Thursday, July 3, 2014

其說法無益 Speeches of Dharma Not Beneficial?


9. GM always as Root Guru, in form of Head-dress, every time talk Dharma must first pay homage to Root Guru, then will get blessing for propagating Dharma through speech, 
ELSE, these speeches of Dharma will not be beneficial to Sentient Beings.

Please also refer to:-

These concoction of some bright spark in TBS' Admin or Core really very interesting when we find time to Highlight the real Sentiently Interesting Thoughts generated by Sentient Minds!

Lets dig out what you have learned from GM and your 4 Noble Truths & Fundamentals of Buddha's Philosophy too.

Now Lets Have Fun!

As long as one is sharing Authentic Buddha Dharma & Not Misinterpretation of Sentient Minded Beings, some Sentient beings with Affinity will Benefit from these speeches.

Likewise, One's Root Guru, will bless this One, who is helping to succour Sentient Beings by sharing Authentic Buddha Dharma!

Needless to say, when One Buddha endorses your Buddha Dharma sharing, the Whole Universe will do so too!

From the previous article, when you are sharing Authentic Dharma, you SHINE!

As your Root Guru not only sits atop your head, but into your Heart Chakra!

Transformation or in this case Guru Yoga is evident!

Have you experienced instances when you find yourself listening to your own voice, but those words are not yours but someone else's?


That's your Root Guru or Yidam or Dharmapala Takes Over from you, when you are still "green" or a Freshie that is still in "Training"! :)

However, when you "mature" or "graduate", which is Yoga, whatever you say and write will be that of a True Yogi!

Please go read GM's Sword of the Yogi, to find out what is True Yogi!

GM just reminded me, few seconds ago, the Rules and regulations that Admin  set out and copies given to VMs only.

In these booklets, Admin sets or rules that only VM can do most of the "services" required for events and cultivation!

I wrote about this matter before. :)

In recent speeches, GM clearly look at these VMs beside him and said: Most of you beside me still have not cultivated to levels like the Ambassador, who can see his own Buddha Nature, as Medium Blue or Precious Gem Blue Light. The Ambassador only took 10 months of diligent cultivation!
Whereas those beside me are with me for decades.

GM also stated that most VMs have yet to achieve Guru Yoga.

Sentient Minds ruling a Buddhist Assembly?

Means Sentient Mud engulfing Buddha Natures, agree?

From one of the picture above, YOU SHOULD BE TRANSLUCENT!
That is clean, pure, which GM said is an important Key to successful Yoga.

When you are Clean & Pure, Yoga as per GM, occurs Naturally!

Just like the recent articles I shared from the Teachings of Padma Guru, with Boddhicitta, the Help you wish to extend, just occur Naturally, without thoughts.
Boddhicitta becomes just like you Heart Beating, your Lungs Breathing; all not conscious efforts.

Now, the recent articles: 

帮或不帮 Help or Don't Help? - A Show of Power 显示法力 [2...
帮或不帮 Help or Don't Help?

When I received the email forwarded by Lotus SL, I already glanced at the patient who is in critical condition in CCU or Cardiac Care Unit.

Hehe! some students like to send me photos of their relatives and friends, just to have me "Glance" at them!

I shared articles of the 5 Eyes too!

As per GM & Padma Guru, One need to cultivate successfully in order to give effective help!

I asked for photos of person needing help, but not their bio-data, like date of birth, name, address,....




GM actually shared many articles on "One Glance" already too!

GM negotiated with whoever he sighted in these "One Glance" too!

Aw! If you didn't picked these up, then you are really very behind!

O! Please don't throw your photos to get my "One Glance"!

Everything still dependent on One's own Karma & their Buddha Affinity!

That "One Glance" can give you some blessing of Light Energy, but how much can you really absorb?

Like GM gives you Mo-ding Blessing, how much can you absorb?

People who are Pure, Naturally gets full blessing.

People who aren't Pure, depends on your Karmic negative influences.

Like you try and get Mo-ding, more than Once at the same session, You show GM how much you Don't Trust him to give you enough! 


Trust GM and you will never be left without!

Cheers all.
Enjoy yourself?

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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