Friday, July 25, 2014

[Assignment 2] - Submission [4]

See GM compassionately giving blessing to each one?

Do you know that you need to really achieve No Thoughts 无念 too when giving blessing like this?


 修Cultivating?无修 Not Cultivating?This too is what GM is exhibiting! :)

I hope this one concludes with nice simplicity :D


In order to realise the one's buddha nature, ......

Within the mind, .........

To be able to ......

The ability to ........  can be jotted down into two parts:

1. Externally: the mind .......

2. Internally: the flow .....

When no-thought .......

When it is practised ......

When the concept .......

The mind .........
Cheers :)


hehe. my dear, you go read this submission again please!

When you have too much, but you can't summarise all as a whole, I know you really don't completely understand or comprehend enough to explain in your own words!

Hehe! I evilly played you!
Telling you to shorten n sweeten the submission, actually almost KILL YOU!

Hehe! As J said: My wrong!

You used too much from all over, and you are reluctant to strike most of them off in your "shortened" version, so you were busy cramping every good piece from the lengthy version into a new shorter one!

Hahaha! You ploughed in lots of Efforts but you left the 4 Noble Truths at Home and didn't cart them along!!!

I dug a pit and you readily FELL IN! :)

Convince me that you really know what you are submitting!
Evil moir will play you again & again, hor!

Hahaha! Are you having FUN?

Well, I am, for sure!

YES! you can quote from a Multitude of True Masters, or Patriarchs, too!
However, True Understanding comes about when you can use your own words and explain the concepts or facts, CONVINCINGLY, to a dummy like me! :)

What to do?

I am only 8 years old! Hehe!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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