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師尊,根本上師,来了吗? GM,Root Guru, Come Already?

Guru's statements? True/False? :)
Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 6:22 PM


[[  AA: Oh here it is the chinese one:

BB: They must know how precepts originated. 
SZ ever wrote about that. + they should understand “alone in the moon” concept lol

LC: Well, there is no video on guru’s speech to be found. This is a write up.
[** The Following is a rough translation only. Please translate from the original & make your own deduction , using your knowledge of Buddha Dharma & what Guru has shared. ]

1. Cannot talk more than 3 words with those that betrayed GM!
[So I die liao lol!!! Hahaha! They said so as not to be affected!!!
2. Give copies of disciplines to all new students
3.Cannot touch Guru & his possession like cloths or bed and can’t assess Guru’s cultivation level
4.about tibetan king tesheng who betrayed padmasambahva n how his ring activated the red bull spirit to reincarnate as grandson n eliminated buddhism
5. in ancient times, when guru did not instruct student to read a book, reading the book becomes breach of disciplines n must do repentance. our guru is more liberal
6.about how atisha & serlingpa study each other before accepting each other. therefore have to consider well before refuge as after refuge there is samaya vows.
7. those that care for guru are more meritorious than those that have cultivated well
8.breaching samaya will land one in vajra hell

9.always make sure Guru is upon one’s crown before giving dharma speeches, else the speech is null & void

10.those that think they have cultivated well n very intelligent, they are control by mara already.

I had a glance that day n didn’t bother to read on as they are truly not from Guru….

Central n YY likes to use his powers to bluff people.
he is covering for his lack of cultivation too…. ]]

Dear all, if you listened to GM's speeches for recent weekend, that is 28th & 29th of June 2014, hope you remember what GM said about TRUE OR EFFECTIVE YOGA!


9. GM always as Root Guru, in form of Head-dress, every time talk Dharma must first pay homage to Root Guru, then will get blessing for propagating Dharma through speech, ELSE, these speeches of Dharma will not be beneficial to Sentient Beings.

O! Please don't even think or say that I am hitting at Core again!
This one, comes from GM at about 6:40 PM, Singapore Time, while I was preparing vegetables and chicken for Chicken Stew.
Hehe! No Kidding!

GM was very very clear on Effective Yoga, means Effectiveness of your practice and requests!

GM asked me to ask: GM come already or not?

Sad to inform most of you that All these times, You were misled to believe what most VMs, Dharma Lecturers, Reverends, Dharma Speakers, Dharma Teaching Assistants, Chapters' personnel, FED YOU!

Now GM asked you to be more Wise and Have a Mind of your very own, because Cultivation solely dependent upon your own efforts and knowledge! 

A vision of VM LY surfaced too!
She was very agitated when she tried in vain to initialise the Blessing & Bardo Booths in a local temple, with me and several reverends looking on.

YES! What she did, Didn't work!

GM repeated what he said in October 2010, during an event of Maha Mayuri in Melbourne, Australia. He said: when your Root Guru, Principal Yidam & Dharmapala, didn't come or grace your cultivation session, you are in Dire Danger!

Go Listen to GM & find your own answers! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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