Friday, July 4, 2014

Lotuschef in Chat - Sentient Mindset - Wenshi

Lotuschef Lama: Hi I would like to know if those that got our live cast Link unofficially, can we delete them on the spot when they appear?
This live cast is for benefit of those overseas that can't join us or first time join us.
I would like to make sure members don't abuse this live cast's Aims to help overseas student. 
The local can watch the recorded video.

Next round I will not give the link in email to local student liao.
Next week the link will not be given to anyone in our group from SG too.
Strictly not too many. Too many might compromise quality of Live cast
We are still testing lol

I also hope to share overseas n not local. 
For Locals, they can always cum attend all these times in SG but choose to stay away. 
No reason to share with those in SG.

Also some said they can cultivate liao. 
So they don't need live cast. 

We will slowly let those overseas students ask questions Live.

Locals, watch the recorded video if they really like to learn.

Live cast is a new toy we don't know much about! ☺
Let's low key a bit first.

AA: Ok
Lotuschef Lama: Core will come out with something that say we not official soon.
Let's build strong defence first. Hahaha!

AA: Haha...

Lotuschef Lama: GM keeps bringing them down they will vent anger at us because GM backs us.
AA: So far how many VM do live cast ? Fashi is going it, they felt threaten liao....
Lotuschef Lama: They already felt threatened when I gave first dharma speech in Seattle.
That's transform self n All into GM. Scared the he'll out of them
And I'm 1 year old in TBS

AA: Maybe next week, GM will say fashi also can do live cast, how about VM ? Haha...

Lotuschef Lama: Nah! That will be real horrible for them.
Have more little living Buddhas first. They don't feel threat from kids mah.

AA: Live cast cannot bs-bullshit, so not many dare to do it. 
Without strong foundation of Buddhism knowledge, very difficult to explain to students.

Lotuschef Lama: Like I tell about shine n look young when transformed, already pretty scary liao.
Hahaha! We just set the laptop n let it run;  we didn't do clippings or editing at all. So all original
I really shine n look young n rosy
Can't bluff lol

AA: Ya Loh....

Lotuschef Lama: From the beginning like that liao
The ease n relax n happy atmosphere too. All Natural can't fake
AA: Furthermore, you can tell us that this side can do good delivery and that side not... People scared about your ability.

Lotuschef Lama: O! That hah!

AA : More people will benefit thru this live cast especially for those serious about cultivation.

Lotuschef Lama: I got lots of overseas student joining us this week thru live cast
U see, WK is a good example. She very hardworking

AA: Like GM said, some people refuge but cannot tell people....

Lotuschef Lama: We hope to put live cast available to all when time is ripe.

AA: Maybe GM will tell them to watch our live cast especially new people.... Hehe....

Lotuschef Lama: GM knows who needs what. 
No one has ever explain basic, so those that can do well are those GM said 大根器 (Big root potential - in cultivation context )

U all cultivated with me quite some time but still need to fine tune.
Demon test are stronger n stronger as u progress
So must go step by step n move up strongly lol

AA: We really need fashi guide to move next level.
Noticed now we actually go to very details steps like GM said 细 (fine)

Lotuschef Lama: Ya. U really want to yoga then do every little step properly
No thoughts. Pure. Then can naturally yoga liao

AA: 5 millions students, how many really pass step 1, yoga with GM ?...

Lotuschef Lama: GM is cute too . I writing then he cum n say: you remember this? 
This Is a vision of past events

AA: Only 佛懂佛语!(Buddha understands Buddha's language)
Lotuschef Lama: Actually now whatever Core says, more won't listen or believe.
So my job well done. Hahaha! Means I can retire n play
It was real tough to tell the truth n continue to do so when so many hit at me.
Core also think announced that I am no more on fashi list, then they killed me
Hehe! GM makes us even stronger

AA: They forgot 佛法无边。(Buddha's Dharma has not limits or boundaries)

Lotuschef Lama: GM said most don't understand what he said also.

AA: Yogi is yogi. People cannot change it.

Lotuschef Lama: Hehe. Backing me up
We like having party when cultivating too. Makes those that have strict rules mad

AA: No more TBS fashi but still dare to show up at GM event.... Many people think differently.

Lotuschef Lama: I am still a student of GM. So who cares about what they think or said
AA: Some people said 真金不怕红炉火。(Genuine  Gold not afraid of red hot fires)
Respect fashi spirit...
We have makan as well. Hehe.....

Lotuschef Lama: Today I told them about ONE GLANCE!
Gosh! Are they shocked!

AA: More important, all want to yoga with GM.... Our Goal for this life.
Future can wenshi online liao....

Lotuschef Lama: If you relax. Then don't think about yoga, everything will cum naturally.
See photos? All the while can but don't like to Wenshi
Online or offline also not free, To Wenshi

AA: Maybe some need help but to far to travel. 
Then can wenshi thru hangout & of course with wenshi fee...

AA: O! I found an article about thinking of certain food then some how someone will serve up this food. Like last week the red bean soup

No Wenshi. $$ is never the issue
I can put the fee to 5000. Just to stop Wenshi

Stop talking about wenshi. 
That's one of your big problem.  
Why worry about future when you can yoga!

AA: Haha.....

Lotuschef Lama: Worrying also hinders success to yoga

Dear all,
We have much interest in participation in Cultivation with Pure Karma through Live Cast.
These Live Cast is intended for those that are handicap; or residing overseas to join us.
As for Locals? 
Pure Karma has operated since 2010 August, you have plenty of opportunity to join us.
My advice, watch the video of previous cultivation recorded.

Pure Karma Cultivation of Vajrasattva Repentance 29 june 2014

Pure Karma sincerely hope you can build necessary Foundations to move up the Cultivation Ladder to Guru yoga & ultimately to Buddhahood.

Feel free to use our materials as long as not for Commercial purposes or in Any Illegal Activities to cheat anyone.

As to WENSHI - personal consultation; Pure Karma strongly discourage this.
You can cultivate and find out the Truths about Self & Others, in order to apply Buddha Dharma to benefit them.

The above student? 
Still seeking Externally, which Mindset hinders his own progress in cultivation.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lians Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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