Saturday, July 5, 2014

你在沉睡中吗? Are You in Deep Stupor?

PK: SLT sent me email. I forward to u liao
new VMs, one from Tw - centre , then the other one from PG on his right.
or we can just leave it alone n put under spam so next time wont come into Primary anymore

AA: if you click it as spam, you won't be bothered again
spam emails will be automatically deleted after 30 days
yes, just click the "!" icon
Report as spam, and all will be okay afterward

PK: done liao :)
VMs??? they didn't realised that to GM these titles are frivolous!!!

wrote one to explain to SL n also all that chanting with intention is not what he should do especially when I have already taught them all the Maha Boddhicitta method of infinite sharing n shining like a Buddha

AA: you make us jump farther than the rest

PK: ya. teaching you all maha perfection & maha mudra lol

It is obvious that SL didn't practice the Light Bulb method as His aura still dim on Sunday
such goodies if he only opens his heart to all

See? I can teach you all the methods n give you the keys, but if you don't use the keys to open the doors then really out of my hands

AA: now i understand why people are afraid of the truth

PK: not afraid really bcos most never have a chance to get near the Truth

But to some, The Truth spelt insecurity as they don't understand
don't want to appear stupid too

AA: it is a big leap if you tell the people that the reason of reciting gaowang sutra is to share the virtues and merits with all beings, not to fulfil such and such wishes

PK: so hit out hard n fierce to shut you up

thats why I said to bring your 4 noble truths with you n journey

if u take it as a fun trip n enjoy n see "NEW" things, then you are always fine

AA: true, new perspective

PK: hahaha! 
GM told me almost at the end of the help or not article, you will get scolded again.:)
expected most won't understand what I am trying to share with them

NE said already very clear!

hahaha! he still shocked when I asked: Does SL still have 1000 times to give?
its hard to develop this contemplative habit or quality control!

its like the article : you still don't understand?

AA: yes.... the contemplative habit
only self would know the self the best

PK: GM said when you yoga you will know, no need to ask me.

that is also very Zen bcos most won't know what GM talking about!

i like the Bossy old lady article, photos n some words, short n sweet n DELIVERS a Huge Punch!

If they call me Naughty, still acceptable! :)

AA: oh, that one is a translator too
under LH in SY

reminds me of the dream of the big black lady you had

PK: O! Actually that big black lady is LH.

AA: people who can translate don't necessarily understand the meaning conveyed

i, therefore, am afraid to sound my voice about the translation if i don't have any idea of it

PK: Ya. That's the scary part for Buddha's philosophy

Need to be enlightened

{{I give you an important & life-saving tip, If you can pay the Wenshi fee stated in Pure Karma's blog, ASK HOW TO SAVE YOURSELF FROM INFINITE SAMSARA!

Hahaha! Remember that you only have 20 minutes!

Yes. That answer is worth millions of dollars!}}

highlight of my new article :)

most people still have the mentality that Fashi should service them free of charge!

AA: hahaha, true, some mentality needs correcting!

PK:This mentality not restricted to TBS.
So we see many fashi set up a defense by being standoffish!
They didn't learn to just treat all as equal!

I even pay my own way when we go out!

AA: yes, i heard from others, the DY opens an account to collect fund to invite lian F to jakarta
around 25 million that time

i saw an announcement in the newsfeed that there will be a big puja in sgp it seems, but it is in chinese, i can't read them all

lian F with the lian M the enlightened and others, performing puja for 3 wish fulfilling deities

it seems that wealth and wish fulfilling deities (财富和满愿本尊)are big lures (大诱惑) for people

PK: Sad right? GM trying to teach them Truth.

GM already Dispelled the Myths & Untruths about Fortune Deities for quick wealth n auspiciousness!

how fake can these people be?

there were be lots of new gossips n slander now we put $3000/20minutes for wenshi!

well, all of them has to thank BB

O! this week none want to share any article too! scared to be shown up as didn't put in effort.
u want to share something? can go thru hangout

padma guru's teachings? pick one that talks about the Brainlessness of sentient beings.
the deep stupor (沉睡) they are in

email me the passage if you want to share. n mark the passage too!

lian M came to SG to do the 3 yidams for affinity last year. can't remember when, but I write the "join the polluted flow" (同流合污) directed at him

Dear all, 
Are you in Deep Stupor?
Well! :)

Compare Your Mindset to what GM shared.
Where are you?

Buddha & GM said: Those in 4th Level of Zen Meditation also can drop into Hell with One Unwholesome Thought! 

True Enlightenment? 
GM explains the Characteristics of  such a person very clearly!

Even though the Path of dispelling myths & untruths is very difficult, but for a Truly or Fully Enlightened One armed with 84 thousands Dharma ways, nothing can hinders him in succouring Sentient Being, agree?

So WHY join the Polluted Flow or Sentient Mud Pool?

Padmasambhava said that: No True or Sincere Cultivator with Boddhicitta will be left to starve or left without basic survival essentials!

YOUR Problem? 
Lack of True & Absolute Faith!

Enlightened enough to use the opportunity of exposure to more sentient beings, by Seeming to Join the Polluted Flow, to "Rescue" those in Deep Stupor?

Not for Gain or Benefit to Self with regards to Sentient Materials, but for a chance to reach out and provide HELP to awaken those in Deep Stupor?

YES! We must all look at each matter from Various Angles! :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef 

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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