Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lama Lotuschef in Business? 喇嘛蓮厨做生意?

AA: Future can wenshi online liao....
Maybe some need help but to far to travel.
Then can wenshi thru hangout & of course with wenshi fee...

LC: wenshi thru HANGOUT????
Hahaha! if he is my business manager, I will be very very rich!!!

BB: Hahaha, all possible channels.
I don't know when he will realise that his agitation over wenshi is actually making him more problematic.
He says he understands the teachings but he acts like ordinary people who love to ask about the future.

It reminds me of a request the day before the puja, someone with no idea of TBS and the likes; asked whether the fashi leading the ceremony could "answer" some questions regarding zodiac, fortune, etc. When she knows there's a fee and timing and she decided not to wenshi.

Her family is rich and she still loves to know the future? 
I guess so many people are intrigued with knowing what will happen next.

Okay, let's say if it is to know and avoid the incoming calamities, then afterwards when it is definitely avoided/avoidable, what will she do?

If she does nothing and she repeats the same behaviour (i mean by living like ordinary people), oh well... this is what i call: to progress with the awakening is no easy matter.

So it is true that the demon test is greater with the gradual progress.

I'm not a perfect person either, but at least the defining line between ordinary people VS people who want to progress is quite obvious.

LC: O! It is best to not accept any wenshi appt.
Because I am not fortune tellers n I might just let them talk n won't answer their questions.

Thats why LY fashi scolded me saying that I not doing business !
[she consider being a Fashi and doing consultation is Business! and I am not business savvy!]

She also scold me about carrying Equality too far!
[she considers the status of a fashi being above lay persons!]

Thats how much she has not learn this 30 years from GM!
No wonder GM told me go teach her 4 Preliminaries Practice!

Well, it was a waste of my time to teach her though, because like many, she can't Break Free of the Poisons of Greed, Aversion & Ignorance.

Well, GM is ever compassionate and wants to save everyone, even if he knows its hard for this one to really change.

Most also think to know what's going to happen to show off!
Most craved so much to have the "Power" to know other's future and make themselves Wealthy; High & Mighty; Famous;.....

Well, best burst your Bubble now!

All these cravings for wealth & fame, & whatever, are anathema to Buddha's teachings!

I give you an important & life-saving tip, If you can pay the Wenshi fee stated in Pure Karma's blog, ASK HOW TO SAVE YOURSELF FROM INFINITE SAMSARA!

Hahaha! Remember that you only have 20 minutes!

Yes. That answer is worth millions of dollars!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotsuchef

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