Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Sentient Mindset Again 又是凡人的心态!

A: People when comes to $ very unreasonable!
Like I don't know where MM got the idea that I got over 1 million from sales of apt!
[not true!]

she was very sour like, as if I got lots of $ don't share some with her!!!
then she also said WD from USA, hubby died n she is multi millionaire
I told her WD has to sell the property then have $ lol
Hai ya!
[I was forced by a Court order to vacate & NO ONE cares where my kids & I going to find shelter at all!]

People not interested to know how you survived Without, from 2006 until I got the funds from sales of house!!! Almost 8 years of being hammered in Family Court!!!
No amount of $$$ can rid you of that horrifying experience!

[ To any interested parties, the proceeds from Sales of matrimonial flat went largely to pay debts accumulated for 8 years. If you think you are entitled to a share, think again!]

YES! people are just that crazy when $ is concerned

I was laughing when I chat to GM about People & how they look at Others' $ as if they want a share too!

FG is already "hard to tahan".
now add MM n god knows who she complains to about my Selfishness!!!

B: Very true. I had been in this line for long and I seen it all.. When it involves money,
all true colors came out.. What principles, values and moral all dunno go where liao. Haiz...

A: thats why GM said cultivation very hard!
but he actually means for those with sentient mindsets
once we understand & let go or give way, we are free n happy

so if you still have lots of things you think you need or you want, GOOD LUCK!

today GM's speech is fantastic too

Touches on Reality!
No yoga then no fortune from Fo pusa
also the same with affinity yidams like kurukulla & ragaraja
no love n affection from the ones you chosen if u can't yoga!

B: I think in TBS, many students are chasing to yoga with this yidam or that yidam but not GM.. How ignorant are they!! Just like me before.. Lol

A: ya. just yoga with GM, the whole world is yours!
you have a real diamond in your hands but u go look at pebbles on the floor that are worthless

B: How sad right? :)

A; Many in TBS like these n encouraged by VMs like LH n temples' admin! 
Anyway, like YD, said that day, now GM just don't bother to tip toe around those bad eggs. 
He even named them in live cast!
We are having fun!

B: Getting more n more fun now :)

A: hai ya. our NE don't understand what I tell him to do!
problem la!

B: Haha.. Ya lor.. Haiz

When one is too fixed on one mindset, it is harder to see other angles..

The recent article about Fortune telling and Geomancy that u put up, is it mean for somebody?
Cheers :)

A: Hah???
B, your one BIG problem is THINK TOO MUCH!

Don't bother who is the subject of the article, Check out what you can learn!
Else you will be like many, trying to be too smart n guessing at this and that! 

You MOVED backwards that way!

Are you talking about this old one ?

Monday, May 28, 2012

No Constant 无常

Sometime back, I chanced upon one of the Asian Heavenly Kings, Mr Andy Lau's portrayal of a monk in a movie about Shaolin Temple.

I read his aura and shared a little of what I saw.

Yesterday Guru said Mr Lau actually has features that are not supportive of his popularity as per 'fortune telling' bible.

Guru said Mr Lau's fortune changed due to widespread posters of him being affix to washrooms' walls.

Guru said that his own Dharma propagating lifespan is 30 years but due to the negatives from slandering, these negatives somehow neutralized Guru's negatives tremendously. 
Guru started at the age of 26 and his Dharma propagating should end at the age of 56. 
He is now 68 years old.

My point is with cultivation, One's fortune can change and also one's health, equating to longer lifespan.

It is alarming that students that had cultivated to a certain level dropped back and seek out fortune tellers; geomancers; ..... to improve their lots.

The Fengshui of a place is linked to the fate of the owners or occupants. 
As the Earth rotates constantly, so does the aura of a person and a place.

Fortune telling and Geomancy are based on fixed text passed down by those that recorded their findings through observation and experiences.

Buddha teaches that Nothing is Constant and everything around us, including Self, is ever changing.

Why go backwards to Fixation?

Fortune tellers and Geomancers might be able to solve your immediate problem but while doing so, they might have created negative on your behalf by hurting or harming other sentient beings.

When One takes, there should be One that has to give up or sacrifice.

Just like Demand & Supply, there always is a Balance.

B: Yes.. This is the one..

A: It's a very old one liao.

Dear all, I am Ordinated Buddhist Nun, if you take from me or steal or cheat from me, The Karmic Negatives is truly Unimaginably Heavy.

Best keep your hands off whatever is left, agree?

To those that always sing a Poverty or Destitute Song, Divinities Deducted that you are not satisfied or contented with Your Present or Current lot, you can be strip of everything you own pretty fast!
Stop moaning and lying!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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