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Magic of Changing One's Fate - Earth Deities

Merits of the Local Earth God Mantra

By Living Buddha Sheng-yen Lu
Translated by Unknown


Excerpted from Grandmaster's book "Magic of Changing One's Fate"

I often teach everyone to chant a mantra. This is not a well known mantra, not a secret mantra, not a mantra that will radiate great brightness, and it is not a supreme mantra.

It is just a simple, ordinary mantra often found in any one of the Sutras. It is very plain, so simple that most people will often overlook it. 
This is the "An Tu Di Zhen Yen" (Settlement of the Earth God Mantra). 
The mantra is as follows: 
Namo sam-man-do, moo-toh-nam, om, doo-loo doo-loo dei-wei, so-ha. (download)

Let me tell everybody this fact - this simple mantra that can change one's fate.

Isn't this just the ordinary Settlement of the Earth God Mantra? 
Yes, correct. 
However, it has the great power to change one's fate, thus it is not to be neglected.

- Someone chanted this mantra and his skin disease of 10 years was cured completely.

- Some people possessed bad luck on their features, and they are poor their entire life. 
After chanting this mantra for a long period of time, their fate changed and they went from poverty to riches.

- After chanting this mantra, some people were able to bear a child after 10 years of infertility.

- After chanting this mantra, some people were blessed with good health in their whole life.

- After chanting this mantra, some people were blessed with good marriages shown by a reddish glow on their faces.

- Some people had karmic obstacles in their lives, making life tough. After chanting this mantra, their every wish is fulfilled without any obstacles in their endeavors.

- Some people became big lottery winners after they chanted this mantra.

I have to tell everyone a secret. 
Actually this is not supposed to be revealed, but I can't help it. 
If you chant the Local Earth God mantra and go to Las Vegas, your wish will be especially fulfilled there.

Nobody has suggested chanting this mantra for a long time, except me, Living Buddha Lian Shen who is recommending this method now.

This is what I discovered. 
In one of my meditations, I found a white-haired, ruddy faced elderly man sitting beside me.

"Who are you?"

"The Earth God."

"What do you like to do in the human realm?"

"Follow those who have good fortune."

"What are your views on the spiritual realms?"

"The holy realm (of Buddhas) is Emptiness and Void, the heavenly realm (of deities) is purity, the Earth deity realm is a mixture of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness."

I asked the Earth God, "How is an individual's fate determined?"

"Fate exists based on causes and conditions. [Lotuschef - Karma - Causes & Effects]
It is quite intriguing and complicated. 
Ordinary humans should know about it, but everything cannot be separated from cause and effect; all is fated, and nobody can do anything about it."

"You are right about this, but how does one change one's fate?"

I continued to ask, "Pray to the Buddhas?"

"If it is not within a reasonable time frame, you cannot successfully supplicate the Buddhas."

"Pray to the heavenly deities?"

"Also no if it is not within the reasonable time frame."

"Supplicate the Local Earth God?"

"That's right. Obtaining auspiciousness or inauspiciousness can change one's fate."

"How to change (one's fate)?"

"Chant the mantra."

"Which mantra?"

"Settlement of the Local Earth God Mantra."

The elderly man brought me riding on a deer carriage to the skies, and we reached a mountain with a grand shining capital on it. 
There were innumerable white-haired ruddy faced elderly men in this capital, millions of them. Some of them are returning, and some of them are flying off into the sky.

"What is this realm?"

"The realm of the Local Earth God Deities."

"What are they busy doing? "

"To go and protect, to go and change fate."

Finally I realized this principle; 
we can change our fate by learning from the Buddhas, 
we can also change our fate by learning from the heavenly deities, 
but to chant "Settlement of the Local Earth God Mantra" is to change our fate much faster and more directly.

To change one's fate, to hold the key to transformation, any dharmas utilized must be within a reasonable time frame, and meet certain requirements.

But to simply chant "An Tu Di Zhen Yen" (Settlement of the Local Earth God Mantra), millions and billions of times, and sincerely offering to the Local Earth God, one will receive the fortunate blessings of the Local Earth God to change one's fate. 
This is a fact.

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