in seattle!

a true yogi can stay anywhere without thoughts of needing Courage

also forget that GM is a buddha n when he wants to see you, he just "pop-over" to where you are! :) **  ]]

Dear all,
When you can't tahan, you jam brakes!

Yes! GM is a Wise One but there are others too, like the Little Living Buddhas.
Also as all have Buddha Nature, everyone can be Like GM, else what is "Attainments"?

This **........**. please bear in mind always!

GM is always with you!

Limitations? Only those churned by Your Own Heart Demon!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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